15 countries to go to for a Frenchman

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-03 13:39:05

Expatriation is one of the best solutions to rebuild your life in another country. Discover this ranking of the 15 countries where to expatriate for a Frenchman.

How to emigrate?

Woman preparing for her trip Credit: kitzcorner

Whether lived alone or with family, expatriation offers many advantages :

  • Improvement of the living environment;
  • Possibility of finding a job more easily;
  • Etc.

To live abroad also means opening up to the world and to new cultures. However, expatriation is not decided on a whim. To expatriate in the rules, it is important to prepare well for your departure , using in particular To Do Lists.

During the trip and when settling in your host country, keep all the necessary documents close at hand, ideally in the same place:

  • Passport ;
  • Visa ;
  • Driver's license ;
  • Insurance Certificates;
  • Etc.

To avoid any stress, it is preferable to have a job even before your arrival. Also remember to find out about your host country to be able to find out about the possible risks where the budget to prepare (in addition to the cost of the trip).

Also find out about the working conditions applicable locally. Before leaving France, be sure to manage all the administrative side. If you are an owner in France, renting or selling your property is an option.

Also notify your bank of your departure for another country. Do not forget either to interrupt all your contracts (telephone, energy, water, Internet) before your expatriation.

In addition, organize your daily future :

  • Schooling and childcare;
  • Place of life ;
  • Bureau ;
  • Schedule ;
  • Travel;
  • Etc.

Before leaving, do not hesitate to learn the language of your host country. Make sure to prepare your whole tribe well for departure, especially young children.

Finally, do not hesitate to prepare the terrain by taking a voyage of discovery before your final installation.

Why emigrate?

A young man waiting at the airport terminal to emigrate Credit: Prostock-Studio

Search for a better quality of life, discovery of a culture and a new language , getting out of their comfort zone… different reasons can push a French person to move abroad. If you too dream of leaving France and living a new life elsewhere, expatriation may be the best solution.

However, before setting up your project, various criteria must be taken into account, in particular the choice of the country where you will settle. To help you, here is a ranking of the 15 destinations where life is good and where to go abroad for a Frenchman.

Country n°1: moving to Norway

View of the canal and colorful houses in Norway Credit: TT

To live and work abroad, the Nordic countries are among the most popular destinations for many expatriates, especially the French. Ranked among the happiest countries in the world , Norway is one of the ideal destinations for a better quality of life. In addition to its exceptional nature and its peaceful atmosphere, this country seduces with its very low unemployment rate , its excellent social security system and its excellent education . Norway is therefore suitable for both solo and family expatriation.

Country n°2: moving to Australia

Expat woman in Sydney, Australia Credit: Daviles

Do you dream of rebuilding your life close to nature between tropical forest and beach? Australia is an excellent choice for your expatriation. In addition to its exceptional setting, this country offers many career opportunities . Particularly conducive to immigration, this destination welcomes various cultures and nationalities. Like the more than 20,000 French expatriates who have already been seduced, why not make the trip and settle in Australia?

Country n°3: moving to Portugal

Expat couple in Portugal Credit: Yanosh_Nemesh

Portugal is a destination of choice for French people wishing to stay in Europe. This is the ideal pied-à-terre for expatriates wishing to live in a perpetual fine weather. By choosing Portugal, you will also enjoy a good quality of life. This country is also found in this ranking thanks to the warm welcome of its inhabitants, its rich culture and its exceptional landscapes. It is also a popular destination for digital nomads thanks to the dynamism of the world of start-ups and digital. And since this country is a member of the European Union, you will not have no need for a visa to settle there.

Country n°4: moving to Switzerland

Expatriates in Switzerland Credit: Denis Linine

For a successful and peaceful expatriation project, choose Switzerland. This destination offers good living conditions with higher wages just in France. The professional conditions there are optimal and the good economic health is no longer to be specified. Choosing Switzerland also means ensuring a permanent change of scenery in the heart of Europe thanks to its magnificent landscapes.

Country n°5: moving to Denmark

People on bicycles in Copenhagen, Denmark Credit: william87

Denmark is in the selection of countries where you have to live to be happy. Reputed to be the least corrupt country in the world , this destination attracts many entrepreneurs and professionals wishing to pursue a career outside of France. Denmark particularly appeals to the French thanks to its attractive salaries and its flourishing work opportunities.

Country n°6: moving to Vietnam

Famille d’expatriates au Vietnam Crédit : Bicho_raro

Living in an exotic destination makes you dream? Let yourself be tempted by the expat life in Vietnam. Whether you go solo or with your family, the Dragon of Asia attracts by the Cost of life and by the interesting career prospects. Living in this region has other advantages such as the discovery of its exceptional culture, its spectacular landscapes, without forgetting hospitality and generosity of its inhabitants. You will also enjoy a pleasant climate almost all year round.

Country n°7: moving to Canada

Happy expat couple in Canada Credit: Kar-Tr

Canada is a destination often chosen by French people wishing to live abroad. In addition to its wide open spaces, the country has large dynamic cities both economically and culturally, like Vancouver and Toronto. This country has other advantages attracting expatriates such as no language barrier , especially for those who opt for an expatriation in Quebec . The sense of hospitality, the kindness of the inhabitants as well as the breathtaking landscapes are all assets of Canada.

Country n°8: expatriate in Luxembourg

Happy expat woman holds Luxembourg flag Credit: frantic00

With less than 60,0000 inhabitants, this small region of Europe is one of the best countries to settle in. A low unemployment rate, a high per capita income as well as political and social stability guarantee an excellent standard of living.

Country n°9: moving to Mexico

Expat couple in love in Chiapa de Corzo city, traveling to Mexico. Credit: diegocardini

Thanks to the friendliness of the locals and the affordable cost of living, Mexico finds itself in this top country in which to live for the French. Despite the fairly high rate of violence, this region is attracting more and more expatriates, especially automobile enthusiasts and the tourism professionals , aerospace and agri-food .

Country n°10: moving to Costa Rica

Young expatriate man who arrived in Costa Rica Credit: Dennis Alberto Gonzalez Salas

Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the perfect countries to settle in for a French expatriate. Compatible with a family expatriation project , it is one of the safest territories in Latin America. Betting a lot on the sustainable development, ecotourism and education , Costa Rica is an excellent choice to set up your project. In addition, this region is ideal for those who want a life in the heart of lush nature and for fans of outdoor activities.

Country n°11: moving to Singapore

Trip to Singapore Credit: structuresxx

If the health system quality part of your selection criteria, the city of Singapore is made for you. Particularly safe, this region has everything you need to make you feel happy : excellent education and high standard of living. Multicultural and dynamic, Singapore also offers many career opportunities.

Country n°12: moving to Austria

Village in Austria Credit: Patryk_Kosmider

For an expatriate looking for a destination benefiting from a stable economic situation and an excellent level of security, set your sights on Austria. This region is also home to one of the most pleasant cities in the world : Vienna . Moreover, this region of Europe has an exceptional historical and cultural richness, in addition to a remarkable natural environment.

Country n°13: moving to Panama

View of Panama City Credit: SL_Photography

The safest country in Central America, Panama fully deserves its place in this selection of destinations where to live for a Frenchman. It is the ideal destination for those who dream of living under a pleasant climate with constantly sunny weather . In addition, Panama is distinguished by its cultural richness, but also by its particularly interesting taxation for foreigners.

Country n°14: moving to England

Expats disembarking at a train station in London Credit: VV Shots

Despite Brexit, England is one of the best places to settle down alone or with children. With many immigrants from all over the world, this region is particularly welcoming. Whether you choose to settle in London or in another city, take advantage of good general living conditions and a excellent level of education . The benevolence and friendliness of the inhabitants are also part of the advantages of living in England.

Country n°15: moving to Taiwan

View of the city of Taipei in Taiwan Credit: StockByM

To give an international dimension to your career or simply to experience a change of scenery, Taiwan is the perfect country for you. With the economic development of the country , it is the ideal destination for investors. Other strengths: the exceptional climate, the kindness and generosity of the local population.