20 before/after photos of revamped furniture spotted on Pinterest

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:47:29

Do you have an old piece of furniture that you want to renovate? Find inspiration to revamp it with these 20 photos.

Old furniture makeover: easier than you think

Woman repainting an old chair Credits: FXQuadro

Over time, the modes and tendencies in decoration change . However, furniture already purchased cannot be exchanged, which poses a problem when you want to create a modern decoration your house. In effect, it is perfectly possible that a 20-year-old solid wood piece of furniture will stain the decor .

But remember that there was a time when this type of furniture was the top trend in decoration. However, you remain attached to it, and you do not want to put it in the trash. On the one hand, because it is a piece of solid wood furniture that is no longer made, and on the other hand, because this old chest of drawers is passed down from generation to generation. So what to do with it? You can try the old furniture makeover !

The makeover is not just for people. Objects, especially furniture, also have the right (and sometimes even the obligation) to be revamped. The makeover consists of change appearance of a person or an object make it more enjoyable to watch , or to bring it up to date giving it a different style. Revamping a piece of furniture is the guarantee of making it an important element of your interior decoration.

Contrary to what one might think, revamping an old piece of furniture is not necessarily difficult . It's all about finding the right style to adopt , as well as the right color and the right shade .

It is necessary to take into account the material of the furniture to be revamped before applying a new coat of paint. Indeed, the color may change depending on the material of which the furniture is made.

Nevertheless, you should know that a furniture makeover does not necessarily mean painting it from another color . It's all about give a second breath of life to the piece of furniture in question, not by changing its nature, but rather by matching it to current decoration trends.

In any case, it is necessary that, even renovated, the piece of furniture is in total harmony with the rest of the interior decoration. So be sure to keep a certain balance in the decor, in order not to highlight the revamped furniture too much.

20 photos of furniture before and after makeover

Hands renovating wooden furniture Credits: Iuliia Burmistrova

You need new ideas to retype the old chest of drawers or cupboard lying around in a corner of your bedroom ? Here is 20 photos of furniture before and after makeover to guide you a bit.

Relooking d'un buffet ancien

Photo of a redesigned sideboard before and after Credits: Meublesroux.fr

The buffets  are no longer so present in modern decorations. They are especially part of the decoration trend of the middle and end of the 20th century. To bring this piece of furniture up to date, repaint it by choosing two different colors : one for the edges, and the other for the body. This erases the “old” look of the wood and gives your sideboard a facelift.

A coat of cream paint

Wooden buffet repainted in cream Credits: Meublesroux.fr

The cream colour is a soft color. It allows you to illuminate an old piece of furniture, as it was done for this piece of furniture in the photo. The cream color is all-purpose. This means that she easily adapts to any style of decoration.

An old wooden chest of drawers transformed into a chest of drawers for a little girl

A wooden chest of drawers repainted in green, pink and with butterfly stickers Credits: OMF

Make your little one happy by revamping her chest of drawers in a more vivid color , younger and, above all, more girly.

Do not hesitate to bet on personalized decorative pieces to express your tastes.

The aged effect bench with an old box spring

A vintage bench painted green in the garden Credits: OBN

Vintage is in fashion. Thanks to an old box spring, you can make a bench for your interior or your garden. Paint it in the color of your choice and add patina for the aged effect.

Revive the wood with another color

Wooden furniture painted white Credits: Songbird Cottage

Wood is a material with charm. However, when furniture is made of wood, the decorative details on the furniture are less and less noticeable. By painting wooden furniture with a lighter color , the details are more visible and resume their ornamental role.

Dare the bright colors

For a makeover, do not confine yourself to classic colors. Dare them flashy colors like red for an even more modern look, like this sideboard repainted in coral.

The style change

Old furniture transformed into modern Scandinavian furniture Credits: Sarah M. DORSEY DESIGNS

For this piece of furniture, the Scandinavian style has been brought with the new coat of white paint and the wooden legs installed underneath.

Replace the glass of a coffee table with wooden planks

Glass coffee table turned wooden coffee table Credits: beneathmyheart.net

This coffee table has been modernized by removing the glass from the top and replacing it with wood. The lower platform of the coffee table has also been covered with wooden planks. the wood brings back to nature et met en avant un semblant de style bohémien chic.

Wood and black: a winning combination

Chest of drawers redesigned and repainted in black Credits: L'Atelier 6 de Camille

It is important to point out that there is several types of black paints . Choose the right reference so as not to regret the purchase later. The advantage of wood is that it is always a trendy material, no matter what color it sports. Shiny black or Matte Black ? Be inspired by the tastes of the lucky owner of this solid wood chest of drawers.

Transformation d'un vieux lit en banc

Vieux lit relooké et transformé en banc Credits : Recycling, Gardening and Decoration

For this makeover, you need experience in the field of DIY, or be used to tinkering here and there. Here it is a old box spring dissociated and reassembled to make a bench . If you like the color, you can paint the sofa red. Otherwise, leaving it as is allows you to take full advantage of the natural color of the wood.

A flashy color for your chest of drawers

Dresser repainted in apple green to give it a modern look Credits: Faceliftfurniture.com

good that you noir  and the blanc  are the first colors considered when it comes to decoration, the other colors are not left out. This choice will take your furniture to a whole new dimension, more lively and colorful.

Revamp a series of furniture

Revamped Furniture Series Credits: http://bordespro-design.e-monsite.com/

Are you looking to harmonize your decoration? It is therefore necessary to undertake revamp all the furniture in the same series . This creates a certain uniformity and increases the possibilities of decoration.

The color white: a safe bet

Furniture painted white Credits: Stories

If you like the sobriety , simply paint your furniture completely in white . It is an elegant color that exudes a certain form of purity.

The transformation of an old table into a vintage pouf

Old table turned into a vintage pouf Credits: newlywedmcgees.blogspot.co.uk

This old table has been completely repainted to highlight its shape, as well as its borders. Convenience has been improved with the installation of a quilted cushion. What to make a pouf vintage on top of the trend.

A makeover in vintage style by adding colors

Scandinavian storage unit Credits: https://tiboudnez.com/

The choice of colors to adopt for the makeover of a piece of furniture is of paramount importance. See the change in this piece of furniture by having painted the spaces blue and installing a new wooden drawer.

The color gray: a path to dig

Furniture repainted in gray Credits: Amtisstory

Opt for the grey color for rendering vintage . This is one of the most popular styles of the moment by decorating enthusiasts.

Gray comes in several shades. It goes from dark gray to light gray, passing through purplish gray and verdigris. Choose the right shade to create harmony in your interior decoration. It should be noted that gray is a mat color, adapting very easily to other colors such as blue, gold, black or even woody. All you need to do is to create a balance in the decoration and do not mix more than 3 colors to avoid that the final rendering is too busy.

From “has-been” kitchen to modern kitchen

Kitchen repainted in white Credits: 18h39.fr

The monochrome  is ubiquitous in contemporary decorations. Incorporate this style into your cuisine by repainting it entirely in white. To create an interesting contrast, opt for black cupboard and drawer handles .

Of course, white is not the only ideal color for a successful monochrome. Indeed, it all depends on your personal taste in decoration, as well as your ability to harmonize and balance the interior.

For example, you can paint your kitchen red, while paying attention to the color used. It should neither be too bland nor too garish at the risk of becoming aggressive for the eye. In the end, it all depends on the shades of colors you want to arrange. The most fashionable at the moment are pastel shades, which are rather light. Modern and light, they are perfect for a monochrome kitchen. Always take the trouble to add a few small touches of color to break the too plain effect. Monochrome should not rhyme with monotonous.

Repaint and decorate with vintage words

Revamped sideboard Credits: Artsy Chicks Rule

You can transform an old sideboard as a vintage decorative piece repainting it white and adding a few words in retro. Of course, nothing forces you to opt for the white color. The main thing is that it is possible to read what is written on the piece of furniture. Therefore, avoid choosing the same color for the color of the furniture and the words written on it. It is better to create a contrast between light furniture and dark writing, or vice versa.

A tip for renovating old furniture: stripping

Stripping the back of a chair Credit: Jozef Polc/123RF

Stripping is commonly used in the renovation of wooden furniture. This involves scraping the wooden furniture to remove the aged outer layer. Once the layer is removed, it is easier to put a new layer of paint on it.

For smoother wood, it is recommended to sand the furniture after stripping . This allows a better rendering of the new layer of paint.

Fill cracks and holes in wooden furniture

Filling holes in wooden furniture. Credit: Synthilor

Before renovating a piece of furniture, it must be restored. To do this, fill the holes in the furniture with putty spread on wood using a spatula. When all the holes are sealed, it is advisable to apply several coats of paint to the furniture. This prevents patchwork from being visible, giving the wood an unsightly shape.