15 modern fireplaces for heating this winter

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:49:10

Need inspiration for the choice of your fireplace? Here are 15 modern and stylish fireplaces. To be copied!

Autumn has arrived soon winter will set in, and with it the cold . For heating, the ideal is to have a fireplace in your house, which is more economical and ecological than electric radiators - a significant aspect in the midst of the energy crisis. A fireplace is also more pleasant in a house: it offers a soft and enveloping warmth as well as a welcoming living space to sit alone with a book at the end of the day or to meet up with family after dinner. And then a fireplace is an important part of the decorating a living room . Gone are the square, soot-black chimneys of our grandparents. From now on, the fireplaces are modern and trendy. There are indeed many models of contemporary fireplaces, for a design decoration. Here's everything you need to know about the different types of fireplaces and fireplaces, plus 15 examples of modern fireplaces and stoves to inspire you.

The different types of fireplaces

Before choosing the design of a fireplace, it is a question of choosing the mode of heating. Here are the different types of fireplaces.

  • the traditional convection fireplace

Traditional fireplaces can work by convection, that is to say that the air leaves the ground, heats up in the hearth where the logs burn, then once hot rises. It spreads throughout the room through the false ceiling and spills out into the space.

  • the traditional radiant fireplace

The traditional fireplace can also work by radiation, understanding by diffusing the heat of the wood burned by the refractory bricks and the materials that compose it.

  • the ethanol fireplace

The ethanol fireplace (also called bioethanol fireplace) works without wood: the fuel turns into flammable vapor. A match and the flames appear. These chimneys have no flue, which makes installation easy, they do not need maintenance - no dust, no ash to pick up - but it does not heat as well as traditional fireplaces.

  • the gas fireplace

The gas fireplace, like the ethanol fireplace, does not use wood: it is powered by a connection to the gas network or a bottle of liquefied gas. It can be open or closed hearth, and it is above all easy to install.

  • the electric fireplace

As its name suggests, the electric fireplace works with electricity, therefore without wood, without ethanol and without gas, with false flames that imitate the wood stove.

The different fireplaces

There are several types of fireplaces. They do not have the same properties.

  • closed fireplace hearth

The hearth closed by a glass allows an optimal heating because it retains the heat. This is the best performing option.

  • open fireplace hearth

The open fireplace hearth is above all aesthetic, because it gives a view of the chimney fire, but its heating performance, its efficiency are not as good as the closed hearth.

  • l’insert

The insert allows you to transform an open fireplace into a closed fireplace, thanks to a built-in metal structure. The insert improves the efficiency and heating performance of the fireplace. There are inserts in a very classic style as well as contemporary inserts, for a designer interior.

The prices of the different fireplaces

In addition to the question of efficiency and aesthetics, the type of fireplace, the price is also taken into account in the choice of its model. Here are the average prices of the different fireplaces.

  • the traditional closed fireplace

For a traditional closed hearth fireplace, it is necessary to count in 1,000 euros and 5,000 euros, in particular according to the quality of the glass of the hearth. The price of the installation is also high: between 500 and 1,500 euros. In use, you have to take into account the price of wood and regular sweeping.

  • the traditional open fireplace

The budget for an open fireplace is less important: between 500 and 2000 euros, depending on the installation of a flue or the connection to an existing flue. Like the closed hearth, the price of logs and maintenance must be added to the budget.

  • the ethanol fireplace (or bioethanol)

For the installation, it is necessary to count a budget between 500 euros and 4,000 euros.

  • the gas fireplace

The price of installing a gas fireplace varies between 1,000 euros and 4,000 euros depending on the model.

  • the electric fireplace

For a low power electric fireplace (45watt), a budget of a hundred euros is enough. For a higher power electric fireplace (up to almost 2,000 watts), the price varies between 500 euros and 2,000 euros.

The different models of fireplaces

It is also necessary to choose the model of fireplace adapted to its room. There are several, from the most classic to the most modern.

  • the attached fireplace

Traditional fireplace, the back-to-back fireplace is installed against a wall. But traditional does not mean classic. Today there are fireplaces backed by modern lines.

  • the corner fireplace

As its name suggests, the corner fireplace is installed in a corner of the room, but it should not be confused with the corner fireplace which adapts perfectly to the corner. The corner fireplace is non-symmetrical.

  • the corner fireplace

The corner fireplace is installed in a corner of the salon , adapting to the shapes of the room.

  • the fireplace island

The island fireplace is installed in the middle of the room and can be admired from all sides with its glass sides.

  • the hanging fireplace

The suspended fireplace does not take hold on the floor but hangs from the ceiling. It can be installed in the middle of the living room or near a wall of the room. It is often very designer.

15 examples of modern fireplaces

Need inspiration before installing a fireplace in your home? Here are 15 examples of contemporary fireplaces. Because a fireplace is an essential part of a interior , it is therefore a question of choosing yours, for a design effect in your living room.

1. A traditional stone fireplace

Traditional stone fireplace / Photo credit: Pinterest

This is a traditional style fireplace next to which you want to sit, without forgetting to put some wood in it from time to time.

2. A traditional wood-burning stove

Traditional wood stove / Photo credit: Pinterest

Less bulky than a traditional fireplace, a small wood stove can be the ideal solution for a small space.

3. A fireplace built into a white wall with a bench

Fireplace built into a white wall / Photo credit: Pinterest

For a design effect: a contemporary fireplace built into a white wall with a bench (under which to store the wooden logs).

4. A black hanging fireplace

Black hanging fireplace / Photo credit: Pinterest

For a contemporary decor, what could be better than a black suspended fireplace with symmetrical lines?

5. A wood-burning stove that looks like yesteryear

Classic black wood stove / Photo credit: Pinterest

For a retro decor, opt for a classic fireplace.

6. A contemporary steel and wood fireplace

Steel and wood fireplace / Photo credit: Pinterest

Wood and steel, length and height and a stylish wall fireplace.

7. An all-white corner fireplace

All-white corner fireplace / Photo credit: Pinterest

This all-white corner wall-mounted fireplace gives a modern look to the living room.

8. A designer hanging stove

Hearth design / Photo credit: Pinterest

9. A contemporary electric fireplace

Contemporary electric fireplace / Photo credit: Pinterest

As original as it is elegant.

10. A round wood stove on a stone wall

Round hearth / Photo credit: Pinterest

11. An ethanol fireplace as a frame

Fireplace / Photo credit: Pinterest

Decorative effect guaranteed!

12. A ball as a black or white fireplace

Chimney balls / Photo credit: Pinterest

A unique design for a most original decoration.

13. A rectangular hanging fireplace

Rectangular suspended fireplace / Photo credit: Pinterest

14. A through wall fireplace

Through wall fireplace / Photo credit: Pinterest

Insert the hearth in a partition? An idea to steal.

15. A simple electric fireplace

Electric fireplace/ Photo credit: Pinterest