15-Year-Old Boy Undergoes Surgery After Stuck USB Cable Into His Penis

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:19:03

A teenager has undergone surgery after a USB cable was stuck inside his penis.

Credit: Mirror

According to the website Mirror , in Britain , a 15-year-old allegedly tried to measure the inside of his genitals with a USB cable. The British site adds that the teenager would have embarked on a sort of “ of sexual experimentation during which the cable would have become entangled around his organs, failing to remove him.

When going to urinate, the teenager began to see traces of blood in his urine. His mother then immediately took him to the hospital. On the spot, the young man confided to the doctors that he had deliberately inserted the cable into his penis rather than using a ruler.

Surgery to remove the USB cable

Credit: ReadyElements/Pixabay

As the media puts it, “ doctors were unable to remove the cable with a metal rod because too many knots had formed, which meant the boy had to undergo surgery ».

L’ adolescent recovered quickly and will continue to be monitored by the doctors . The insertion of foreign objects into the urethra can cause several dysfunctions such as pain when urinating, blood in the urine...