15 most original world records

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-15 12:45:02

From the most improbable to the most classic, the exploits deserve their places in the Guinness Book. Here are 15 of the most original world records.

Guinness Book: 15 most authentic world records

The world's largest observation wheel in Dubai. Credit: Igor Shaposhnikov

Every year the Guinness Book of Records lists the records achieved in a host of areas such as sport, food, mechanical speed, solo exploits, to name but a few examples. The Guinness Book of Records or World Guinness Records is an idea of ​​Guinness Brewery Manager Hugh Beaver. Having attended a debate on the fastest living feathered game in Europe, he considers it useful to publish a book which makes it possible to answer the questions raised by this debate, and which lists the records established in all kinds of fields.

The contribution of investigators was essential to gather the information and documentation necessary for the work. It was in August 1954 that the first Guinness Book of Records came out, it was published in a thousand copies. Its launch in the United States in 1956 was accompanied by a first commercial success with 70,000 copies sold. Over the years, the Guinness Book of Records has set its own record for being the bestselling book in the world under copyright.

internet speed record , record of quantity of food consumed…, it is common to register each record beaten, but the Guinness World Records is regularly enriched with new exploits, of an improbable nature, sometimes even unusual. Here are 15 world records world the most original to discover!

1 – The longest sandwich in Mexico prepared in record time

Competition for the longest sandwich in Mexico. Credit: AP

If the biggest rillette sandwich and the largest sauerkraut in the world are already in the Guinness World Records, the feat achieved by Mexican chefs in August 2022 deserves attention. In a video, they created the longest torta (traditional Mexican sandwich) in the world, 74 meters and 2 meters longer than the one in 2019. But above all, they did it in just 2 minutes and 3 seconds , a new Guinness record time.

2 – Record for the highest jump achieved by a llama

Lama crossing a wooden fence by a jump of several meters. Credit: davthy

The llama is an amazing animal, capable of spitting or jumping. In nature, it is possible to observe it crossing obstacles, sometimes over a long distance, or at an unimaginable height. Gaspa, a llama in Britain, was able to jump over a bar 1.13 meters high. A world record to be entered in the “Guinessworldrecords”.

3 – An adorable world record by the dog Smurf

A jumping chiwawa claps his master. Credit: twinsterphoto

The little dog called Smurf, a star in Great Britain, enters the record book by performing 32 numbers in less than a minute. He performed all sorts of acrobatics, jumps and other movements that were as cute as they were impressive in terms of fluidity and speed.

4 – Sport: new marathon world record

Berlin Marathon participants approaching the finish line, Brandenburg Gate. Credit: killerbayer

In the world of athletics, Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge broke his own 2018 record at the famous Berlin Marathon in the 2022 edition. Thus, he covered 42.195 km in exactly 2 hours 1 minute and 9 seconds, or 30 seconds less than during his previous feat. This double Olympic champion and athletics legend has already shone in other events, such as the Vienna Marathon.

5 – Record broken in the 100 meters among seniors aged 105 and over

A senior doing sports. Credit: Rawpixel

In the sports world , and in particular athletics, you don't have to be young to break records. Hidekichi Miyazaki , a 105-year-old Japanese man, proved it in 2015 by covering 100 meters in 42 seconds 22 / 100 and . Nicknamed Golden Bolt, this sports centenarian passed away at the age of 108 in January 2019.

6 – Record for the longest distance traveled on water aboard a pumpkin

An image of some pumpkins. Credit: Gaetan Stoffel

Kayaking is a popular nautical activity, except when it comes to sailing aboard a pumpkin, and over long distances. An American farmer from Nebraska, David Hansen, had the idea of ​​trying to travel the longest possible distance on the Missouri River, in a giant pumpkin. It started from the city of Syracuse to finish 61 km further, in Bellevue. His record is not about to be beaten given the difficulties he admits to having encountered to the point of wanting to give up at certain times.

7 – Performance to savour: a pizza with 834 cheeses

Giant pizza record. Image: Orest Lyzhechka

In France, François Robin, artisan cheesemaker, and Morgan VS, great youtuber, created the pizza topped with the largest number of cheeses in the world, a variety of 834 cheeses. Their feat took place at the International Trade Fair for Food Service, Catering and Food Professionals, or SIRPHA, 2021 edition. It is one of the french records listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

8 – Record for the longest passenger train in the world

Bernina Express passenger train. Image: Enrico Ottonello

On October 29, 2022, Switzerland broke the record for the longest passenger train in the world. The train is made up of approximately 100 wagons and is 1.91 km long . The train traveled on the Albula track, classified as World Heritage, in the canton of Graubünden. The old record was held by a train that ran in Belgium.

9 – Highest jump performed by a dog

Two dogs jumping over a bar. Credit: Irina Orlova

Dogs are not only man's best friends, they are also four-legged athletes with great agility. This was proven by the dog named Feather. Breaking her own record of 172.7 cm, this 2-year-old female greyhound performed a jump of 191.7 cm, i.e. 19 cm longer .

10 – World record for the heaviest weight ever lifted by a man

Weightlifter powdering his hands, seconds before lifting. Credit: BartekSzewczyk

On the occasion of the World Championship of deadlift, Eddie Hall - nicknamed the Beast or the beast -, succeeded in lifting the immeasurable poids of 500 kg . For a human being it is simply unimaginable, but Eddie did it and deserves his place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Significantly, this athlete uncommon passed out after his titanic effort, blood vessels having burst in his head.

11 – Guinness World Records for the Largest Mirrored Building in the World

World of architecture: modern building with mirrors refecting a Gothic construction. Credit: Roman Mykhalchuk

In Saudi Arabia, the vastness of the desert is put to good use by building new cities there, but also gigantic buildings with futuristic designs. Thus, local authorities built the most tall building mirror in the world, it is the Maraya Concert Hall, located in the Al-Ula desert. The mirror surface totals 9740 m two .

12 – Slackline distance record

Extreme sport: a tightrope walker in action. Credit: happyphoton

Nathan Paulin, a passionate tightrope walker, broke the world slackline distance record at Mont Saint-Michel in May 2022. He covered 2200 meters between a crane and the hall of bells located in the monument, and this, at more than 100 meters height. He walked on the strap for almost 2 hours. We can see it on video advancing slowly and cautiously, with of course a lifeline for its security.

13 – Guinness of the greatest origami ever made

Origami world: paper birds arranged on the lawn. Credit: DeFree

Combining gigantism and the art of origami is what Lu Tong has set himself the goal. With 700 folds , he built a giant origami in the form of a rhinoceros 4.6 meters high and 7.83 meters long. He made his work in a shopping center in the city of Zhengzhou.

14 – Highest restaurant record in the world

Cutlery and table set in a panoramic restaurant. Credit: Petardj

If many panoramic restaurants offer a bird's eye view, that of the Jin Diner restaurant located in Shanghai is simply breathtaking. Peaking at a height of 556.36 meters, it is the highest restaurant in the world. He is at 120 and floor of the Shanghai Tower and offers European, Chinese, Japanese cuisines, among others.

15 – World speed record for a train

An electric-powered TGV. Credit: Enzojz

France is a country reputed to be at the forefront of technology with regard to high-speed trains. speed . The TGV thus holds the world rail speed record during a test carried out in 2007, during which a train reached the speed of 574.8 km / h. The TGV still holds this record, with recent feats having been achieved by maglev trains.