20 best cat memes

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-20 19:44:01

Cats are subjects of choice for memes, these funny images that Internet users are fond of. Here are the 20 best memes featuring cats.

Cats and the Internet: this great love story

A cute cat with wide eyes Credits: uri Gagarin

The cats. These animals of the breed felines , adored by some, deified by others. Did you know that cats were considered gods in ancient Egypt? Centuries have passed, but this success has remained intact. Cats and kittens, with their cute little face , obviously can only be loved.
Cats have a special character . Indeed, unlike dogs, cats are pets whose company is not necessarily the strong point. The cats are selfish , sly , clever e t villains . But, as bizarre as it may seem, these are exactly the traits that their owner adores in them. It would therefore be logical to say that the owner of a domestic cat shows masochistic tendencies. Which is not the case at all. It must be said that the cat is a pet ' kawaii as the people say Japanese , purring and really mignon . Thus, the cat may have a bad temper, we can not help loving it.

It is precisely this unconditional love and, it must be said, one-way , which means that cats are enormously represented on social networks. Number of memes  featuring cats is impossible to pin down, there are so many of them. As a reminder, a meme is a humorous description of one phrase  or a situation , illustrated by a image  or a video . Memes can represent anyone, and allude to anyone, all in one caustic humor , sometimes sought and intelligent , sometimes down to earth and at the limit of dumb . In any case, the same are the symbols of 21st century humor.

cats and memes are two elements that can only be combined to create a humorous work of art. For you to get an idea, here is the description of the 20 best memes about cats.

The 20 best cat memes

A cat on a pink background with sweets in the shape of a heart Credits: Irina Kashaeva

The chat is the ultimate social media feline , the god of memes and the internet. That's why we invite you to laugh with the 20 best cat memes flooding the Internet.

The cat waking up from a long sleep

Cat that fell asleep badly Credits: Largecattle

This meme represents a wrinkled face cat and drop-eyed. His expression really gives the impression that he has just woken up and that he is not very happy.

The description of the meme is “The head of the alarm clock when we fell asleep in a bad position…”. Anyone, home cat owner or not, can easily relate to this funny and cute meme.

The cat who struggles to fall asleep

Cat under the blanket Credits: goodcatmemes

A cat is lying in a bed , sleepy eyes and body under a blanket. The animal gives the impression of not being able to sleep, which logically gave birth to an anthology meme.

The description says “Me trying to get 8 hours of sleep in 3 hours”. A meme while humour and finesse.

The Cat Who Doesn't Care

Thumbs up cat Credits: my.puffypaws

What could be funnier and cute than a cat that looks you in the eye and throws a thumb up ? The cute appearance of the cat is multiplied by 10 by its pretty immaculate white fur and its small upright ears.

On the meme, it is possible to read “No one will love you with this attitude! '. To which the feline responds with a thumbs up.

The cat who zapped his “summer body”

Big cat Credits: meschatscats

The cat can be slender and elegant, as it can be fat and nonchalant . It is precisely this second case that is represented by this house cat with a strong build, lying on its back and which surely cannot get up.

On the meme, we can read: 'How is the project going summer body ? », a question answered by the image of the corpulent cat.

The clean cat, but a little disgusting

Meme couple Credits: jorgesabitbol

A meme is even funnier when the main subject is not represented. The representation of the subject is rather pictorial, which makes the person who reads it reflect.

The following meme is a photo of a couple kissing. In the background is a person disgusted by the couple's kiss. Above the man is written 'My cat', on the one he kisses is written 'his testicles' and at the bottom, on the grimacing girl can be read 'Me'.

This subtle meme represents the cat owner's disgust for the feline's questionable hygienic habits.

The impatient cat

Humorous image Credits: insta_suat

This meme is not illustrated by an image, but by a video on which a middle-aged man can be seen screaming like there's no tomorrow.

Internet comedians turned the video into a meme thanks to the description 'Me struggling for 30 seconds to open the box of pâté', the old man and his cry representing the impatient cat to have lunch.

The selfish cat

Selfish cat meme Credits: 9gag

In this meme, it is the selfish character of the cute little kitty that is highlighted. It shows a completely disinterested cat when 'I (the owner) needs a hug because I'm sad,' and with lasers shooting out of his eyes when 'I'm barely brushing the packet of kibble!' '.

The incomprehensible cat

Cats on decoders Credits: catmemes.only

Cats may be cute and elegant animals, but they are no less incomprehensible . In this meme, two cats are nonchalantly sitting on the cable boxes on the TV.

The meme's description reads, 'OK guys, I bought a $100 cat tree and lots of little beds for you!' “, to which the two animals respond by sitting comfortably on the TV decoders.

The cat that adores its owner's lap

Skeleton on sofa Credits: jorgesabitbol

When a meme depicts a skeleton, it's because time has passed too quickly and the subject is over and has decayed in place.

For this meme, the skeleton represents the cat owner whose domestic animal is mounted on his lap. The problem is that the feline has been on its knees for too long, and the owner didn't want to bother him. So much so that he ended up dead on his chair.

The owner/relative

Young about to fight Credits: catmemes.only

A cat owner tends to consider his cats like her children . So much so that when told 'Your cat is not your baby', the owner changes his behavior and shows himself ready to fight. The photo illustrating this meme helped the latter to rise in the esteem of meme lovers. It represents a boy ready to fight and held back by one of his friends.

The cat that falls asleep in a weird position

Contortionist Credits: jorgesabitbol

Cats tend to falling asleep in unusual positions . The cat is also a very flexible animal. The contortionist is the perfect analogy between himself and the very flexible cat who falls asleep oddly.

Le chat que commande a kebab

Cat ordering a kebab Credits: 9gag

The kebab is the favorite dish of young people. This is the cause for which they created the meme thanks to the photo of the cute little black and white cat standing on the counter of a kebab.

The fall of the meme is at the level of one of the descriptive sentences of the meme which says “Your mother also speaks however she is a ch ** nne! to which the kabob responds by carrying out the cat's command.

Out of ink!

Cat making a face that does not understand anything Credits: Pinterest

Any cat owner, whether in a real home or showing their unconditional love by posting on Instagram or Reddit, has at least once tried to talk to his pet. Have you really wondered if you really speak the cat or if you accidentally insulted him? This is perfectly reflected in the photo of a cat that seems to think that its owner is stupid for trying to communicate with people. meows which means 'Why don't you want to fuck the mouse?' »

The cat responsible for household chores

Cat cleaning the toilet Credits: setheverman

The image depicting the meme shows a cat unclogging the toilet with a suction cup. What's funny is the description: 'No one helps me in this f**king house!' '. The humor and irony comes from the fact that cats are lazy animals who spend more of their time doing nothing in the house and making a mess of everything rather than tidying up or cleaning up.

A typical day for a domestic cat

Diagram representing a cat's day Credits: Meme Avenue

This same diagram represents a cute little kitty whose daily occupations are :

  • 40% sleep;
  • 20% dropping things;
  • 10% think 'I'm going to kill this human!' » ;
  • 10% say to themselves “… but not today. Tomorrow maybe. » ;
  • 20% eat.

The famous cat at the table and the woman who yells at him

Woman yelling at a cat sitting at a table Credits: knowyourmeme

The same of cat at the table being yelled at by an angry woman has become a classic. For this image, the jokes for the descriptions are many. most funny is that the cat remains stoic in front of the pissed off woman.

Le chat “ drama queen “

Drama Cat Credits: Amelia Rizky/Watercatlor

The cats are curious and intelligent felines , which does not prevent them from being true little natures . This is reflected in the image of the cat clinging to its scraper and crying as if calling for help. This gives a huge dramatic effect to the image. Again, descriptive jokes are many and varied. “Made in Titanic” humor.

The cat seen through a magnifying glass

Face of a cat in a magnifying glass Credits: Amelia Rizky / Watercatlor

Cutely creepy, there's the photo of the grimacing cat seen through a magnifying glass . What give him the role of the “bad guy” without however being credible.

The cat and his “gift”

Cat with gecko clinging to lower lip Credits: Amelia Rizky/Watercatlor

Cats love bring back dead animals to their owner. Here is a gecko clinging to its mouth. The cat's eyes seem to say 'Human?' Here is a gift for you. »

Inception and the cat

White cat with a black cat-shaped spot on its back Credits: Amelia Rizky/Watercatlor

The cat in the image of this meme features a genetic abnormality which makes it look like a black cat is drawn on the back of the white cat. This is the same translation d’Inception , or theater in the theater .