15 weirdest animals

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-16 17:25:01

Here are 15 weird animals you probably didn't know existed. Yes, the animal world is always full of surprises.

1- The proboscis monkey

A singe nasique. Credit : yusnizam

At the top of our ranking animals the weirdest of planet , you find the proboscis monkey. This is an endemic species that you will encounter on the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. The proboscis monkey is a primate that belongs to the Cercopithecidae family . It is distinguished by its large nose that completely covers its mouth and its reddish brown hair. This animal likes humid forests. At the reproductive level, the female only gives birth to one young at a time. Before reaching adulthood, the latter is breastfed for 7 months. The diet of this species consists mainly of leaves and fruits.

2- The pig-nosed turtle

A pig-nosed turtle. Credit: Andrei310

The pig-nosed turtle, with the scientific name 'Carettochelys insculpta', belongs to the family of freshwater turtles. You can observe this bizarre fauna in some countries like China, Australia and Papua New Guinea. This animal measures about 70 cm and can weigh up to 30 kg. He feeds on aquatic plants , fruit, snails and small fish. This species is highly threatened due to the destruction of its natural environment and its habitat. illegal export . Unfortunately, some now adopt it as a pet. The pig-nosed turtle also struggles daily against its main predators, including saltwater crocodiles.

3- The coconut crab

A coconut crab. Credit: Brian Scantlebury

The coconut crab is one of the crustacean species weirdest on the planet. And for good reason, he is able to climb trees. Its powerful claws allow it to attack birds. With its weight of up to 5 kg and its legs of more than 1 meter, it is considered the largest arthropod in the world. You can come across this animal with a strange body during a trip to the islands of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Islands. In addition to its bizarre physique, this crab is also appreciated in the kitchen. Reason why it is in constant decline. In order to protect this species, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature or IUCN has taken several strict measures.

4- In the world

An aye-aye. Credit : javarman3

This little lemur native to Madagascar also ranks in the category of the most bizarre animals in the world. His appearance is a mix of bat and rodent. It has large round ears and fingers reminiscent of squirrels. The food of the aye-aye is very varied. He loves nectar, mushrooms, fruits and leaves. This species is now on the verge of extinction. Deforestation, bush fires and Malagasy beliefs are the main causes. Indeed, this population considers the aye-aye as a cursed animal and do not hesitate to chase him.

5- Our nain d'Argentine

An armadillo. Credit: Lois_McCleary

The Truncated Chlamydophore or Dwarf Armadillo Argentine is also a very particular animal. It is distinguished by its very silky white coat, its pink shell and its still little known way of life. Few scientists have been able to study this species closely. This specimen spends most of his time underground and does not hesitate to take out his small claws when he feels in danger. Like most armadillos, this animal is omnivorous. The Argentine dwarf armadillo feeds mainly on plants that it finds near its habitat and small insects such as ants, worms, termites...

6- The crested deer

A crested deer. Credit: Diane Schuler

The crested deer is one of the most bizarre mammals on the planet because of its long upper canines . It is also the smallest deer in the world. Indeed, it is only about 1.60 meters long. Unlike other species of the same family, the males are the only ones with antlers. These are hidden in their long coat. This strange animal mainly lives in the forests of China and Burma. Its diet consists of larvae, grasses and leaves. Due to the excessive use of crested deer skin in textile industry , this species is highly threatened.

7- The albino baleine

An albino whale. Credit: Alexis Fioramonti

Albinism does not only affect humans. The albino whale is the proof. If you want to observe such a spectacle, go to Australia. With luck, you will meet Migaloo. This extraordinary white whale has been arousing the curiosity of tourists for almost 25 years. Like all other whales, it travels several kilometers to feed and reproduce. Over the past 10 years, other albino whales have appeared. However, this species is strongly threatened speak global warming and pollution.

8- The pipa pipa toad

A weird toad. Credit: reptiles4all

Nature never ceases to amaze us. It is in Latin America that you will find this funny of animal. The pipa pipa toad belongs to the family of “pipidae”. The most amazing thing about this species is that it takes care of its young in a very special way. The pustules on her back are actually her eggs. These hatch under his skin without going through the tadpole phase. Once old, the little toads emerge directly from their mother's skin to begin to live independently. This amphibian has a very flat body. It can measure up to about 20 cm in length.

9- The giraffe beetle

A giraffe beetle. Credit: Dennisvdw

The giraffe beetle is also a very bizarre animal. It is a beetle classified among the endemic species from Madagascar . It stands out with its long neck rising just above its shell. This is longer in males. The skin of this insect is deep black while its wings are bright red. Giraffe beetles usually dwell in trees and feed on plants . Before breeding, the males engage in a small fight. The winners will be those who fertilize the females. Moreover, they do not hesitate to play the role of referee during duels.

10- Le phryne

An Amblypygi. Credit: dwi septiyana

The phryne or “Amblypygi” is little known in Europe . And yet, this very bizarre animal does exist. To observe it more closely, you must go to some countries in Asia, America or Africa. Contrary to popular belief, the phryne is not an insect. It is rather an arachnid classified in the same rank as scorpions and spiders. Its large claws and its predatory look suggest that it is a dangerous animal. However, it does not present any danger to humans. Moreover, its size varies between 4 mm and 4 cm. According to researchers, this species would have lived on earth for almost 350 million years.

11- Batfish

A batfish. Credit: JFibu

The batfish is one of the aquatic animals the strangest on the planet. Its natural habitat is off the coast of Costa Rica. Unlike other fish, it is a very poor swimmer. It only uses its fins to walk on the seabed. What is also amazing about this animal is its prominent red lips which make it particularly ugly. Its head can take several shapes: square, rectangular, triangular… It can measure about 50 cm long. In terms of food, the batfish feeds mainly on molluscs and small crustaceans . To attract its prey, it secretes a liquid that serves as a chemical bait.

12- L'axolotl

An axolotl. Credit : Vitaliy Halenov

The axolotl is also one of the quirks of nature . It lives in the sea. This amphibian remains a larva all its life and never turns into an adult. It can measure up to 30 cm. Its fern-like gills and lidless eyes make it an animal with a very strange face. It can live up to 15 years in its natural environment. In a vivarium, its lifespan rarely exceeds 5 years. And yet, many people adopt it as a pet. One reason why devices have been put in place to reduce its fishing.

13- Lamprey

A lamprey. Credit: Michel VIARD

The lamprey is a basal vertebrate. It has no jaws or even limbs. However, you can observe eyes as well as a spine. The lamprey lives mainly in the Atlantic Ocean . It feeds on body fluids and the blood of Pisces who had the misfortune to cross his path. For this, it uses its round funnel-shaped mouth and very sharp teeth. According to scientists, the lamprey would be among the primitive vertebrate species that has not changed for more than 500 years. With luck, you may encounter her during your trip to this part of the world.

14- The sea pig

A sea pig. Credit: FtLaudGirl

Among the most bizarre animals created by mother nature, you also find the sea pig. As its name suggests, it is an aquatic animal that looks like a pig. Indeed, it is pink in color and has a rounded shape. The sea pig is classified in the category of 'scotoplanes' . It is mostly found in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Atlantic. However, since it lives at around 60,000 and 9,500 meters deep, only divers and scientists have had the opportunity to encounter it. This animal has retractable papillae on its dorsal side and suction cups on the ventral side to facilitate its movements.

15- Le dugong

A dugong. Credit : marcinhajdasz

The dugong, nicknamed ' the sea cow » due to its imposing size, is also a very bizarre animal. It can weigh up to 900 kg. The dugong is a mammal that lives in the depths of the sea and feeds mainly on grass. You can find it in Mozambique, Indonesia as well as Australia. He is able to eat about 40 kg of food per day . To find something to put under its teeth, this animal digs the seabed with its snout and rummages in the mud. It comes to the surface about every 2 minutes to breathe and catch its breath before starting to dig again.