20 DIY headboard ideas to make yourself

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-20 15:32:02

Here are DIY headboard ideas that you can make at home without spending a huge budget while improving the interior of your bedroom.

Decorative trend: DIY fabric headboards

Word head padded with green velvet fabric Credit: NiseriN

Making a DIY headboard is a good idea, especially for those who like to have a unique decor. In order to personalize decorating your room , for example, you can choose a fabric headboard that is easy to install and does not require DIY know-how. Here are 4 examples of rooms equipped with a designer fabric headboard .

1- DIY half-moon fabric headboard

A half-moon headboard covered in gray fabric Credit: La Redoute, €217.45

To make this diy headboard , you need fabric, MDF boards, adhesive spray, wall tie straps and high density foam.

Here is the tutorial to follow to make this headboard in your bedroom:

  1. Cut the MDF panels adopting a half-moon shape;
  2. Cover them with foam and apply glue;
  3. Cut the fabric and staple it to secure the whole thing.

Easy to customize , this headboard depends entirely on the fabric you have chosen. So, select it according to the style you prefer for your room.

2- DIY headboard dressed with macrame

A macrame wall hanging to place above the headboardCredit: Amazon, €57.99

With a macrame rope, you can design a DIY headboard for a original decoration . To enhance your bedroom design, just weave square knots as well as diagonal half hitch knots. This decoration brings bohemian touch in your bedroom, even if, strictly speaking, it is not a real headboard.

3- DIY headboard in soft and fluffy woven wool

A knitted wool as a headboardCredit: Flaming & design

This cozy headboard is made from a net fabric, a big yarn merino wool, a glue, a wooden structure and finishing nails. Here is the manufacturing tutorial:

  1. Cut the mesh fabric according to the dimensions of your headboard;
  2. Do the weaving according to a model of your choice;
  3. Use glue to fix the part located against the wall;
  4. Using the nails, immobilize the weaving on the wooden structure.

This original headboard makes your room more original while optimizing the interior decoration of your home.

4- Chic bedroom: padded headboard

A bedroom with a luxurious padded headboardCredit: in4mal

You need wood for the structure, a fabric, cotton wool, an adhesive spray and a stapler to realize this decorative idea. Here is a tutorial you can follow:

  1. Take the dimensions of the headboard structure;
  2. Cut the wood according to the measurements taken;
  3. Glue the cotton wool before stapling the fabric;
  4. Apply coats of paint to the peripheral structure.

Note that this decoration is suitable for rooms with a large space .

Contemporary decor idea: DIY wooden headboards

Wooden pallet headboard with light bulb garlandsCredit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Wood is a material noble and durable with which you can make a DIY headboard. However, its treatment requires expertise to ensure the longevity of your bedroom headboard, which increases the budget. Here are five practical tips for arranging your headboard using this original material.

1- Small budget: bamboo headboard

An elegant and aesthetic bamboo bed Credit: brizmaker

In order to highlight your room, especially the height under the ceiling, favor the slender materials . Do not hesitate to apply a clear paint on the bamboo stems to highlight the clarity of the decoration.

Some practical advice: use two boards or two wooden cleats as a support.

For the assembly, it is possible to opt for the bonding of the materials. You can also drill the bamboo rods and wooden planks or cleats before screwing each piece. Another technique is to use exposed cords to tie the rods to the cleats.

2- Wooden headboard: recovery of wooden doors

Headboard formed by two wooden doors Credit: Marco Ambrosini

Instead of getting rid of an old wooden door, you can turn it into a headboard for your bedroom. Recovery is also recommended, especially if the door has pretty moldings and reliefs. In addition, its transformation allows you to reduce the development budget of your house.

Here is a simple tutorial to create a headboard with a recovery door :

  1. Attach a cleat to the wall;
  2. Screw the door on it;
  3. Apply coats of paint to the wooden door.

Pallet bed with mattress Credit: Amazon, from €106.99

With some wooden pallets , you can build a custom headboard. Note that the palette has become a widely used material in the world of interior decoration. She brings a scandinavian touch in your room and does not cost much in terms of budget.

Some practical advice:

  • Treat the wood before making your headboard;
  • Decorate your palettes according to your tastes;
  • Apply paint to adapt the result to the style of your home.

4- Reclaimed board headboard

Headboard made with reclaimed wood Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Use the planks that remain from your previous construction sites. Note that with paneling strips, you can make a cozy and simple headboard . In order to create a warm atmosphere in your home, the choice of color for your headboard is important.

others practical tips to give a contemporary tone to your room:

  1. Assemble the slats before attaching them to the vertical cleats;
  2. Place a light fixture or shelf next to your bed.

5- Parquet headboard

Luxurious headboard with parkex Credit: Peter_visual

With parquet offcuts, you can design a stylish headboard. Simply assemble each piece of parquet following a predefined geometric shape. Easy to make, this decorative idea ensures a rather chic interior. In addition, it reduces the development budget of your room.

Other trendy and chic headboard models

A luxurious bedroom with an elegant headboardCredit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Other ideas for bedroom headboards are also possible such as the caning , the stick-on wallpaper on a wall, etc. Note that the choice of a color as well as the mattress has an impact on the ambiance of your room. Also, take measurements of the space before cutting anything. These tips are essential to achieve a user-friendly and harmonized framework.

1- Do-it-yourself caning headboard

Simple, yet chic caning headboard Credit: Amazon, €364.99

There are many ideas for cane headboards . For example, choose a thicker frame, not glued to the wall, if you want optimal comfort. On the other hand, if you want a lighter cane headboard, hang it on the wall. Do not hesitate to cut the caning according to the geometric shape that suits you.

2- Wallpaper headboard

Headboard covered in blue wallpaper Credit: Amazon, from £36.14

Easy to set up, the paper headboards are available in many colors and styles. The selection of a suitable shade remains important, as it influences the brightness in the room as well as the character of the furnished space. Take into account the visual effect of the different colors.

3- Painted headboard

Two painted headboards Credit: Benjamin Moore & Leroy Merlin

To limit the development budget, it suffices to paint the wall . For more luminosity, adopt a clear tone. Also play on the depth of the ceiling to create a spacious setting.

4- Headboard made with books

A bookcase headboard in front of a green wall Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

To combine decoration and a passion for reading, make a headboard with books that you no longer use. Use glue to attach them to the wall.

5- Headboard with a painting

An artistic painting above a headboard Credit: Amazon, 41, 79 €

Do you like painting? Feel free to hang your favorite painting on the wall to add a personal touch.

6- Paneled headboard

Headboard in gray PVC paneling Credit: Amazon, from 32, 75 €

Often used on the ceiling, paneling strips are also an interesting variant for making a beautiful headboard . Paint them evenly to match your bedroom decor.

7- Screen headboard

A wooden headboard screen Credit: Jean-Michel Frank

The screen is a light material, therefore easy to handle. In addition, it is accessible in terms of price. You can unfold it above your headboard to create a cozy atmosphere.

8- Stone headboard

A gray bedroom with a stone headboard Credit: Marchand De Sable, €299.00 - €549 incl.

To have a luxurious bedroom , use raw materials for your headboard. You can also lay brick slips on the wall, stone imitations designed with plaster. They are easy to install, it is enough to use a special glue.

9- Curtain headboard

A blue floral wall hanging Credit: Amazon, €25.23

This trick is simple, because you only have to attach a curtain or rug on a cleat using a wall stapler. You can also use fine nails. Consider texture and patterns before selecting your headboard.

10- Formwork headboard

A gray headboard with storage boxes Credit: Amazon, €130.99

By using OSB boards , you can create a personalized headboard. In addition, they allow you to arrange a corner of storage extra in the room.

11- Louvre headboard

A six-panel white headboard Credit: Maisons Du Monde, €449.00

With some mottled salvage shutters , you can create a bedhead original. Paint it in a lighter shade and attach words to each flap to enhance the mood in the room.