15 most beautiful panoramic views in the world

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-16 18:49:03

Want to discover beautiful landscapes and go on an adventure? Bring your dreams to life, discover this selection of the 15 most beautiful panoramic views in the world.

The most beautiful panoramic views in the world: the top 15

Aerial view on the Eiffel tower in Paris. Credit: Istock

The world offers a multitude of beautiful landscapes . Natural sites and monuments shaped by man can be contemplated in gaining height . Enjoying a view overlooking a deep valley or the panorama offered by a big city is a real privilege that we all want to enjoy.

Admire the districts of Paris from a restaurant terrace or a tower, enjoy a sunset from the top of a mountain, enjoy a bird's eye view or a distant view from the heights of a castle, it's possible! Discover new horizons and experience new emotions through our selection of 15 most beautiful panoramic views in the world .

1 – Top of The Rock in New York: a beautiful panorama of skyscrapers and greenery

Aerial view of Central Park and its golf course. Credit: Istock

Climbing to the top of a building, several hundred meters above the ground to enjoy a panoramic view, is the dream of many of us. From such a landmark, it is possible to observe a city, how it lives, but also to discover which are its most remarkable sites. This dream comes true on the toit du Rockefeller span , a 70-story tower from the top of which visitors enjoy a 360° view of New York. The view of skyscrapers and Central Park constitutes a unique panorama . This shot displays a mix of concrete, glass, greenery and bright skies. The site received the most positive opinions (42555) in the ranking of the most beautiful panoramic views of New York, and the world. Also, the famous park is beautiful in fall .

2 – London Eye, between heaven and earth

View of the Palace of Westminster, the City towers and the River Thames from a London Eye cabin. Credit: Istock

The great wheel of London, called London Eye, is not only the emblematic site of the capital of Great Britain. It's also the one with the best views, with views over much of the city, including the Palace of Westminster and The City business district. A full turn aboard the Ferris wheel will give you exceptional moments between earth and sky. The London Eye thus obtained second place in the ranking of the most beautiful panoramic views of the world with 34975 positive reviews from the famous TripAdvisor site.

3 – The Eiffel Tower, the most beautiful view of Paris, and of France

Panoramic night view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Credit: Istock

The fame of Paris as great touristic destination world is no longer to be done. One of its most visited sites is of course the Eiffel Tower. Beyond the technical prowess it represented for its time, this metallic 'tower' offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views in the world. Thus, she won the 3 and place in the ranking of the most beautiful viewpoints in the world with 32875 positive reviews . From its heights, you benefit from a 360° view of all of Paris, in particular of several of its monuments, such as the Musée de l'Orangerie and the Tuileries Gardens, the Louvre Museum, and the Center Pompidou. The perspective offered on the district of La Défense is also one of the most beautiful panoramic views offered by the Eiffel Tower.

4 – Machu Picchu: a breathtaking view

Bird's eye view of Machu Picchu. Credit: Istock

Located on a rocky promontory, at 2438 meters, the ancient Inca city Machu Picchu offers one of the most beautiful panoramas. Meaning 'old mountain', Machu Picchu gives a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and the bottom of the Urubamba valley where the river of the same name meanders. It is in this region that the Brazilian Amazon River has its source.

5 – Preikestolen, Norway: a natural observation site

View of the Lyse fjord from the Preikestolen site. Credit: Istock

Many of us have certainly already been able to appreciate the beauty of this remarkable site that is Preikestolen through a photo or a film. Located in Norway, this natural granite terrace culminates at a height of 604 meters and gives a literally breathtaking view of the Lyse fjord and the surrounding mountain. Experience the sensation of floating in the void by sitting at the edge of the cliff. An unforgettable moment.

6 – Mont Saint-Michel: distant panorama and view of the bay

Beautiful panoramic view from the exterior walls of the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. Credit: Istock

Mont Saint-Michel is not only a historical site . It also offers stunning views of the surroundings. From its heights, the monument gives an incomparable view of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, but also of the neighboring towns of Granville and Avranches. To discover or rediscover.

7 – Dachstein Sky Walk viewing platform in Austria

Tourists on the Dachstein Sky Walk platform. Credit: Istock

If you feel like thrills and one unique experience, the Dachstein Sky Walk viewing platform is recommended. This place is one of the most famous attractions in Austria. Experience the sensation of flying in the clouds while having your feet on the ground, and appreciate the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

8 – Five Fingers, another panoramic observation site in Austria

Bird's eye view from the Five Fingers observation site, Austria. Credit: Istock.

Five Fingers is another viewing platform designed to promote tourism in Austria. Erected on the Krippenstein mountain which is part of the Dachstein glacial massif, Five Fingers offers a panorama of great beauty over the surrounding mountains and the lake.

9 – The Grand Canyon, magnificent view of a dream landscape

View of the Grand Canyon from Mohave Point, looking northwest. Credit: Istock

The Grand Canyon offers a breathtaking spectacle to visitors at any time of the day. From various observation sites, including South Rim, it is possible to appreciate the palette of red rock walls, especially at sunrise and sunset, but also the vastness of the canyon as far as the eye can see. For more sensations, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a site not to be missed. This platform suspended in the void, above the Colorado River, has a transparent glass floor. You have the feeling of flying, simply unique.

10 – Rio de Janeiro, view south of the town and the beach

Aerial view over Rio de Janeiro. Credit: Istock

Another celebrity, the city of Rio de Janeiro is particularly renowned for the exceptional panorama it offers from its heights. To get out of the classic circuits, just stand at the top of Corcovado mountain to have a bird's eye view of the favelas, Sugar Loaf and the beach of Rio de Janeiro. The more distant views are also part of the show.

11 – A sheer view from God’s Window, South Africa

View of the Blyde River Valley, South Africa. Credit: Istock

There is no shortage of natural sites offering exceptional panoramas. The Window of God, 'God's Window', in South Africa, more precisely in the province of Mpumalanga, is one of the most beautiful examples. From this place, the relief falls steeply and offers a breathtaking view of the forest below as well as the steep Drakensberg mountain range.

12 – Valley, countryside and village of Wengen, Switzerland

View overlooking the village of Wengen and the valley. Credit: Istock

Switzerland offers one of the widest choices of landscapes and panoramas. In the canton of Bern, located in the district of Interlaken, the village of Wengen nestles on the mountainside. From this place, you can enjoy a view of all the beauty of the Swiss countryside, the valley below , them steep cliffs and the towering mountains .

13 – Panorama south of the Bac Son valley, Vietnam

Bas Son Valley, Vietnam. Credit: Istock

Vietnam is characterized by its countryside landscapes, valleys and mountains with characteristic relief. Passing through the Bac Son district, it is impossible to miss the one of the best views that visitors can discover in the region. From the Nà Lay site, which can be reached after a number of steps, you can appreciate the beauty of the Bac Son valley, criss-crossed by green or golden rice fields.

14 – Tunnel View, parc national du Yosemite

Valley of Yosemite National Park, USA. Credit: Istock

There is no shortage of sites of tourist interest and remarkable natural monuments in the USA. In Yosemite National Park, you can enjoy a panoramic view of “Tunnel View” from the road. On the same axis, you can observe the valley, the chute Bridalveil  as well as falaise granite d'El Capitan.

15 – Le Brevent to observe Mont-Blanc

View of Mont-Blanc from Le Brevent. Credit: Istock

Mont-Blanc is undoubtedly the best known of mountains of France. 4510 meters high, it can be appreciated from different angles, but the most beautiful view is obtained from the Brevent site which has a terrace set up for the show . Tranquility and clean air await you in this mountain landscape d’exception.