15 ideas for a trendy bathroom

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-20 16:26:04

Here are our best ideas to make your bathroom modern and functional. We hope they will help you create a space that suits you.

Idea n°1: Stick stickers on the bathroom tiles

A trendy tile design for the bathroom. Credit: OceanProd

Tiling plays an important role in bathrooms . It not only brings style, but also originality to this often overlooked room. If your tiles are white, do not hesitate to stick some stickers to bring them more colors. The space will be more welcoming and warmer. At the level of the pattern, you are free in your choice. However, be sure to choose trendy patterns that are in harmony with the set of decoration . Tile stickers with geometric patterns and mosaics are always good ideas. Provided of course not to fall into a bad taste. The advantage of these stickers is that they adapt to every budget.

Idea n°2: Opt for an Italian shower in the bathrooms

A walk-in shower for a modern bathroom. Credit: Istock

The Italian shower is a safe bet if you want to create a trendy bathroom. Its main advantage is that it offers a walk-in shower completely secure. Requiring no door or shower tray, it is perfect for small spaces. The Italian shower promises you a good moment of relaxation and tranquility. Provided, of course, that you choose the right equipment and entrust its installation to a professional. For a designer finish, do not hesitate to opt for a concealed fittings and a cutting-edge coating to complement your Italian shower. On this side, wood, stoneware and tile coverings are the most recommended. Polished concrete is also an ideal floor covering for bathrooms. It is also suitable if you have a small budget. Remember to seek advice from a specialist before implementing your Italian shower layout project.

Idea n°3: Decorate the walls of the bathroom

A wall decoration idea for the bathroom. Credit: archideaphoto

A beautiful wall decoration will also help you create a trendy bathroom. In addition to the timeless large mirror, you can perfectly bet on other decorative elements such as a painting, a poster or a wall shelf to equip the room. Choose modern colors adapted to your decoration style to add more cachet. If necessary, choose a new paint or camouflage the small imperfections on your walls with wallpaper. The latter is available in different patterns and colors to help you create a personalized space . If you have the necessary budget, you can also choose a new tile for an original wall and reflecting your personal tastes.

Idea n°4: Dare to use XXL bathroom furniture in bathrooms

An idea for decorative wooden furniture for the bathroom. Credit: Matveev_Aleksandr

If you have a large space, you can afford the large bathroom furniture . Beyond their practical aspect, this type of furniture improves the general design of your bathroom and brings a little decorative touch. It brings a beautiful effect of size while giving character to the room. The latter will become less cold and more welcoming. Between wooden furniture, metal furniture, wall-hung furniture or floor standing furniture , the choice at your disposal is very varied. All you have to do is choose according to your real desires and the style of decoration you want to highlight for a successful bathroom layout.

Idea n°5: Adopt the minimalist style in the bathroom

A minimalist bathroom. Credit: archideaphoto

If you are short of space in this room, the minimalist decor style is recommended. You will thus optimize the space while enjoying a bathroom elegant. To create such a decorative style, get rid of all bulky furniture and objects. Store the essentials in a closed cabinet. As this spirit wants to be refined, choose white as the color of the walls. You can also bet on a pastel color.

As to bathroom accessories , always keep the functional aspect in mind. Here are the essentials to have: mirror, towel dryer, bath mat... If the available surface allows it, you can choose to install a freestanding bathtub. Otherwise, an Italian shower will be just as trendy.

Idea n°6: Dare the color black in the bathroom

A bathroom with black furniture and decorative accessories. Credit: in4mal

For an original bathroom, dare the black decor. However, before you start, make sure the room is well lit and spacious enough so that this shade is better valued. In bathrooms, black goes well with white and gray. You can, for example, paint your walls black and install a tub and sink combo in lighter shades. The choice of bathroom furniture and accessories in black is also an ingenious idea. To avoid the total look that could darken your small bathroom, choose a bright color for the wall and floor covering . Black tiles are also an interesting alternative to modernize this room of the house.

Idea #7: Install dual function storage in bathrooms

A bathroom storage idea. Credit: didecs

To invite well-being and relaxation into your bathroom, good organization is essential. This is why we encourage the installation of design and functional storage like the coat hook in this room. This type of storage allows you both to hang up your towels and to store your various products (toothpaste, shampoos, shower gels, etc.) and essential accessories (hairdryer, toothbrush, nail clippers, etc.).

Industrial-style dual-purpose storage is on the rise. Otherwise, you can also bet on a model made of wood for a more refined and zen decoration in the room. If you are a DIY enthusiast, it will be easy for you to create custom storage with a small budget.

Idea n°8: Choose a sliding door to separate bathroom and toilet

An idea for separating the shower and the toilet in a bathroom. Credit: HT-Pix

Gathering the toilet and the bathroom in the same room is an alternative to optimize space. However, the choice of this type of development requires taking some precautions in order to maintain good hygiene . The partitioning of your toilets is also recommended so that the occupants of the house can preserve their privacy. The sliding door is one of the best options for gain some ground while creating a trendy space. For a zen decoration, bet on a wooden model. It will bring originality to your bathroom. And to let light into the room, don't hesitate to take inspiration from Japanese-inspired sliding doors.

Idea n°9: Choose a washbasin with a trendy design in the bathrooms

A basin model for contemporary bathrooms. Credit: Suleyman Ozkan

The choice of washbasin is also a criterion to be taken into account if you wish design a trendy bathroom . Beyond the functional aspect, it will have to sport a modern and elegant design. The tempered glass sink is an option to bring chic to your decoration. If you want to invest in a resistant and durable washbasin, we recommend marble models instead.

There are also other models such as the copper washbasin, the porcelain washbasin and the washbasin that incorporates storage units. The choice will depend entirely on your desires, your budget and the rendering you want to obtain.

Idea #10: Use a laundry basket in the bathroom

A laundry basket model for the bathroom. Credit: shironagasukujira

The bathroom is arguably one of the most frequented rooms in the house. Many people tend to scatter their dirty clothes in this room. One of the reasons why it makes sense to install a laundry basket . The latter will serve you not only for storage, but also as a decorative element. For a soothing touch in your bathroom, choose a basket designed in a natural material such as wicker, seagrass. As for the size, you must refer to the space you have. For small bathrooms, the dimensions of your bathroom should be used. basket of storage accordingly to avoid congestion.

Idea n°11: Multiply the mirrors in the bathroom

A perfect mirror model for your bathroom. Credit: Suleyman Ozkan

In the small bathrooms , multiplying the number of mirrors is one of the tricks that give a greater effect of space. Instead of the classic mirror hanging above the basin, you can put one on each wall. The more mirrors you have, the brighter the room will be. However, pay attention to their arrangement. For the decorative side , it is better to choose mirrors of different sizes in the room. In terms of shape, round, square and rectangular mirrors remain preferred choices. Otherwise, you can very well bet on more daring shapes such as heart-shaped or cat-shaped mirrors for more originality.

Idea n°12: Replace the curtains with a shower screen in the bathrooms

A shower curtain for the bathroom. Credit: Bongkarn Thanyakij

The shower screen is also a solution for creating a bathroom with a modern design. You can use it as a replacement for simple shower curtains which are sometimes difficult to maintain. The shower screen is available in different models: sliding, fixed, hinged...

The choice will depend on the dimensions of the room and the decorative style to highlight . What is also pleasant in the shower screen is that it brings lightness to the room. It also makes your tasks easier since it protects the floor against splashing water.

Idea n°13: Install a whirlpool bath in the bathroom

An ideal spa bath for your bathroom. Credit: Drazen Zigic

If you want to invite well-being to the heart of your Bathroom , the spa bath is an excellent idea. This type of bathtub provides the same sensations as the spa. It offers real massages thanks to the water jets generated by its nozzles. The advantage of the whirlpool bath is that it is suitable for both small and large bathrooms. Indeed, it is offered in different sizes and shapes adapted to each room.

If you have a large space, you can afford the bathtubs for 2 or 3 people at the design original . If you don't have enough space, opt for a corner whirlpool tub instead. This will help you save more space.

Idea n°14: Choose terracotta paint for a modern bathroom

A terracotta bathroom decoration. Credit: JZhuk

Besides white, terracotta is a very trendy color right now. It oscillates between brown and red. If you want to create a warm bathroom inviting you to escape, a good coat of paint with terracotta colors is one of the best ideas to adopt. Apart from the walls, you can also use this color in your room in other ways. Opt, for example, for storage furniture, bathroom accessories and decorative elements terracotta to embellish the room. The advantage of this color is that it can be associated with different shades such as pink, pastel, duck blue, white...

Idea #15: Integrate some decorative accessories in the bathroom

A bathroom with a few plants as decoration. Credit: Liudmila Chernetska

Some decorative accessories will bring a touch of modernity and elegance to your bathroom. The choice is multiple. All you have to do is choose a decorative element to embellish the room while respecting the style of decoration you have chosen.

A toilet paper holder with an original design is a must for bathrooms.

You can also install pretty vases with plants green near your basin for a tropical atmosphere. And for your bathroom to be both modern and zen, you can install a bench seat with cozy cushions.