20 ideas for an interior green wall

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 18:08:02

For a fresh and exotic interior decoration, there is nothing like a green wall. Here are several ideas to create an original decoration in the house.

10 ideas for a successful nature decoration

Caption: An exotic interior decoration Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

A green wall is a support allowing your plants to push correctly vertically. It now integrates interiors to make them more welcoming, fresher and above all more original. Here are 10 green wall ideas to adopt if you want to invite nature into your home:

  • A 100% recycled plant wall

Caption: A green wall with wooden pallets Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

If you have the green spirit in your soul, this idea will surely please you. It's about taking a few wooden pallets and garnish them with plants. You can plant your favorite plants there, provided you choose an efficient irrigation system. Indeed, you will need to water your plants regularly to maintain their beauty. So that your wooden pallets are in perfect harmony with your decoration, you can paint them in the same way. color that you died

  • A green wall hung on a fence

Caption: Plants grown in a fence Credit: GAP Photos

To make it easier to water your plants while bringing a breath of fresh air to your interior, choose this option. It is a question of taking a mesh, fixing it to the wall in a vertical position and hang your flowerpots . For this you can use a rope and hooks. The advantage of this green wall is that it adapts to all types of interiors. All you have to do is choose your planters according to the decoration you want to highlight.

  • A green wall on a hanging shelf

Caption: A shelf idea with plants for your interior Credit: Maksym Ponomarenko

The hanging shelves are also excellent ideas for creating an original green wall. Their installation is easy and can very well be done on your own. This type of decoration is especially recommended in small spaces. It will save you space while bringing a touch of elegance to the room. All you have to do is choose the right location and place the plants you want to incorporate into your home.

  • A green wall with succulents

Caption: Succulents for your home Credit: Roxiller

Due to their rustic side, the succulents adapt well to indoor living. Between Aloe Vera , l’agave , the carpobrotus and the beaucarnea , the choice is vast. Their advantage is that they are easy to maintain and do not require frequent watering. You can store them on a multi-tiered shelf to bring more style to your home decor. This type of green wall suitable for both living room, dining room and kitchen.

  • A plant wall with a vegetable garden spirit

Caption: Plants in a kitchen Credit: muramur

If you are not lucky enough to have one large garden , a green wall with a vegetable garden is also an excellent idea. The latter is ideal for sprucing up your kitchen. For a stable and easy-care support, we recommend the wooden pallets . You can grow all kinds of seasonal vegetables and fruits there to bring a note of freshness piece. Pay attention to the water supply to ensure the good growth of your plantations.

  • A green wall with wooden stakes

Caption: An ivy grown in a pot Credit: Studio Light and Shade

For a trendy living room decor , bet on this ingenious idea. It consists of fixing a few wooden stakes to the wall and then hanging several ropes on them. Then wrap drooping plants like ivy with twine for a nice visual look. Ivy is a plant ideal for indoors , provided that the necessary watering frequency is respected. You must also place it away from heat sources such as the fireplace and the radiator.

  • A green wall built using a wooden ladder

Caption: An idea for recycling a wooden ladder Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

To dress up the walls of your bedroom or bathroom, grab your old wooden ladder. Decorate it with climbers or install some plants grown in pots on it. The wisest thing is to choose easy-care plants such as cactus and ivy. For a refined decoration, you can repaint the ladder in white and hang a light string . Otherwise, keep its rustic side by applying only stain.

  • A green wall to separate the dining area from the living room

Caption: An idea to separate the living room from the other rooms in the house Credit: elle déco

A green wall to separate your living room from your dining room also a great idea. For this, a screen or a claustra can be used as a support. For a nice visual effect, make a few holes in your screen to place a few pots of green plants or flower pots. You can also use hanging shelves as a divider. This idea will let light into the room and make it feel more cozy.

  • A green wall in the shower

Caption: A green wall idea for the bathroom Credit: ArchiViz

Green your bathroom with tropical plants is also an alternative. You will enjoy a zen atmosphere like in spas during your moments of relaxation. If you want to create a mini jungle in your bathroom, choose plants that can withstand heat and humidity, such as ferns. It is also recommended to grow plants which do not require much maintenance and do not need light to live.

  • Climbing plants on the stairs

Caption: An example of a green staircase Credit: neogarden

A green staircase is also a good decoration idea . For an original creation, you can at the same time dress the wall with plants. Choose climbing or falling plants for your stair railings and potted plants for the wall. For a very stable support, bet on a shelf with several floors. Alternatively, you can also use a wooden pallet . In terms of design, let your imagination run free. You can take inspiration from this example and adopt it in your interior.

5 green wall ideas to spruce up your bedroom

Caption: An exotic bedroom Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

The colorful flowers and green plants are not just for the living room or the kitchen. You can very well integrate them into your bedroom decoration. Here are our green wall ideas to dress up your cozy little cocoon:

  • A plant table as a headboard

Caption: A tropical-themed headboard model Credit: July Ko

The tropical theme is not reserved for the living room. You can perfectly adopt it in your bedroom for more freshness and freedom. In order to avoid mistakes in taste, bet on plant paintings such as bedhead . Attention, for your health and your well-being, it is preferable to use a artificial decoration . Several models are available at attractive prices in decoration stores. You just have to choose the one that will harmonize pleasantly with your interior.

  • Climbing plants around the windows

Caption: A window decoration idea for inspiration Credit: Olivier DJIANN

If you want to integrate green plants in your room without cluttering the room, this idea will surely please you. It's about letting a plant climb around your windows. Ivies will be perfect. Otherwise, you can also choose other varieties of plants, provided that they tolerate natural light well and do not require any specific maintenance. Also respect the frequency of watering and pay attention to irrigation.

  • A shelf with several pots of green plants

Caption: A shelf with a few pots of green plants Credit: Evgeniia Siiankovskaia

If the available surface allows it, do not hesitate to decorate your room with a shelf with pots of green plants. Different varieties will do well in this room of the house. Mint, cactus, lavender, African violet… the choice is very wide. And to create a cocooning space, you can very well add a light string LED to this decorative element. You will then enjoy a subdued and warm atmosphere during your hours of rest.

  • A vertical garden on the front door

Caption: Example of a vertical garden one on the front door Credit: Séverine Trapp - designer-home-decorationpro.com

For a beautiful bedroom layout , an original creation is required. If you plan to create a natural setting, this idea will seduce you. It consists of creating a green wall on the door of your room. You are free to choose the plant composition to beautify your interior. The only condition is to opt for easy-going plants and which do not require any specific maintenance. They must also withstand the heat.

  • Two plant tables above the desk

Caption: A green wall next to the office Credit: Maria Korneeva

For your work area , this type of installation is an alternative. It consists of putting two plant paintings above the office furniture. Be careful to choose artificial plants to avoid any risk of water flooding in the room . The advantage of having two decorative paintings is that they bring a real plus to the whole decoration. They also invite well-being and promote better concentration even if you work from your bedroom.

5 green wall ideas for the living room

Caption: A living room with some plants Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

The master piece of your home should be as welcoming as it is elegant. To do this, we advise you to adopt a beautiful tropical decoration with plants to dress the walls. Here are 5 ideas to inspire you:

  • A rounded vertical garden

Caption: A round green wall Credit: Vasyl Cheipesh

For dress the walls of your living room, you can take inspiration from this idea. The design of this vertical garden will bring a touch of originality to your interior decoration. You can add a few decorative elements such as drooping green plants or a few pots of evergreen plants such as monstera. They will further embellish the room while respecting the general atmosphere you want to create.

  • An entire plant wall

Caption: A green wall for the living room Credit: Vasyl Cheipesh

If you want to invite nature into your home, a 100% plant wall will be a great idea. You can reproduce the model above or take inspiration from it for a more original creation. Pay attention to the irrigation system to make it easier to water your plants. Otherwise, it is also wise to opt for a artificial green wall . Several models are commercially available to meet all your needs.

  • A graphic green wall

Caption: An example of a green wall with an original design Credit: EloisaConti

To bring chic and modernity to the room, you can choose to install a graphic green wall . It will create a zen and friendly atmosphere while making the decor more harmonious. To make this type of green wall, you must call on a gardening and decoration specialist. This professional will carry out your project while giving you advice on the maintenance of the plants used. Do not hesitate to propose your ideas for a personalized creation.

  • A green wall in 3D rendering

Caption: A green wall model with a 3D rendering to adopt in the living room Credit: Vasyl Cheipesh

Gardening and you, that makes two? Opt for a 3d rendered green wall . It will beautify your space, respect the desired atmosphere and be easier to maintain. Indeed, the artificial plants that make up this type of decoration require neither watering nor special maintenance. You just need to clean them regularly to get rid of the dust deposits . The best location for such a wall covering will be behind your sofa.

  • A green wall in a living room with an industrial spirit

Caption: An industrial-style living room with a green wall Credit: Vasyl Cheipesh

The green walls are also perfect for accentuating the industrial spirit in a room. Provided you complete them with the right decorative elements. A leather sofa, a red brick wall, furniture mixing metal and wood… you just need to be creative. And for a touch modern , do not hesitate to add some trendy decorative objects. You can, for example, place a vase filled with beautiful flowers, a floor lamp, a decorative painting or a carpet in the room.