20 best memes about love

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-21 22:11:02

Here is our selection of the funniest memes about love. They will make you laugh and remind you how life as a couple is not always rosy.

10 funniest love memes

Because it is good to laugh, we have collected the memes funniest on the daily life of couples and that of a person who has a crush in this selection.

1- When you receive a text message from your “crush”

Same with Carlos in SpongeBob SquarePants. Credit: funnyandrandomposts

This meme about love has made the rounds on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…). Ever since the term 'crush' came around, everyone has been trying to To make a joke on it. This meme alludes to someone who confessed their feelings for the first time and finds out the answer through their inbox. Be careful, you risk doing the same. Do not hesitate to surround yourself with your friends before carrying out such an act.

2- When you are madly in love

Homer and Marge Simpson at the pool. Credit: weevdone.com

Those who are in a romantic relationship will immediately understand this very funny meme. When you are overflowing with love for your partner, everything about them makes you smile. And when you have total adoration in front of your better half, your expression will be identical to that of Marge Bouvier, the Homer Simpson epouse . The latter loves her husband so much that her eyes are always full of love despite the fact that he often does stupid things.

3- Love at first sight

Two soul mates. Credit: pausecafein.fr

The thunderbolt is not for everyone. Sometimes it's so difficult to find the person to share your life with that it's completely normal to become a real glue pot. This very funny meme spotted on Instagram and which made the buzz may make you think of yourself. It perfectly illustrates what soul mates do when they meet and finally live a perfect couple relationship.

4- Waking up in the morning

A little monkey who smiles stupidly. Credit: Lovbliz

Have you ever slept at your lover's house, and when you wake up he tells you that you are beautiful or beautiful? This same illustrates the face you make when hearing these comforting words . Even though we all know that we are almost ugly in the morning with messy hair and puffy eyes, it's hard not to smile stupidly when receiving these compliments. This same full of humor reflects reality well.

5- Le titanic

A funny illustration of Jack and Rose in Titanic. Credit: iFunny memes

The great love story between Jack and Rose in the film Titanic  is ideal for romantic evenings. It often strengthens relationships and promotes exchanges. However, in a couple, everyone does not have the same vision of things. If for each woman, it tells a fascinating story, for men, it is something else entirely. This very funny meme represents what the male sex really has in mind when viewing this romantic movie .

6- When you tell your grandma that you are hungry

Credit: NorniTUBE

The love between a grandmother and his grandson or granddaughter is very strong. Grannies don't count time or money when it comes to pleasing their little ones. Here is one of the funniest memes that has circulated on the networks. It humorously illustrates what a grandmother would do knowing that her baby was starving. She cooked him a feast to feed an entire regiment. The photo is hilarious.

7- Your head when you are hungry

Unlimited food. Credit: jokes-and-drawings.com

After several years of life as a couple, the feelings towards his lover or his lover can change. The creator of this meme brings you a hilarious version. He assumes that food might win out if the choice were to be made between loving and eating. This meme has a lot circulated on Instagram and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In just a few weeks, thousands of people have shared it on their personal account.

8- Couple games

A couple playing a game. Credit: humour-france.fr

Here's another hilarious meme you won't get tired of watching. The couple games are always very pleasant and have the power to strengthen the beautiful relationship you have with your partner. However, these two lovers prove the opposite by writing very funny words about their respective partners. The woman wrote behind her lover's back that she was expecting a baby. Her lover, meanwhile, confesses to be sterile . Of course, this is just a joke.

9- Small gestures of attention in a couple

Image link: A couple at the therapist. Credit: Jules17

In order to bring a little spice to your relationship as a couple, it is advisable to offer each other a small gift (jewelry, flowers, chocolates, etc.) from time to time. However, when one of the partners is not at all romantic, it is difficult to make him understand the importance of this gesture. Here is a very funny example of what would happen if a big macho took appointment with a psychologist to try to salvage his romantic relationship.

10- Breakup

The reality in a married life. Credit: Freud, literature and me

Breakup is unfortunately part of the couple life . If for men, the first days are without suffering, for women, they are more difficult to manage. However, after a few months, women know how to console themselves very well and thus live more fulfilled. Here is the idea that the creator of this meme has in mind when he meets this kind of couple. The illustration is hilarious. He also made the buzz on the social networks .

10 singles memes

The memes on singles are so many and funny that the list would definitely not end. We have therefore decided to select the ones that made us laugh the most in order to cheer you up if you are still looking for your soul mate .

1- When the ugliest person is in a relationship and you are not

The expression of a surprised face. Credit: Mlaiser.com

Life is sometimes unfair. Finding love is not as easy as you thought. This meme will make you aware of the harsh reality while making you laugh out loud. Indeed, as the saying goes: the clothes do not make the man . It can happen that the person you consider to be the ugliest in the world lives the perfect love and you don't. However, do not lose hope, you will definitely find your life partner at the right time.

2- When your crush has the same feeling

A man in love. Credit: bar.ns

It's not easy to confess your feelings. Many questions and apprehensions can haunt you until you manage to declare your love. And yet, by taking risks, you will certainly be rewarded. This is the face you would make if you confessed your feelings to your 'crush' and he told you that he, too, is fell under your spell . So be braver and don't be afraid to get started.

3- What to do once in a relationship

A confusing bachelor. Credit: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/

Married life can be scary for those who have never experienced it. Many questions come to mind the moment you have feelings for someone. Here is a very funny meme that illustrates what a single person has in mind when considering embarking on a love relationship . It has been shared thousands of times on social media. And yet, it's hard to get tired of it.

4- Singles who give couple advice

The expression of a single person giving couples advice. Credit: Asuna

Most singles love to give dating advice. Sometimes this annoying habit tends to annoy. If you have friends who do exactly the same, do not hesitate to share this very funny one with them. You will surely help them to question themselves and to apply their own advice to find the ideal partner, and thus leave you a little quiet.

5- Why are you still single

The expression of the almighty. Credit: Cheezburger

If you have faith, you can always expect miracles. This humorous illustration is for you if you have been single for too long. According to the creator of this meme, your current love situation is quite explainable. According to him, the good Lord is always planning your life and creating a love story most exciting. In the meantime, you can share this funny interpretation with your friends.

6- Singles and Valentine's Day

Singles' Valentine's Day. Credit: funny site

Valentine's day is definitely one of the most distressing times for singles. In order not to feel sorry for yourself and to put the situation into perspective, nothing should prevent you from having a drink and toasting with friends. This is the face you would make if you were home alone. This illustration will make you laugh out loud and realize that it is better to go out. She inspired other even funnier memes.

7- The happiness of being single

A man who stands by his words. Credit: National Association of Singles of Congo

While some cannot live without their partner, others choose to remain solitary until the end of their lives. They consider being single to be an invaluable opportunity. For them, living as a couple is unthinkable. Here is one of the arguments that they can give you if you ask them the reason for such a decision . The face of the man in this illustration is hilarious.

8- The season of cold feet

A bachelor in winter. Credit: HUMOR DE MEC

For singles, winter is a season quite painful. If the others take advantage of the presence of their partner to live in a little cocoon , these must always fend for themselves. Here is a very funny example of what these loners endure during this season. For them, the nights are particularly cold. And for good reason, in order to warm up their right foot, they have no choice but to use their left foot, unlike couples who can warm each other up.

9- Watch out for the other girls!

Illustration of a slut. Credit: 5AD DATEMG

Sharing your love life on social networks is not always a good idea. Indeed, if by misfortune, you experience a breakup, everyone is likely to know about it. Here's a hilarious meme that shows how the bitch on your Facebook account is looking forward to your separation. Yes, not everyone wants to see you happy. This funny post has made the rounds of the internet and ranks among the best memes to share to make your friends laugh out loud.

10- When you are ready to do anything to be in a relationship

The expression of a disappointed man. Credit: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/

Some are ready to do the impossible to get out of their single status. Between paying the bill at the restaurant, buying tickets for an overpriced concert, offer a gift is invaluable… the options are very varied. And when things don't go as planned, it's better to laugh than cry. Here is a very humorous one, but which can very well happen during a first date if the feelings are not reciprocated. We hope this will not concern you.