15 of the most romantic marriage proposal ideas

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-24 18:05:01

Do you want to ask for a marriage partner but you don't know how to go about it? Here are fifteen ideas for the most romantic proposal, some classic, some original, to inspire you.

Have you been in a relationship for several years? After months, years of living together, are you still madly in love with each other? And you want to formalize your relationship with a wedding? You've come to the right place for tips and ideas. Before thinking about the organization of the wedding , the list of guests, the place of the ceremony, the wedding dress, the speech of the bride and groom, there is a first and most important step: the marriage proposal. It can be simple or eccentric, it can be classic or original, but above all it must be romantic, and in the image of your couple. And your proposal needs to be prepared: you have to find a ring, you have to think about what you are going to say and where you are going to say it. To help you make a perfect marriage proposal, here are fifteen of the most romantic marriage proposal ideas to inspire you!

A request during a dinner at the restaurant

It's a classic but it works. For a romantic marriage proposal, book an evening in a restaurant that you like and pretend a special occasion like a birthday so that your partner does not suspect that you are going to ask for her hand. Take out the engagement ring starter or dessert , depending on your patience (and stress) threshold. A one-on-one dinner at the restaurant is the option Jim (Jason Biggs) opted for to propose to his girlfriend Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) in “American Pie 3”. Only problem, he forgot the engagement ring that his father brings him during dinner. A small fiasco largely overtaken by the pretty declaration of love that Jim makes to Michelle.

The marriage proposal in a restaurant. Credit: Istock

A request during a family moment

Marriage proposal in a family living room. Credit: Istock

A one-on-one dinner not really your thing? Do you prefer to share your marriage proposal with your loved ones? Excellent idea. Gather your family and friends for this moment, which will delight your lover or your lover as much as your parents, your brothers and sisters, your friends and even your children (if you have any). Make sure, however, that your future husband or wife looks to the future like you do with a ring finger. This will save you a refusal in public. And put someone close to you in the confidence to get their help and advice.

An engagement proposal during a romantic trip

A paradise beach, a splendid landscape , an exotic foreign city… Take your (future) other half on a romantic trip, a weekend in France or abroad and take the opportunity to ask for her hand. This will give unforgettable memories and splendid engagement photos. Before leaving, remember to do some scouting to choose the ideal place for your request. In the movie “Give Me Your Hand,” Declan proposes to Anna on top of a cliff in Ireland. Romantic, right?

The marriage proposal facing a magnificent landscape. Credit: Istock

A (totally) unexpected marriage proposal

Does your partner expect you to ask her to marry him? Play the emotional elevator. For several days (or even weeks) before your proposal, tell her that you are not ready to get married, that you may never be. Insist on the fact that your life as a couple satisfies you in this way, without having to go through the marriage stage. And then, surprise, ask her for her hand. Your (future) wife or (future) husband will be all the more surprised, and certainly happy, that you kneel down (or not for that matter). Be careful though, this is a risky option. In the series 'Friends', Chandler makes Monica believe that he will never want to get married... to the point that she goes back to see her ex: Richard. When she discovers the deception, it is Monica who kneels in front of Chandler. Double surprise, and certainly one of the most moving marriage proposals on television.

A marriage proposal full of memories. / Photo credit: Istock

A souvenir recreated for a marriage proposal

For a romantic and moving marriage proposal, immerse yourself in the history of your couple, in your most beautiful memories, and recreate the magical moment that shaped your love story. Ask your marriage partner where you met or where you first kissed, for example. In 'Grey's Anatomy,' it's in the hospital elevator, decorated with memorabilia, that Derek asks for Meredith's hand.

An original marriage proposal / Photo credit: Istock

A treasure hunt with an engagement ring as the key

To spice up your marriage proposal, you can organize a treasure hunt for your darling, a treasure hunt that will lead him or her to the engagement ring. It can be riddles that take him or her from one place to another - places that mark your love story - or riddles so that he or she understands what you are going to ask him or her. Jake Peralta, hero of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', organizes an entire investigation that leads Amy Santiago to the police station archives where he proposes to her. Surprise guaranteed.

The hidden ring. / Photo credit: Istock

A great show for a marriage proposal

Do you want a spectacular marriage proposal, in the first sense of the word? You can organize a real show to stage your proposal. With the help of relatives or with the help of actors who can, for example, replay scenes from your love story for a most original request! In 'Grey's Anatomy' (again), one of the most romantic marriage proposals in the series is that of Matthew to April (even if they do not end up getting married): the paramedic organizes a flash mob in front of the hospital , before kneeling down in front of the doctor. Emotion sequence.

A marriage proposal with public message

Want to show your love to your girlfriend or boyfriend, but not only? Go for a public demand by putting a message on billboards in your city. At the exit of your wife's metro station, in front of your husband's work, next to his favorite restaurant... find a place where your partner can't miss your message. And hide not far away so you don't miss his reaction.

An advent calendar with an engagement ring in the last box

An original marriage proposal. Credit: Istock

The end-of-year celebrations, Christmas, the tree, gifts… December is a magical season. Ideal for a marriage proposal. And, to make the suspense last longer, why not plan an advent calendar for your girlfriend or boyfriend, with an engagement ring in the last box? You will be able to kneel down and make a beautiful declaration of love to your partner, in front of the Christmas tree on December 24th. A most romantic request.

A bookmark in a book with a marriage proposal

Love does not necessarily show itself with big declarations, but can prove itself with small gestures. A marriage proposal is already a big commitment, so why not do it with a little note? A question about a bookmark slipped into a book, for example, or a post-it stuck on the bathroom mirror. Simple but effective. And above all romantic.

A request at the microphone of a store

If you want to shout your love to the whole world, you can opt for a public request, at the microphone of a store for example. However, avoid supermarkets, there is nothing less romantic than the toilet paper department . In the film 'Fashion Victim', Patrick Dempsey kneels in front of Reese Witherspoon in a Tiffany & Co jewelry store. Practical, engagement rings are available.

The marriage proposal in “Fashion Victim” / Photo credit: “Fashion Victim”

A marriage proposal during a concert

Your common passion with your darling is music? Since you are in couple, you multiply the concerts? So consider the idea of ​​proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend at a show by your favorite band. Contact the artists on social networks, tell them your love story, explain your project to them, with a bit of luck, they will want to help you! Even if it's easier if you're a singer yourself... like Johnny Cash who proposes to his girlfriend June on stage in the movie 'Walk the line'.

Johnny Cash's marriage proposal to June in 'Walk the line' / Photo credit: 'Walk the line'

A film shown in a cinema to ask for the hand of his half

It's a marriage proposal that requires a lot of preparation... but it's worth it. Make a short film in which you ask for your darling's hand and organize a broadcast in a cinema. As you settle into the armchairs, act as if nothing had happened and watch for the reaction of your companion or partner when he or she discovers your surprise. In addition, it makes you memories on video.

A marriage proposal during a night in a hotel

To ask for your partner's hand, you can keep it simple: a hotel room, a bed covered in flower petals, a romantic one-on-one moment... It's an ideal way to propose.

A breakfast in bed and a marriage proposal

An intimate way to propose to your partner is to do it when you wake up, with breakfast in bed. It's not necessarily original, but it's infinitely romantic. Like Ed Harris's request to Julia Roberts in 'My Best Enemy'. When he jumps out of bed, he proposes to her to marry. He doesn't even have an engagement ring but wraps a thread around his finger. Spontaneity and simplicity are good too.

The marriage proposal on waking. / Photo credit: Istock