15 manual activities for adults

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-26 13:02:01

Not reserved for children, manual activities are also beneficial for older children. Zoom on these 15 perfect manual activities for adults.

What are the benefits of manual activities for adults?

Woman happy to do a manual activity Credit: PIKSEL

While it is well known that manual activities promote the development of creativity , of the' imagination  and some dexterity in children, they are just as beneficial for adults. DIY and DIY, embroidery or sewing, many ideas for manual activities can be practiced, offering many benefits, sometimes unsuspected.

Entertaining and fun, manual activities for adults allow above all to dispel boredom and pass the time, especially when you want to disconnect from screens . Practicing creative and artistic activities helps to awaken the artist in you. Creating handmade jewelry, making macrame and customizing objects are creative hobbies that stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain, the part linked to creation and imagination.

Creative hobbies and other adult activities are also excellent remedies for de-stress and fight anxiety. This is one of the effects of the ability to concentrate, solicited during the practice of a manual activity. The more concentrated you are, for example stringing beads to create earrings, the more you control your breath and relax your muscles. After a craft, mandala coloring or embroidery session, you will feel more relaxed.

In addition, the practice of a manual and creative activity guarantees the satisfaction of having made something with one's own hands, thus improving the self-confidence .

So, leave the stereotypes about certain creative hobbies behind and don't hesitate to get started. Because yes, knitting is not an outdated hobby, just like painting and coloring are not just for children.

Painting, a manual and creative activity

Man painting on canvas Credit: Drazen Zigic

Being part of the art therapy , the paint is a creative technique to improve the well-being of body and mind, while having fun. However, embarking on this art is not necessarily easy if you do not have the necessary basics. Rest assured, you will have no difficulty with paint by number. Choose models for adults. Then all you have to do is paint according to the numbered areas drawing. Once the painting is finalized, you can display it on the walls of your home as a decorative object. Painting on wood and painting on pebbles are all activities that can also be done by everyone. Do not hesitate to try painting on canvas (watercolor, oil painting, etc.), even if it means taking lessons or following a online tutorial .

Quilling for a manual activity with paper

Two hands rolling up a strip of paper Credit: _curly_

At first glance, quilling seems like a complicated artistic activity, requiring a lot of precision. However, this ancient art, consisting of making a sculpture of rolled up strips of paper, is not as difficult as it seems. Indeed, all you need is a pair of scissors, sheets of paper of different thicknesses, a quilling stick or a toothpick, often offered as a kit. All you have to do is use your imagination and create pretty patterns to make a beautiful work of art.

The Punch Needle, embroidery in a simplified version

Woman creating a decoration by hand using the punch needle technique Credit: Tgordievskaya

In the world of DIY, there is no shortage of ideas for manual activities suitable for older children. For those looking for simple techniques to perform, opt for the punch needle. The principle: create embroidery designs on canvas using a magic needle (it's really called that) and a ball of wool. This technique is perfect for creating a wall decoration or for customizing your clothes or fabric bags. To get started, invest in a punch needle kit.

DIY activity: DIY

DIY furniture from pallets Credit: Dizfoto

For those who have a handyman soul , put your imagination and creativity at the service of DIY to create new small pieces of furniture. Armed with tools, wooden pallets, wine boxes or old baskets, DIY enthusiasts can make a sofa, a coffee table, shelves and many more. A great idea to change your decoration while making upcycling !

Coloring, a manual activity idea accessible to all

A hand holding a colored pencil Credit: Kelsey Pangborn

Relaxing, inventive and rewarding , coloring is not just child's play. Forget your daily worries and maintain your flexibility and dexterity by coloring a mandala, a drawing of a garden or an animal, geometric patterns and many more. Find your happiness among a vast choice of coloring books, presenting various levels of difficulty.

Create decorative elements with dried flowers

Man making a bouquet of dried flowers Credit: Erstudiostok

For a poetic and romantic home decor, dried flowers are your best allies. If you are looking for an idea of ​​a relaxing manual activity that allows you to do your interior decoration yourself, you are spoiled for choice: bouquet, wreath or herbarium made with dried flowers. To create a pretty DIY object, you can also make a photo frame decorated with dried flowers. Do not hesitate to watch tutorial videos to make your creation a success.

Manual activity: making natural candles

Woman making homemade candles. Credit: monkeybusinessimages

Desire to establish a subdued atmosphere in your home and brighten up your decoration? This manual, fun and rewarding activity is made for you: the creation of 100% natural candles. Flowery, scented or with sands, they are perfect as a decorative object or as DIY personalized Christmas gift , for a birthday or for Mother's Day. To start, the ideal is to buy a candle making kit (waxes, wicks, dyes, molds, etc.).

Knitting: a manual activity that is back in fashion

Woman knitting on a sofa Credit: Zinkevych

Have you ever thought of knitting? For you and for many people, this manual activity evokes the image of a little grandmother in front of the fireplace with her needles and balls. Stop misconceptions! This activity for adults, like so many other creative approaches such as crochet, is more than ever fashionable . With a knitting box, you will have everything you need to knit a snood, a sweater, a plaid...

Manual activity for adults: the art of customization

Young woman customizing a denim jacket Credit: Uplight Pictures

Among the creative activities for adults that combine business with pleasure, customization is a great idea. Stock up on wallpaper, beads, scraps of fabric, bows, buttons and other accessories to customize cushions, clothing, tableware or furniture in no time. Thanks to customization, bring new life to forgotten objects to create a personalized decoration or a stylish garment.

Manual activity with polymer clay

Woman creating jewelry with polymer clay Credit: Juan Ruiz Paramo

If you love to create decorative elements or DIY jewelry, why not get started in polymer clay creations? This fun and enjoyable manual activity is suitable for both children and adults. With this modeling clay which hardens during cooking, you can create a lot of original accessories to customize your business or for personalized gifts . Beads to create costume jewellery, magnets, key rings and other decorative items, you name it! To have all the necessary material, buy a polymer clay modeling kit. To guide you in this creative hobby and to inspire you, do not hesitate to consult tutorial videos online.

Macrame as a manual activity for adults

Two hands weaving macrame Credit: Elena_Ozornina

Here is another DIY activity to occupy your mind and hands: macrame. This relaxing activity consists of tying knots to create curtains, cushions, floral hangings or even wall decoration. The superimposition of threads and knots will allow you to create a drawing . To make your most beautiful macrames, invest in a macrame box containing spools of thread, ties, wooden sticks, beads, a tutorial, or even several.

Scrapbooking, a trendy activity to try

Hands resting on an open scrapbooking book Credit: Olga_Z

If you have a creative soul, scrapbooking is another must-try activity. It consists in giving life to your photos  and others souvenirs  in a dedicated book. To get started, you will need different kinds of paper, embellishments, and cutting materials, among other things. If you don't know how to get started, don't panic! Do not hesitate to consult a dedicated web page, blogs and/or social networks to find creative ideas. You will also easily find tutorials on the Internet to guide you in this activity.

Sewing to create your own clothes

Man sewing with a sewing machine Credit: anyaberkut

Create your own clothes, repair or adapt clothes you have purchased, sewing offers various advantages . Besides being a fun activity, it is also a skill that will make your life a whole lot easier. online tutorial, workshops sewing or creative workshops, different options are possible to learn how to sew.

Origami, the art of paper folding

Adult hands making origami figures Credit: Pheelings Media

Appreciated by children, origami is a creative hobby that is also suitable for older children. With a single sheet of paper, create all kinds of forms and D' decorative elements : animals, boats, characters, etc. Just choose the colors, sizes and patterns of your papers and get started.

The creation of board games

Two adults playing a board game Credit: vladans

You love to play board games ? What if you created your own games: Checkers, Ludo, Solitaire, etc. ? This is a creative and fun activity perfect to keep you busy, for example on a Sunday afternoon or to offer a homemade gift .