15 varieties of great houseplants

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-19 15:48:01

There is nothing better than a green or flowering plant to bring freshness to your home. your interior. Here are 15 varieties of great house plants.

Plants 1 : Le Dracaena Marginata

A Dracaena Marginata in an apartment. Credit: Farhad Ibrahimzade

The Dracaena Marginata is one of our favorites in terms of varieties of large plants . It is an ideal evergreen plant to complete your interior decoration. It can be grown in pots, provided you use good soil and have a bed of gravel at the bottom to facilitate drainage. To grow well, the Dracaena needs light and warmth. You should therefore place it near a window. This indoor plant requires little maintenance. A watering every 4 or 5 days as well as a liquid fertilizer supply every 15 days is enough to preserve its beauty.

Plant 2 : The delicious monstera

A monstera in a house. Credit: Evrymmnt

To bring a little exotic touch to your living room decor or dining room, choose monstera deliciosa. This houseplant of the Araceae family is very popular for its lush foliage and elegant appearance. She will be happy near your windows, near your sofa or on a table in your kitchen. However, be careful of direct exposure to Sun . The heat may dry out your monstera. In order to take care of it, water your plant regularly and add liquid fertilizer every 4 weeks or so. During fall and winter, mist its foliage daily with non-calcareous water.

Plant 3: Kentia

A kentia in guise of decoration of hall. Credit : Fascinating

Kentia is also one of the big plants ideal for indoors. It is a palm belonging to the Arecaceae species. This plant is suitable for growing in pots. To grow well, it needs light without being exposed to direct sunlight. One reason why it is advisable to place it near a window or bay window. In order to preserve all the splendor of your kentia, the water intake should only be done once the soil has dried out. Its repotting is to be done approximately every 2 years. To clean the leaves of a kentia, prefer soft, damp cloths.

Plante 4: The Dieffenbachia

A Dieffenbachia for a beautiful interior decoration. Credit: Bogdan Kurylo

The Dieffenbachia, nicknamed ' walking sticks is an ideal decorative plant for your large house or apartment. You can use it to complete your exotic themed home decor. Its imposing size will bring character to any room in your living space. Dieffenbachia is characterized by its dark green leaves spotted with yellow or white. In good growing conditions, this evergreen plant can reach up to 1.5 meters in height. A moderate watering and regular cleaning of its leaves with a damp cloth are enough to preserve its beauty.

Plant 5: Ficus

Ficus leaves to decorate interiors. Credit: Nataliia Tymofieieva

The ficus or weeping fig tree is a plant very popular with interior decorators. It has the power to make your whole harmonious and trendy decoration . In a house, its height can reach between 3 and 4 meters. Although he particularly likes the garden , it is possible to grow ficus in pots. For this you must follow some rules and above all, take good care of it. Watering is usually done once a week. Be sure not to drown the plant in excess water. Similarly, empty the saucer if water stagnates there. During its growth period, between April and October, regular fertilization is necessary.

Plant 6 : The Christmas cactus

A Christmas cactus in a living room. Credit: Lana2011

Schlumbergera, better known as christmas cactus , is also classified in the category of large indoor plants. Its flowering period, at the beginning of winter, is a spectacle not to be missed. This plant with red, yellow, white or pink flowers brings color and warmth to your space. It is very easy to maintain and does not necessarily require a green thumb. You just need to place this flowering plant in a bright place without direct contact with the sun . Reduce its watering frequency from November and add liquid fertilizer once a month. Its repotting is done approximately every 2 or 3 years.

Plant 7: Yucca

A yucca placed near a window. Credit: Diana Rebenciuc

The yucca is also one of the great indoor plants to adopt. It is a small tree with a height of about 2.5 meters, ideal for creating a exotic relaxation area your house. Its evergreen foliage has a beautiful green color. It is a hardy plant whose maintenance is easy. In order to ensure its growth, a few simple gestures are enough. Grow your yucca in a suitable pot, making sure to add good potting soil. Water it regularly while avoiding excess water. Every 2 or 3 years, repot. Do not forget to add fertilizer from time to time to ensure the well-being of your plant.

Plant 8: Calathea lancifolia

A calathea lancifolia used as a decorative element. Credit: Zloyel

Among the most beautiful varieties of large indoor plants, we have also selected the calathea lancifolia. This flowering plant belongs to the Marantaceae family. It originates from Rio de Janeiro , to Brazil . Calathea lancifolia is characterized by its leaves which spread out at daybreak and close together at nightfall. You don't need live in an apartment very bright to adopt this plant. Dim light and a temperature between 16 and 20°C are sufficient. During the summer, you should water your cathalea every 3 days. In winter, the frequency of watering should be reduced. As a general rule, do not overwater so that the roots do not rot.

Plant 9: Areca

A palm tree for a bright living room. Credit: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

For a bright room and at the forefront of the trend, grow an areca. This small palm tree with long, green leaves will bring a touch of exoticism and freshness to your decoration. You don't need to be a professional gardener to care for this great houseplant. In fact, it requires very little maintenance . Just respect his watering frequency and place it in the right place. As the areca needs light, you can place it near your door or window. However, be careful of direct exposure to the sun to preserve the beauty of its foliage.

Plante 10 : Le strelitzia reginae

A strelitzia reginae placed near a window. Credit: Liudmila Chernetska

The shimmering colors of the flowers of the strelitzia reginae make it a perfect decorative element for interiors. This big plants tropical perennial will easily find its place in the different rooms of your house. Although it does well in the ground in the garden, you can also grow it in a pot. Just make sure your plant is put in good potting soil and placed in a sunny spot. Indeed, for its growth, the strelitzia reginae needs exposure to the sun for about 3 or 4 hours a day. Its watering should be done in the evening. Also plan repotting every 2 or 3 years .

Plant 11: The banana tree

A banana tree as an interior decoration. Credit: in4mal

The banana tree is one of the great plants ideal for interior decoration. It is on the rise in contemporary living rooms and dining rooms. The decoration specialists also recommend it in an office and commercial space in order to bring a touch of originality to the space. Planting the indoor banana tree requires a large pot. The bottom of the latter must contain small pebbles or balls of clay in order to facilitate drainage and avoid overwatering. Every 2 or 3 years, this plant must be repotted in a larger pot. As it is a large tropical plant, you should water it regularly and spray water on its leaves to prevent them from drying out.

Plant 12: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

A chrysalidocarpus lutescens for your home. Credit: dropStock

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens is a lovely palm that you can use to complete your home decor. His lush green foliage recalls the calm and freshness of tropical forests. In an apartment, this large plant can reach a height of 1.5 to 2.5 meters. It does not require any special maintenance. Its cultivation can be done in pots or trays, ensuring that it has enough compost and soil. As for its location, prefer the bright places without direct contact with the sun's rays. Indeed, too much exposure to heat could dry out its leaves.

Plante 13 : Le pachira aquatica

A pachira aquatiqua for apartment. Credit: Tatiana Buzmakova

Beautify your apartment with this great houseplant. It appeared very recently and yet many people have already adopted it. The advantage of this plant is that it does not require any particular maintenance. You don't need to have a green thumb to do this. The pachira aquatica should be watered once a week. Between April and September , fertilizer is needed. This is to ensure its growth and preserve the beauty of its foliage. Keep your pachira away from all sources of heat (fireplace, radiator, etc.). To lead a peaceful existence, you can place it near a window or bay window.

Plant 14: Beaucarnea

A Beaucarnea grown in a pot in a room. Credit: Irina Gelwich

The Beaucarnea or foot of elephant is a small tree that you can very well plant in a pot and use as a decorative element. It does just as well in the center of a room as it does near a window. Its beautiful green leaves bring a note of freshness to interiors. What is pleasant about this strain is that it is very undemanding. You can plant it in any type of soil, as long as it is well drained. The Beaucarnea is not greedy in water. You must respect the required watering frequency and lay a bed of clay or gravel at the bottom of its pot.

Plant 15 : The Boston Fern

A boston fern hanging in a room. Credit: aon168

To close our ranking of the largest plants to put in your interior, we have chosen to tell you about the boston fern. This species is characterized by its evergreen foliage and its aspect plumeux . It is perfect for decorating the living room, kitchen and dining room. You can place it on a table or hang it for an exotic and original decoration. The boston fern requires little maintenance. All you have to do is respect the recommended watering frequency and repot approximately every 2 years. This large plant should also be placed in a bright and away from heat sources .