15 original gift ideas for a little girl

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-17 10:38:02

Like adults, your little girl will be happy if she receives an original present during the holidays. Discover 15 ideas to please him.

1. Frozen, a gift for a child from 3 years old

Snow Queen doll with a royal outfit for a child under 10 years old. Credit: Amazon

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A doll is a classic like present for a little girl under 10 years old. However, you add originality if you have the idea of ​​choosing a character that your child likes. Among the characters most appreciated by girls under 10, Elsa de la Reine des neiges from Disney is at the top of the table. So, forget the classic ideas like barbies for a bit. Give your little girl one or more Snow Queen dolls. She can play with a new friend in her room. This doll can also complete her collection if she already has some. For information, you can easily find these toys in stores or on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

2. Lego or construction game with colors like at Playmobil

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Legos can also be a ideal gift idea to surprise a little girl from 5 years old. On her birthday or at Christmas, she expects to receive toys such as a doll or jewelry. Thus, the surprise effect is total. Additionally, lego sets come in several themes suitable for little girls. For example, you can buy a lego set telling the adventures of Disney princesses. It is also possible to offer a toy centered on a farm if your daughter likes animals. Either way, these toys will keep your child having fun while training their mind to focus. To find some, approach a toy store from sellers like Playmobil or Amazon.

3. Educational games to offer for a birthday or Christmas

Girls over 5 years old learning to play an educational game. Credit: Istock

A gift for a girl over 5 should be fun, but it can also be educational. There are many ideal educational games for little girls on the market. Giving one is one of the most interesting gift ideas for a little girl. Your child has the opportunity to have fun and develop. By performing the steps and following the instructions, your daughter unconsciously stimulates her brain. The most interesting thing is that the lessons she learns from it can be useful to her at school. For the gift to be appropriate, it is important to choose toys of his age in a store specializing in toys. The age for each toy is indicated on its box.

4. Box for jewelry, watch and beads, one of the gifts that make a little girl happy at Christmas

A pink jewelery box with a unicorn for little girls under 4 years of age Credit: Amazon 30.33 €

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A girl, a woman or a young lady is attracted to jewelry . You must have surprised her playing with her mother's or sister's fashion accessories. Why not give her some so she can play with hers? To please her, buy your daughter a pink or unicorn or wooden box that can accommodate jewelry as well as accessories such as a watch. Depending on the budget, you can add some costume jewelry to complete her joy. You will see, your daughter will be happy to be able to put her own accessories in it.

5. Original type A personalized bracelet for 10 year old children

6 assorted novelty bracelets for 10 year old girls Credit: Amazon 13.99 €

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A original and personalized fancy bracelet can also make its effect as a gift. So you can buy one to give one to your daughter. Just like women, little girls appreciate having a bracelet, especially if it has been offered by close people like their parents. This accessory is even part of the best gift ideas for little girls. Know that in addition to pleasing your daughter, you offer a original product Low price. As a reminder, you have to choose a bracelet for a little girl taking into account her tastes in terms of color and patterns. It is also advisable to take a trendy jewel with a good clasp or even a watch. You will find this type of product from sellers like Amazon.

6. A unicorn toy, the trendiest gift idea for little girls

A unicorn toy still in its boxPhoto credit: https://www.fnac.com/_62.99 €

Little girls appreciate the magical universe inspired by the unicorn. So, you can buy your daughter a toy unicorn. You will please him for several reasons. You give him a gift reminiscent of the cartoon “my little pony”. It is also a toy representing a magical animal straight out of a fairy tale. Also, toy unicorns are very trendy. Children also love what is fashionable. They can brag to their friends that they have a cool and pretty toy at the same time.

7. An inexpensive digital camera for 10-year-old girls

A pink and white digital camera for a little girl Photo credit: https://www.cdiscount.com/_32.99 €

The world of children evolves with that of technology. They use computers and phones to play occasionally and take pictures. Why not offer him an alternative? You can buy a digital camera for a 10 year old girl for example. There are some, whether in a physical or virtual store, and at affordable prices. It is even easy to find them at attractive prices. With this gift idea, you offer a toy with which your daughter can have fun while immortalizing the best moments of the day.

8. A walkie-talkie, among the most appreciated gifts by children

Two pink and purple walkie-talkies ideal for a little girl Photo credit: https://www.cdiscount.com/_34.50 €

Are you looking for original ideas to please your daughter? You can buy him a pair of walkie-talkies. This toy allows him to communicate with you around the house. Your daughter can also invite a few friends over to play with her new toy. Even more interesting, she will be able to communicate with her best friend thanks to her new toy. She'll keep a walkie-talkie and lend the other half to her neighbor friend to keep in touch. The possibilities are many. In any case, your daughter will be happy to have a playful and practical toy at the same time. Before buying one, remember to check the range of the devices in order to give your daughter the possibility of playing with fewer constraints.

9. Board games for a girl under 10 at Christmas or for her birthday

Marvel-themed board gamePhoto credit: https://www.cultura.com/_15.99 €

Screens and telephones tend to capture children's attention. You can change this by giving your daughter a board game . You have to choose the most fun to pique his interest. If the game is to her liking, she will play it often. She can even invite her friends to play with her afterwards. In addition to being fun, board games can be beneficial for your child. She will learn to evolve in a group by playing with her friends or her parents. Your daughter will also understand the importance of following rules. In addition, board games help develop memory and motor skills.

10. Puzzles as gifts for a girl aged between 6 and 10

A Disney Princess Adventures Puzzle Box Photo Credit: https://www.fnac.com/_13.99 €

The puzzle is an idea that always works with children. Your little girl will surely be delighted to have one, especially if the image to be created speaks to her. You can opt for models telling princess stories. It is also possible to choose a puzzle with a unicorn pattern . You just need to buy an age-appropriate model. As a reminder, a 6-year-old child can play with 50 to 100 pieces while still being able to follow the picture on the box. From the age of 7, a little girl can have up to 20 pieces. You can always increase the number if you find your child can do it.

11. Inexpensive drawing set for a girl under 10

A coloring kit for a girl who wants to learn to draw Photo credit: https://www.cultura.com/_ 19.99 €

Is your little girl passionate about everything related to drawing and coloring? You can buy him a drawing box. The gift will contain everything she needs to have fun in her room: pencil, colored pencils, gouache and others. Thanks to this type of gift, your daughter will be able to have fun with her passion. She can create brilliant works or draw her favorite characters. Apart from giving her a gift, offer her a way to develop her brain since she has to concentrate to make works.

12 A book to read at home, one of the gifts appreciated by a girl aged 10 or less

A little girl attentively reading a book Photo credit: Amazon

Does your daughter love reading or is she very studious? A book is a perfect gift for her. You don't have to buy him a book to study, but rather for fun. There are interactive books for toddler girls. It is also possible to buy a book containing nursery rhymes and stories for children. The choice mostly depends on what your daughter likes to do or watch.

13. Wooden magic wand, a low-cost gift idea for girls from 5 years old

A replica of Hermione's wooden magic wand, a character from the J.K Rowling Harry Potter book Photo credit: https://www.cdiscount.com/_28.38 €

Your little girl is a fan of the saga Harry Potter , especially Hermione? buy him one wooden magic wand . She will be able to play with this toy in her room in complete safety. Remember that children love the world of magic and are not lacking in imagination. A wooden stick is a first step for them to create their own story. In addition to being a solid toy, this type of product can also be used as a decoration in the room, especially when she grows up.

14. A jewelry kit with beads to use at home for a child over 5 years old

A jewelry making kit for a little girl Photo credit: https://www.cdiscount.com/_26.99 €

In general, a little girl loves jewelry, beads and the possibility of creating them. If this is the case with yours, a jewelry kit is the perfect gift for her. This type of present can amuse him while instructing him. Making her own props teaches her to be patient and work to get what she wants. She will also appreciate a jewelry kit for children, because this type of gift allows her to play with friends. You can also make clothing accessories with it if you have time. You will appreciate a pure moment of complicity with your child.

15. A large format princess castle from 3 years old

A little girl playing with a princess castle Photo credit: https://www.cdiscount.com/_54.00 €

If there is one thing that all young girls adore, it is the universe of princesses . They all want to look exactly like them. To really make her a princess in her mind, buy her a full-size castle. However, choose a model that can go into her room and with which your princess can play with her friends. Of course, it depends on your budget. If the available space does not allow it, you can reduce the size and opt for a castle with figurines. It also works if you can't enter it. Be aware that this type of product can be found both in stores and on the Internet.