15 DIY activities for Halloween

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-27 11:06:02

Halloween is a holiday that appeals to children and adults. Do you want to spend quality time with your family? Here are 15 Halloween decorations to inspire you.

Halloween, between pumpkin, decoration and cooking.

Family getting ready for HalloweenCredit: Choreograph

The children love Halloween . Already, because it is a party where it is possible to receive and eat sweets in abundance , but especially for all activities to do during this fall period. Halloween is a party getting ready to make sure everything is running smoothly.

During the Halloween period, there is no shortage of activities related to this holiday . One of the most essential is the realization of the pumpkin lantern . The pumpkin is the icon even the Halloween party. The advantage of this activity is that it is fun and invites the whole family for its realization. Preparing the pumpkin allows you to express your creativity, while passing the time. Small bonus, you can make several pumpkin lanterns. Your exterior decoration will only be better, and you will be able to occupy the children even longer.

One of the other Halloween activities is the creation of disguises for kids. This activity can be done asking children for help . This way, they will feel involved and will appreciate their outfit even more once completed.

The making decorations for the Halloween party is also an activity to do with the family, parents and children together. You used to get bad grades in manual activities at school? Do not panic! Here it is about coloring , cut and glue scraps of paper and cardboard . In addition, with children, manual activities always make it possible to spend excellent moments together.

Realize halloween recipes together is also an interesting, gourmet activity, and allows you to showcase autumn products. In addition, between cookies in the shape of a witch's hat, cakes representing ghosts, spider web icing and pumpkin pie, the choice of recipes is wide.

15 DIY activities for Halloween

A small family celebrating HalloweenCredit: Jovanmandic

When autumn is on its way, it's time to transform the house into a workshop for children . Crafts , coloring, making autumn recipes , a lot is possible during this period.

You can of course consult opinions or ask for help on a blog like Pinterest or Nounoudunord. But, to help you, here are 15 ideas for setting up your workshop. You will of course need materials, such as paper , from carton , of the glues , of the crayons  and markers for coloring. In short, everything a workshop DIY requires.

The iconic pumpkin lantern

Lit pumpkin lanterns in the dark Credit: IvanMikhaylov

The pumpkin is an inseparable part of the Halloween party. This autumn vegetable is very present in the recipes of this season. But pumpkins are mostly used for making pumpkin lanterns . For this, you will need as equipment: a pumpkin, a spoon, a felt and a sharp knife. Remove the cap from the pumpkin and scoop it out with a spoon. With the marker, trace the 'face' of the jack-o'-lantern and cut with the knife following the marker guide. When the pumpkin face is complete, just drop a candle into it and you're done. The making of the pumpkin lantern is an activity that you can entrust to your children. However, it is important that they are supervised by adults to prevent them from injuring themselves with cutting tools.

For pumpkin lantern ideas, you can check out the best results for “Halloween pumpkin lanterns” on Pinterest or check out Nounoudunord’s blog.

Cobwebs in stickers

Spider webs with pumpkins Credit: Olha Pylypenko

The spiderweb in stickers are easy to make. On a sheet of paper, place the stickers so as to make several circles (a big one inside, then a smaller one, and so on). Once the circles of stickers are finished, just connect the stickers two by two with a small black felt bow. When all the stickers are linked together, draw the diagonals, always following the stickers. And There you go!


A candle holder for Halloween Credit: Jelena990

The making of candle holders for Halloween is a fun activity that brings out the creativity of children. As main material, you need a clear jar . All you have to do then is decorate the jars with what you have on hand (stickers, stickers, drawings or coloring on paper, etc.). You can print stickers for a decoration more realistic.

The haunted castle in cardboard paper

A haunted house Credit: egal

The release party of the monsters, why not represent their house?

You can ask your children to simply draw the castle on a sheet of paper. You can also print the outline of the castle on paper and let your children indulge in coloring sessions.

But, the ideal manual activity is to build the castle yourself . For this, use cardboard paper. Roll up a leaf to make a tower. Make four. Connect them two by two with a sheet of cardboard paper, and you're done. The last thing to do is to draw the bricks, the windows and the gate on the cardboard paper, using a marker.

If you have trouble with patterns, take a look at Nounoudunord's blog.

The candy box

Treats for Halloween Credit: ASIFE

At Easter and Christmas, it's all about chocolate. But, to Halloween , them sweets are the star treats. Therefore, making a candy box is the right activity. For this, make a cube out of cardboard paper and do not glue the lid. It can be small or large, depending on how much candy you hope to get from the neighborhood.

Paint the box black to stay in theme.

Thematic coloring pages

Children making Halloween drawings Credit : SeventyFour

One activity your children can do on their own that will keep them busy for a while is Halloween themed coloring pages . The only thing to do is to print the empty drawings for coloring on the Internet. Pumpkins, witches, and monsters of all kinds, this manual activity calms the children and gives you some free time. Coloring: an activity made for children, which also benefits adults!

cardboard witch hat

A witch's hat on a white background Credit: Geerati

To make a witch's hat , as materials, you will need cardboard paper (a large sheet), a felt, glue and a pair of scissors. Divide the sheet in two. Make a cone with the first half of the sheet and don't forget to glue. Draw a circle on the other half of the cardboard sheet using the base of the cone. Then draw a circle 10-15 cm in diameter larger and cut out the middle circle. Glue the cone and you have your witch hat.

Costumes for children

A family dressing up for Halloween Credit: evgenyatamanenko

The realisation of disguise for children is a perfect activity for parents who love manual activities. Of course, if sewing isn't your forte, you only have to buy the essentials of the disguise and get down to making accessories . Monsters, ghosts, witches, or spiders, the choice is wide. If you are running out of ideas, you can very well take a look on Pinterest and get inspired by the best Halloween costumes for children. It doesn't have to be scary. The important thing is that your children appreciate it, and above all, appreciate the effort you put in. You can even make it a tradition and make your own Halloween costumes for your kids year after year.

The mouse in toilet paper/paper towel rolls and cardboard paper

A room decorated for the Halloween party Credit: evgenyatamanenko

Realize your little halloween mouse with two rolls of toilet paper glued and painted gray. Make the head with a sheet of cardboard paper. Make a small cone that you will glue to one end of the rolls. Make thin strips of paper for the whiskers and a longer strip for the tail. Glue the whiskers to the paper cone that acts as the head and the tail to the other end of the roll. Recall that the mouse must be completely painted in gray.

Ghosts, witches, monsters mask

A masque d'Halloween Credit : alexkoral

There is no child who does not like role play game . So that your child can play the game to the fullest, why not make a mask to complete your Halloween costume ? Make him a cardboard paper mask. Draw the guide on a sheet and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. Be sure that your child will still talk about it months later to his little friends from kindergarten.

If DIY isn't really your forte, a simple disposable plate can also do the trick . If you need ideas, find them on the Nounoudunord blog.

Drawings of monsters to stick everywhere

A little girl hanging paper bats on the wall Credit: Alena Ivochkina

Here it is about put the tinkering aside and focus on the child's creative potential . Ask him to make a drawing representing Halloween monsters (zombies, spiders, witches, etc.) on a sheet of paper or on a cardboard plate, not using a model, but using only his imagination . This creative activity tends to help the child express themselves differently.

The various small decorative objects in paper and/or cardboard

Decorations for Halloween Credit: jenifoto

Halloween is a holiday where the themed decoration is of great importance to get in the mood and have the spirit. It is then appropriate to decorate the whole house with many small objects scary (or not). Know that with cardboard or paper, you can make anything and everything, like a small spider hanging here and there, a papier-mâché eye or zombie hands. Ask your child to help you with his imagination.

paper mache eyes

A papier-mâché eye for Halloween Credit: Ludmila_m

To achieve halloween eyes which will surely scare those who fall on it, first make the papier-mâché by mixing paper with white glue. Roll small balls to make the eyes, and do it quickly to prevent the paper mache from drying out prematurely and hardening. Once the eyes are formed and dry, draw the pupils with a black marker. For an even more striking Halloween effect, make several eyes and place them all over the house. They go wonderfully with pumpkins, ghosts, and witch hats.

cardboard paper bats

Paper bats hanging on a wall Credit: Almaje

The bat is an animal of the night, and whose the depiction is recurring when the Halloween theme is mentioned . To achieve bats decorations for Halloween, cut them out of black cardboard paper. You can make them any size for better effect.

However, do not forget: the cardboard used must imperatively be black.

The different Halloween recipes

Cakes for Halloween Credit: graphixchon

If you have several children, you can be sure they will enjoy it. the role of assistants for the realization of your autumn recipes for the Halloween party . On a blog like Nounoudunord, you will find a huge amount of recipes to make to celebrate fall products and Halloween. The most popular recipes are those that require having pumpkins in his kitchen. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, pumpkin velouté , you have the choice for the recipes. You can also please your budding cooks by baking cookies with them that they can share with their friends at school. On the frosting of the cookies, draw a spider web in dark chocolate for an even more striking effect.

In all cases, alone, in pairs or with family , cooking on Halloween is always a real pleasure for those who are in the kitchen.