20 DIY Advent Calendars spotted on Pinterest

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 15:49:02

Spending time with your children to make a DIY Advent calendar helps to build a relationship and improve communication.

1- Numbered sachets hanging from a string

An Advent calendar with surprise bags Credit: Istock

With tacks, attach two or three strings to the wall to make a Advent calendar . Subsequently, hang 24 bags of different colors with 24 clothespins.

All children can make this simple and practical model. For a little surprise, put small light gifts in each bag. You can also use envelopes instead of sachets. Don't forget to stick numbers on each envelope to mark the dates , no matter what type of calendar you choose.

2- Messages in small tubes

An Advent calendar with messages in copper tubesCredit: Istock

To realize this idea, you need copper sleeves, which you can buy in a DIY store. You can also use copper tubing to make your calendars .

Cut it with a hacksaw to the desired length.

Put a small gift and a message in each rolled up sheet. Coloring, declarations of love, etc. , children love these little Christmas surprises.

3- Mini gifts inside walnut shells

A walnut shell Advent calendarCredit: Istock

Inside 24 nut shells, put small Christmas gifts for your kids. Easy to manufacture , this advent calendar is simple, yet decorative. Tie the 24 walnut shells with a pretty thread. Put on each a date number. In each shell, place a small candy, pearl, rolled paper, etc. , for decorate your advent calendar . You can use balls instead of nuts.

4- Advent calendar in the form of gifts

An Advent calendar in the form of gifts Credit: Istock

Designed with paper, this Advent calendar is easy to manufacture . It evokes a forest of fir trees covered with snow. To realize this idea with your children, make small gifts from decorative paper. Vary the sizes of each cone depending on the number, so 24 will be the largest.

Put your calendar on a table or on a fireplace. Feel free to put a candy or chocolate inside the cones. Add red balls to improve the decoration.

5- Canned Advent Calendar

A canned Advent calendar Credit: Istock

Are you a recycling enthusiast? This idea of Advent calendar allows you to use tin cans that you no longer use to serve as decoration. You need 24 boxes to make a Christmas calendar.

  1. Cover them with colored papers, as they also serve as decoration. Choose the size of the cans according to the volume of gifts you will put in them.
  2. Stick a number on each box and use a thread to hold the colored paper.

6- Stars in a basket

A starry Advent calendar Credit: Stock

This star advent calendar of paper is easy to make. Slip small gifts into each star designed with kraft paper. Number them from 1 to 24 and put them inside a salad basket. You can also decorate the basket and bring your little one personal touch . This idea can also be done with wrapping paper.

7- Advent calendar in pouches

Red bags with gifts on wooden background. Credit: Istock

Do you like sewing? Make a calendar of l'Avent DIY with 24 jeans pockets. You can also use a fabric to make a calendar of christmas tree DIY.

As support, use a cotton canvas large enough to accommodate each pocket. You can also use recycled fabric. With a little imagination, personalize your Christmas decoration according to your desires in order to embellish your home during the holiday season.

8- Paper houses hanging from a branch

Paper advent calendar with branch Credit: Istock

This DIY Christmas Advent Calendar is easy to manufacture. You don't need any DIY or painting skills to make this gift.

  1. Get a tree branch and put it in a vase next to your Christmas tree.
  2. Then hang small paper houses on it.
  3. Number each house using felt and put a small gift inside to surprise your child.

9- Eco calendar

An eco-friendly Advent calendar Credit: Istock

To make a ecological and original DIY Christmas calendar , you need toilet paper rolls, kraft paper and cardboard paper.

To build a small house, make 24 small cylinders with kraft paper, which will serve as a wall. Put a gift inside each cylinder. For the roof and frame, use cardboard paper. As for the chimney, it will be made from toilet paper or cardboard.

10- Candy shaped calendar

A candy wreath Advent calendar Credit: Istock

With candies of all colors, it is possible to make a unique advent calendar for the Christmas party. Simply put them together to form a Christmas wreath. For example, use colored paper to wrap them.

Choose Christmas colors (red, green, etc.). Children love this kind of Advent calendar. However, care must be taken when choosing sweets, as they generally consume them without moderation. Don't forget to write numbers as decoration on the DIY paper envelopes.

11- Felt calendar

A felt Advent calendar Credit: Istock

From original advent calendar ideas is this DIY felt model. Designed with fabric, this Christmas calendar does not require proven knowledge of cutting and sewing.

  1. You just have to cut circles or small diamonds from a felt. If possible, use felt in different colors.
  2. Then attach them to a support so you can hang them on the wall.
  3. Decorate your Advent calendar with hand-stitched numbers. You can also print them on sticker.

12- Calendrier de l'Avent en pot

A potted Advent calendar in the form of a tree Credit: Istock

A recovery idea that everyone can make at home, this DIY Advent calendar is designed with jars of jam or yogurt. To make this Christmas calendar, you need a cardboard backing, magazines and newspapers, glue and a marker.

Here is the full tutorial:

  1. Trace the newspapers and magazines to form the lids of the jars.
  2. Then, fix the base of each pot to the support using glue.
  3. Add chocolate, candy, etc. , inside your Advent calendar .
  4. Close the jars with the newspaper lids numbered from 1 to 24.

13- Christmas tree Advent calendar

A Christmas tree Advent calendarCredit: Istock

To make this advent calendar template , you need wooden planks.

  1. Start by cutting them in different lengths to have an overall triangle shape.
  2. Secure each piece to a vertical support.
  3. Then, place numbered candy boxes on each branch and add small gifts or treats for your children.
  4. To improve the decoration, put light garlands on your Christmas tree and Advent calendar.
  5. Also put a star on the top of the tree to decorate it.

14- Advent calendar with delicacies

A mini log Advent calendar Credit: Istock

Here are the steps to follow to make this Advent calendar :

  1. With square timbers, form a sort of small ladder to make your own advent calendar .
  2. Then, use ribbon or string to hang up your Christmas treats.

Choose a color that suits your home decor. You can also put a gift and other surprises in each small bag.

It is possible to put boxes in gifts and balls next to your Advent calendar. To make your Christmas warmer, light candles around it while being careful to respect a certain safety distance.

15- Advent calendar in gift boxes

Advent calendar handmade gift boxes hanging on the wall. Credit: Istock

With some gift boxes and a tree branch or wood with a minimum length of 50 cm, you can make this DIY Advent calendar.

  1. Also prepare 24 gift boxes of different sizes. You just have to hang them on the wooden branch using a string or a rope.
  2. Stick a number (1 to 24) on each gift box.
  3. To decorate your Advent calendar, place stars of a matching color with the string on the branch.
  4. Don't forget to paint the wood to improve the decor .

16- Calendar in socks

A sock Advent calendar Credit: Istock

You have the possibility to choose the form of the Christmas calendar that suits you (tree, square, diamond, etc.). You need wooden branches, a roll of rope, paint, 24 self-adhesive numbers and nails to make this Advent calendar. Here is the tutorial to follow to decorate the interior of your home with an original Christmas calendar:

  1. Apply paint to the wooden branches.
  2. Attach nails to accommodate the calendar slippers.
  3. Connect the sides of the branches with a rope.
  4. Put a number on each slipper and add surprises for your child and your guests.

17- Express Advent Calendar

An Advent calendar in envelopes Credit: Istock

This diy christmas calendar is easy to create and economical. To do this, you need envelopes, clips and stickers with numbers.

  1. Pinch each envelope on a string attached to the wall.
  2. Put a little message or a wish in it.
  3. Use self-adhesive papers on which the 24 digits indicating the countdown have been printed.

18- Crystal Advent Calendar

A diamond-shaped Advent calendar Credit: Istock

With card stock, you can make crystal-shaped boxes to create a christmas calendar . All you have to do is print, cut and glue the cardboard according to a custom cut that you will find on the internet. Don't forget to print the 24 digit countdown to the party.

19- Advent calendar to sew

A hand-stitched Advent calendar Credit: Istock

Are you more skilled at sewing than DIY? Make your pocket advent calendar . Use fabrics of different colors and customize the shape of each pocket to make your Christmas calendar more original. Do not forget the 24 digits of your pockets.

20- Advent calendar in a fun village

A village Advent calendar Credit: Istock

A bit difficult to manufacture, this kind of christmas calendar allows children to have fun at their leisure, even if the party is over. To decorate your home, put your calendar on a table, next to the Christmas tree. Christmas .