15 things to do absolutely in Marrakech

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-20 12:48:02

Do you want to know what you can do in Marrakech during your next trip? Discover the 15 essential activities during your stay.

Visit the souks of the Medina during the day, one of the best activities to do during a trip to Marrakech

Souks open in the Medina of Marrakech and awaiting the arrival of customers about to leave on a trip Photo credit: Balate Dorin

For your first trip and stay in Marrakech, at Morocco , consider visiting the Medina, the historic center of the city . You will learn a lot about the dynamism of the city, because most of the most important activities are located there. Among other things, take the time to explore the different souks. You can do this activity after having deposited your suitcases at the hotel or before leaving the city of Marrakech.

The souks of the Medina are essential for shoppers around the world . Even if you are not, you will surely find souvenirs at variable prices to bring back to your loved ones. The narrow streets of the Medina of the city of Marrakech are lined with handicrafts sold at attractive prices: colorful textiles, clothing, jewelry, etc.

Take a tour of the Jemaa el Fna square, the best way to spend the evening in the Medina in Marrakech

Jemaa el Fna square seen from the sky in the evening Photo credit: Olena_Z

If you are looking for what to do in the evening in Marrakech, go to the Jemaa el Fna square. More than a million visitors stroll each year in this part of the city which is a real cultural space. Listed as intangible cultural heritage since 2008, the square lights up as soon as night falls and merchants mingle with the crowd. The dynamism of the city of Marrakech begins to be felt and the buildings are magnified by the last light of day. On site, you can also enjoy many street performances, including those of snake charmers. Gourmets will also find on the Jemaa el Fna square the culinary recipes which make the fame of this city and of Morocco.

Take a tour of the El Badiî Palace located a few minutes from Marrakech airport

The El Badiî palace photographed in the middle of the day Photo credit: Korinoxe

Morocco is known for its particular architecture. You can discover one of the most interesting sites in the country in Marrakech, the El Badiî Palace. This monument is in ruins, but it still shows a fascinating aspect of the power of ancient Moroccan dynasties. The palace is distinguished by its grandeur and a particular architectural form. On site, a guide can tell you the story of the construction of the place. Among other things, you will be surprised to learn that this palace was built with gold, onyx and Italian marble, the most expensive materials in the world.

Visit the Bahia Palace with a guide during the stay

The cour du palais de Bahia in gross plan Créditphoto : Ana Iacob

Would you like to discover a palace still in very good condition? Include a visit to the Bahia Palace in your program. As indicated by his name, the palace shines on all sides. Each courtyard and room is decorated with sculptures and paintings of which Moroccans have the secret. Each wall is also decorated with mosaics and marble, as is the floor. A real architectural discovery awaits you within the walls of this grand palace located in the city of Marrakech. You should know that it has about 160 rooms and 3 hectares of gardens. This promises you long hours of visit.

Get lost in the Jewish quarter of Mellah during the day

Two women running errands in the Mellah district Photo credit: StreetMuse

Cultural visits never end in Marrakech. The city is full of places steeped in history like the Jewish quarter of Mellah. Located in the Medina, it promises walks full of cultural discoveries. The district has synagogues with a particular architecture and cemeteries representative of the people. It also became the refuge of the Hebrews of Spain and Portugal after their expulsion, hence its cultural richness.

Discover the Koutoubia mosque, one of the most attractive activities

The Koutoubia mosque and its minaret higher than the palm trees Photo credit: benkru

The visit to the Koutoubia mosque is one of the must-do activities to do in Marrakesh. You will discover an architecture and an ascetic decoration worthy of the Moroccan know-how in terms of construction. This majestic mosque is a fine example of the achievements driven by the art of the Almohads. Another point that makes this place of worship so special is its height, which makes it one of the largest mosques in Morocco. Its minaret is visible for miles around.

Ouzoud waterfalls, the Atlas and around Marrakech on a camel

Magnificent and very high waterfalls to visit at all costs during a day or half-day excursion Photo credit: JCOLL

The city of Marrakech offers many circuits for excursions as a couple, with family or friends. You can schedule an outing to discover the famous Ouzoud waterfalls and their 110m high in a desert setting. Located in the middle of a green gorge, they are ideal for relaxation, swimming and a boat trip. Depending on the organization you choose, it is possible for you to be picked up and brought back to the hotel.

To enjoy a beach, many excursions take you to the city of Essaouira, not far from Marrakech. The Essaouira beaches allow you to walk under the sun and practice activities such as surfing or wakeboarding. If you are more interested in the desert or the mountains, you can either take part in a circuit on the Atlas or opt for a camel ride. Quad rides are also possible in the Palmeraie of Marrakech. Exploring the Sahara Desert is another option for lovers of the great outdoors.

Book a Riad in Marrakech instead of looking for a room in hotels

A majestic room in a Riad Photo credit: RuslanKaln

Former small Arab palaces, the riads have been transformed into hotels . They are the most authentic type of accommodation to stay in Marrakech. If you have just booked a room in a conventional hotel, you can spend at least one night there for the experience. This type of place allows you to stay in a majestic room overlooking an interior courtyard, which you will not necessarily find in traditional hotels. You also have the possibility of reserving a table for an exotic dinner in an atypical setting. Some riads have a terrace allowing you to enjoy good Moroccan dishes under the stars.

Experience hammam baths in hotels after an excursion

A woman relaxing in a hammam Photo credit: Radist

The hammams represent a traditional relaxation activity in Morocco . This typical Moroccan ritual consists of enjoying a good steam bath to improve general health. In Marrakech, you will easily find them in every district. So just go to one of the public baths near your Riad to try it. For an additional fee, it is also possible to have a massage. Some hotels also have a hammam allowing you to relax between two activities. You will then enjoy the benefits of scrubs and traditional masks. This activity is recommended after a long walk around Marrakech.

Discover the city wall of Marrakech

A small part of the famous wall in Marrakech Photo credit: fafou

The Medina of Marrakech is surrounded by a defensive wall that is worth a detour. This rampart of a distance of about 19 km was built between the years 1126 and 1127. I l testifies to the know-how of Moroccans in matters of construction. The wall rises majestically to the sky with a height of 10 m. It also represents an Almoravid architectural heritage. This construction is punctuated by 10 beautiful and imposing entrance doors all leading into the Medina. You can thus continue your walk in the souks after having taken the time to admire them.

Visit the Menara Gardens to recharge your batteries after an excursion in the desert

The Menara Garden and its artificial lake Photo credit: johncopland

Many sumptuous gardens are just waiting to be visited in Marrakech. From must-see places in the city, you can go to the Menara Garden, on the outskirts of Marrakech. Depending on your location, you may need to take a taxi, but it's well worth the trip. the Botanical Garden is perfectly maintained and ensures a relaxing stroll in a green setting. You will also appreciate the view of the large artificial lake. To top it off, do not miss to immortalize the Atlas Mountains which serve as a background frame for the garden paths.

Discover the museum of French couturier Yves Saint-Laurent and Marrakech

The Yves Saint-Laurent museum seen from the other side of the street Photo credit: Dreamer Company

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum is one of the must-see attractions in Marrakech. The great couturier was so seduced by the city that he decided to buy the Majorelle garden in 1980 and create a museum there. During your visit, you will discover new facets of the creator and his love for Moroccan objects. Many collections of sketches and clothes await you in this museum housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

After visiting the museum, you can continue your walk in the majorelle botanical garden . The estate extends over 8,000 m² with Moroccan oases and Islamic gardens as a source of inspiration. Ponds, water lilies, bluish buildings with a timeless design, this is some of what you can see in this garden. For information, the Majorelle garden and the Yves Saint Laurent museum are among the most visited sites in Marrakech. Remember to organize yourself in advance to avoid the tourist crowds.

Discover the Dome of the Almoravids, one of the oldest historical places in Marrakech

The Dome of the Almoravids surrounded by new constructions to discover with or without a guide Photo credit: Elena Odareeva

Visiting the Dome of the Almoravids is an activity that will please you if you are passionate about history and monuments. It is simply the oldest building known from the city of Marrakech, Morocco. This place full of history is rather well preserved. It is said that this place dates from the 17th century and that it would have allowed the city to have its first sources of drinking water.

The visit lasts only a few minutes, which will give you time to discover the Ben Youssef mosque which is right next to it or the Yves Saint Laurent museum.

Visit the Ben Youssef medersa, one of the best leisure activities in Morocco

The medersa Ben Youssef et sa grande cour Creditphoto : saiko3p

Exploring the Ben Youssef medersa is a must during a stay in Marrakech. It is advisable to get there early for a quiet visit this ancient Islamic school of the 16th century. Start with a walk in its courtyard with arcades. You will discover the fascinating side of Moroccan architecture, in particular thanks to the multiple earthenware tiles used for the construction of the place. After the courtyard, go upstairs to explore the rooms that have received the students. The decoration is even more interesting with engravings, mosaics and wooden accessories. In short, the Ben Youssef medersa is so beautiful that the detour is worth it.

Enjoy good local dishes at attractive prices after a long day of excursion

A traditional Moroccan tajine dish Photo credit: Roberto De Ficis

A trip is always an opportunity to taste original dishes , especially in a country with such a rich culture as Morocco. The Moroccan culinary identity is very strong. It would be a shame not to take advantage of local recipes during your stay. In Marrakech, you can taste emblematic dishes such as tajine , the couscous , the tablet , the msemen  and the moroccan salads in the many small restaurants that punctuate the city. The prices are affordable, and the Moroccans warm. It is also possible to enjoy traditional dishes in the traditional stalls of the Medina, without forgetting to taste the essential Moroccan mint tea.