15 decorating ideas for an American Christmas tree

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-30 17:40:03

This year you have decided to decorate your house in an original way for the holidays? Discover 15 decorating ideas for an American Christmas tree.

How to make an American-style Christmas tree and decoration?

Red and gold balls, standard colors of American tree decoration. Credit: AlexAvt

In the United States, decorations are an integral part of the holiday season. And in terms of decoration, we do not skimp on the means in the land of Uncle Sam. Everything is decorated, from the doors to the windows, including the fireplace, the table, the walls, and the fir , of course. Wreaths and tinsel contribute to the decorative opulence of American families during the Christmas season, and the Christmas tree is richly adorned.

The ornaments themselves are diverse, and include balls, candy canes, small wooden decorations, knots... The lights are not left out. An American Christmas tree is often very illuminated and you have the choice between various types of LED garlands and star ribbons. Finally, we must not forget the importance of the size: prefer as much as possible an XL or XXL tree. Inspiration Christmas decor American style refers to a whole universe, a style to discover and adopt. To decorate your Christmas tree and complete your christmas activities , here are 15 ideas for decoration for an American Christmas tree.

1 – Traditional American Christmas garlands

Christmas wreath made of green branches and decorated with balls. Credit: undefined undefined

In addition to the tree and to create a traditional American Christmas decoration, garlands of green branches are a must. They are arranged around the perimeter of the fireplace. You can decorate them with balls to match those on your American Christmas tree, ribbons, etc.

2 – Wreaths, essential for an American Christmas decoration

Wreath of green branches, star snowflake decorations, pine nuts. Credit: Svetlana-Cherruty

The wreath is another indispensable element of an American Christmas decoration. You can make it yourself and decorate it according to your preferences, in the dimensions of your choice. To make it very American, you can have it in several places: the door, the window, on the wall, etc.

3 – Christmas socks

Fireplace decorated with red and gray socks. Credit: Olena Bondarenko

American Christmas decoration also rhymes with socks. They are placed on the fireplace. Sometimes Christmas socks are made with a variety of patterns, ranging from plain tones, polka dots, stripes, small checks and even designs. By tradition, small gifts or sweets / chocolates are placed there.

4 – Wooden decorations placed on the fireplace

Letters 'Xmas' wooden Christmas decorations. Credit: 5second

The Christmas tree is placed near the fireplace. This is why it can also receive all kinds of decorations to match the American Christmas tree. In addition to socks and garlands of green branches, you can arrange wooden decorations such as deer, small houses, or even wooden letters to form the words 'Merry Christmas' or simply 'Xmas'.

5 – The light garland on the furniture and the stair railing

String lights on the stair railing. Credit: Olga Yefimova

The light garlands are de rigueur in an American Christmas decoration. They are arranged around the furniture, along the banister, around the windows... They bring a warm atmosphere to the interior, in the evening, in addition to the decorations of the tree. Also remember to have it on a wall to create a warm atmosphere during your family evenings and to feel warm in winter.

6 – Chewable decorations for an American Christmas tree

Christmas balls and candy canes on a fir tree. Credit: Aleksandra Aleroeva

Christmas tree American also rhymes with sweet decorations. In popular culture, it is not uncommon to see Christmas trees with 'candy canes', candy canes hanging here and there. You can complement them with other treats or small cookies. Do not hesitate to find the sweet decorations you need in a specialized shop where you will be spoiled for choice. They can be easily hung on the branches and can be removed just as easily for the pleasure of little gourmands.

7 – The Ginger Bread House at the foot of the American Christmas tree

Gingerbread house near a Christmas tree. Credit: Suzi Media Production

The gingerbread house is also one of the essentials of American Christmas decoration. It is placed at the foot of the tree waiting for the right moment. Gingerbread houses are available as a kit if you don't know how to make gingerbread and the corresponding decorations.

8 – Decoration ideas for an American tree: red and golden balls

Red and gold Christmas balls on an American Christmas tree. Credit: Jason Finn

red and gold are the traditional colors to decorate an American Christmas tree, but generally with a predominance of red. You can combine shiny red balls with glitter balls. If you don't like these colors, you can always opt for the other associated shades, or put less. You can then add more golden balls, or even replace red with white . Of course, you have complete freedom to choose the colors that suit your tastes. A Christmas tree in gold and white tones is also possible.

9 – Light garlands for an American tree

Richly illuminated Christmas tree with gifts in front of the fireplace. Credit: evgenyatamanenko

The American Christmas tree features a profusion of illuminations, often with a large concentration of small lights on the Christmas tree. You can have the white LED garlands , or opt for multicolored garlands. You can also combine the two according to your preferences. The important thing is to take garlands of the right length to ensure that the entire surface of the tree is covered.

10 – Decorative objects for an American Christmas tree

All kinds of Christmas tree decorations. Credit: olindana

To complement the light garlands and balls, add figurines like the Santa Claus , snowmen, deer or even angels. Also consider adding wooden decorations such as miniature wooden trees , and of course pine nuts.

11 – Red or golden knots

Golden and patterned knots on an American fir tree. Credit: Alberto Chagas

It is customary to place red or gold bows of different sizes on the American Christmas tree. Remember not to put too much, to the detriment of other decorations. Knots, you can also have them on the garland of green branches. Sometimes the bows can be embellished with decorative golden ribbons. Some American-style Christmas tree decorations even favor bows and ribbons over lights and baubles.

12 – Red berries for a typical American tree

Christmas tree decorated with balls and red berries. Credit: Tania Bertoni

What could be more traditional and authentic than red berries for decorating the American Christmas tree? In the past, the tree was decorated with natural products found in nature, in the forest, and the berries are abundant there. The berries will bring more aesthetics to the decoration already in place and will match the balls. It may be better to choose them in different sizes.

13 – Candles for an American Christmas decoration

Candle for decorating the Christmas tree. Credit: Georgiy Datsenko

Candles bring a touch of warmth and comfort to the Christmas decoration. In America, candles go well with other decorations on the Christmas tree, including light garlands. There are electric candles to make your life easier. Arrange candles at the foot of the tree, on the fireplace and everywhere in the house for an authentic atmosphere.

14 – Christmas presents under the tree

Colored presents at the foot of the Christmas tree in front of the fireplace. Credit: evgenyatamanenko

In the United States, Christmas rhymes with gifts and these are arranged at the foot of the tree. It's about creating a more lively party atmosphere, with every member of the family, and especially the children, looking forward to the long-awaited moment. Gift wrapping can match the colors of the tree decorations. Most of the time, the gifts are fake, the real presents being offered at the right time, or before D-Day according to everyone's desires.

15 – Small Christmas trees

Small, well-decorated Christmas tree with a miniature Santa Claus. Credit: Alex

It is also customary to place very small trees here and there in the living room to enhance the Christmas decoration. They can be decorated with balls or simply with berries.