15 interior design ideas for the living room

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 16:53:02

Looking for new interior design inspiration for the living room? Discover 15 inspirations that you can adopt easily.

Decorate the walls of the living room with a large painting

Living room interior design with a large painting hanging on the wall and metal accessories Credit: Artjafara

A wall in your living room has remained white for years? It's time to decorate it to refresh your interior decoration. Installing a large painting is not the first decorating idea that comes to mind. However, this trick is just as effective as adding colors to a wall during the development of modern living room . It is ideal if you want to have a new decor without overdoing it. In addition, a table is easy to install while being aesthetic. It highlights the decorative style and the furniture underneath. It will still be necessary to avoid frames that are too imposing, unless you want to make them the centerpiece of the living room.

Repaint the ceiling of the centerpiece of the house

A modern living room with a ceiling stained with a light color to visually enlarge the spaceCredit: archideaphoto

The ceiling is often left blank. However, it can be an essential element for the interior decoration of your living room. It visually enlarges the room by providing a feeling of depth and height depending on the color chosen. Thus, you can choose dark, bluish or gray shades if you want to have a feeling of height. Light, beige or pink colors can give an impression of depth while bringing brightness. A solid color with the walls is also possible if you wish to have a cocooning lounge and cozy. This idea is one of the recent inspirations suggested by living room decorators.

Interior decoration of living room - dining room: lighted ceiling

A living room with a lit ceiling overlooking an open kitchen a dining area Credit: Shergei Starus

It is not always necessary to add new colors or new objects to makeover a house. Instead, you can light up your living room ceiling, the centerpiece of your home.

Forget them decoration ideas classics such as the installation of chandeliers. Opt instead for the installation of LED lighting on the ceiling for a modern effect and visually enlarge the space. Your ceiling will certainly catch the eye of your guests while highlighting the wall decoration in place.

Deco tip for bedroom and practical living rooms: install a library

A living room with a library and open to a large kitchenCredit: piovesempre

Did you leave a wall in your living room bare to highlight its color? Maybe it's time to decorate it. Especially since square meters are expensive and it would be time to exploit every corner of the house. This wall can, for example, accommodate a small or large bookcase depending on the space available. Made to measure, this piece of furniture will become the central element of your living room, in addition to being useful. Indeed, this original decoration idea allows you to benefit from new spaces to place decorative objects and store your books.

Match the furniture for a contemporary style

A woman sitting on a sofa with mismatched cushions finding new decorating ideas for her kitchenCredit: Deagreez

In recent years, the mismatched style has become very trendy in living rooms. It can fit perfectly into yours to bring a contemporary touch. You can start with the furniture already present, in particular the coffee table. You can combine two models of different colors and sizes to have a modern and original living room. The colors chosen can be combined with those of the cushions to create a harmonious and warm environment. If you prefer to leave your coffee table in its place, you can also combine different styles of sofas and armchairs.

Opt for a colored sofa with a modern design

Selection of a corner sofa by a woman Credit: ViktorCap

The sofa is essential in a living room that is also sometimes used as a dining room. It is one of the most visible elements of furniture. Replacing the old sofa with a recent model is an effective way to effectively revamp this room. Regarding the choice, you can opt for an L-shaped or panoramic corner sofa if the space in the living room allows it. In a small room, a straight model with or without feet is more suitable according to the advice of professionals in this field. You also have the option of putting two straight sofas face to face.

Daring the living room armchair in wood or metal in a small space

Replacing sofas with an armchair when furnishing a living room in an apartmentCredit: fizkes

It is not always easy to redecorate a small room. However, there is a living room decoration idea that works every time. It involves replacing the large sofa with a set of armchairs. Installed facing the TV or face to face, they bring a particular style to the living room. In addition, many models with different colors add a touch of modernity to this room. Apart from having a revamped living room, you get a living space that is nice to look at and live in. The circulation is for example more fluid in a living room without sofa, but with armchairs.

Use wallpaper with colors to dress the ceiling

A living room ceiling with a covering reminiscent of a bedroom wallCredit: necati bahadir bermek

When it comes to interior makeovers, wallpapering does not necessarily cross your mind to refresh a living room or bedroom. However, this decor idea is effective in addition to being economical. Especially since there are many models imitating the texture of wood, stone or plaster. Some sellers even offer paintable wallpaper for personalized decoration in a room like the living room. To have a trendy rendering, floral, botanical and bohemian motifs are to be preferred.

Living room layout idea: add exotic plants

A living room decorated with two varieties of cacti installed near a modern wall decoration Credit: Liudmila Chernetska

Multiplying plants is a classic idea, but always effective for redecorating a room like the living room. It is not a question of falling into the classicism of flowers, but rather of opting for exotic or original plants. For example, cacti sublimate the living rooms in which they are found. They also catch the eye with the surprise effect. Your friends will not necessarily expect to find cacti in your living room, which will bring a touch of originality to your decor. In addition, this type of plant can be placed in a basket, on the floor or on shelves in the living room.

Dress up a wall with photo frames

A white living room wall decorated with family photosCredit: Ondroo

In terms of interior decoration living room, simplicity is often the best option. If you haven't thought of it yet, why not simply adorn a section of the wall with framed photos? You can tell your story by setting them from left to right without completely aligning them. As a result, you get an aesthetic wall decoration that will enhance the room and the dining room if it is adjacent. For photos, the selection depends on your desires and needs. You can even choose posters or collages to vary the effects.

Install an indirect light wall sconce

A gray living room wall adorned with two decorative wall sconcesCredit: dit26978

Framed photos or paintings are not the only objects to redecorate a living room. All it takes is a few wall sconces on a section of wall to create a new atmosphere. Indirect light models create a warm atmosphere in a living room. They are also pleasing to the eye, as the light sources are not directly visible. For an aesthetic result, remember to place your wall lights at the right height. This will also illuminate nearby photos or props. They must be 1.80 m from the ground in a house with a standard ceiling height, i.e. 2.50 m. In a Haussmann apartment where the ceiling is higher, it is possible to install them at 2 m.

Adopt the Scandinavian sofa

A large living room adorned with two straight Scandinavian sofas and a table supporting a picture frameCredit: hikesterson

You appreciate light interiors and was in a house or an apartment? Installing a Scandinavian sofa and some furniture in this style can help you achieve your goal of redecorating the living room and creating a comforting environment.

The Scandinavian sofa allows you to have a trendy interior decoration. It also ensures a fluid decoration, ideal for relaxation. In addition, this type of furniture has the particularity of being less expensive. It goes perfectly with armchairs and a coffee table with light wood or more modern legs.

Add an original carpet in the living room area

A woman unrolling a white rug on the floor after apartment living room remodeling workCredit: CentrallTAlliance

Just like the sofa and the coffee table, the carpet is welcome in a living room. An original carpet, installed in the middle of the room, can be enough to change the general appearance of this room. It immediately catches the eye, even when surrounded by furniture. It also helps to delimit each corner of the room, which can bring a feeling of comfort. The installation of an original carpet also brings a neat and arty touch to this living space. In addition, there is a wide choice on the market: Berber, Scandinavian and design. Berber carpets are very trendy if you want to create a stylish and authentic interior.

Home decor inspiration: mix vintage and modern style

A large modern living room with an old sofa for a cozy atmosphere Credit: Jovy 86

Mixed and mismatched styles are some of the most popular inspirations lately. For good reason, the mix between trends makes it possible to create an original decoration by mixing elements from various eras. For example, you can perfectly combine vintage and modern styles.

This choice of combination allows you to have a surprising and original living room at the same time. Your visitors will find vintage furniture in the middle of modern decorative accessories. The rendering is even better if the house is contemporary in style. Conversely, it is also possible to install modern furniture in a rather old living room to create a surprise effect.

Adopt wooden furniture: sofas, chairs, tables

A family choosing wooden furniture for the living room and a bedroom in their apartmentCredit: doble-d

Do you want to change the style of decoration of your living room? Choose wooden furniture to replace old metal or plastic ones. Even if wooden furniture is often considered too classic, it remains excellent options for furnishing a living room. the wood is a noble material used to manufacture elegant and designer pieces of furniture. It is also very resistant, which ensures that you have durable and aesthetic decorative elements for your stay.