15 Christmas decoration ideas to make in wood

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 17:30:03

Christmas is coming ! Discover 15 ways to create wooden decorative objects to make the interior of your home warmer.

DIY and decoration: a wooden snowman

Christmas decoration to make at home. Credit: OlyaSolodenko

Do you like DIY? Make accessories out of wood , among others a snowman , is a family activity that you can do with your children before Christmas, during Advent. To make this decorative object, you need wooden slices, red ribbon, markers, string, twigs and a glue gun.

  • Choose two wooden slices, glue them to form the body of your snowman.
  • Take a piece of string and glue it to the first wooden washer that serves as the head.
  • Lay two twigs and attach them to the second wooden washer to make the body.
  • Draw dots to make the buttons on the body and the eyes on the head.
  • Use an orange marker to draw the nose.
  • Make a muffler using a piece of ribbon and put it on the neck of the wooden snowman .

Wooden Christmas wreath: an original decoration

A wooden Christmas wreathCredit: Bastinda18

Apart from the Christmas tree, you can also craft a wooden christmas wreath . You need wooden washers, a wooden ring, a glue gun to make this decorative wooden wreath. To spruce up your ornament, you also need ribbons, fake berries, artificial greenery grey… Note that this DIY idea can be made with a wooden board as in the photo.

For make this Christmas wreath , lay the wooden washers around the ring while leaving a space between the pieces. Above the empty spaces, arrange a second layer of wooden slices. To finish off this DIY Christmas decor item, put on ornaments like greenery gray, ribbon, and faux berries.

Easy to make wooden Christmas tree

Wooden Christmas tree with red colored balls Credit: marilyna

To make this mini tree of Christmas decoration , get some pieces of wood, a miter saw, wood glue, sandpaper and a tape measure. You also need a pencil, a drill, and safety glasses to shape this house decoration tree.

This brilliant idea is easily realized:

  • Measure and cut out the pieces of wood. For the tree branches, make a 45° cut on each side. To finalize the decorative tree, a 30cm piece of wood will suffice for the vertical fixing and another 15cm piece of wood for the foot.
  • Sand the pieces of wood to clean them.
  • Assemble the tree by securing each piece of wood to the bracket.
  • Add a ball or a starry ornament on the head of the wooden fir tree.

Wooden garland: an accessible decoration idea

Christmas wreath with lighting lampsCredit: Tatiana Suyarova

During Advent, you can craft garlands in pearls to decorate your home. You can make this DIY decoration idea for Christmas with perforated wooden beads, a drill, a chisel, yarn, acrylic paint and a brush.

Here is the tutorial for making them:

  • Colorez les pearls de bois ;
  • Fold the string in half and thread a wooden bead while making a knot;
  • After 6mm, tie a second knot;
  • Repeat these three steps until you have the correct length of decorative garland for your home.

Christmas tree advent calendar

Wooden advent calendar with drawer Credit: gwenael le vot

Like the decorations mentioned above, this Advent calendar is one of the easiest ornaments to make. You can indeed make this decoration with your children using Christmas balls, brass hooks, a piece of wood, paint, stickers and a tree template.

Here are the steps for making Advent calendar :

  • Cut the tree according to the outlines of the template;
  • Place the numbered stickers on the tree;
  • Arrange the hooks on the calendar in the form of a Christmas tree;
  • Put the Christmas balls on the hooks of the advent calendar.

Alternative wooden tree to decorate your home

A painting of a green fir tree without ornaments Credit: Baranovskaya

To quickly make a wooden christmas tree , the idea of ​​an alternative decoration is recommended. Indeed, it consists in transforming a recycled piece of furniture into an original Christmas decoration. To decorate your home, for example, make a wall tree using a board of reclaimed wood. It is enough to paint the wood in such a way as to obtain a symmetrical image. To finish, place ornaments, balls, garlands, etc. This DIY idea is easy to make, especially if you are used to DIY.

Original gift: a decorative light lantern

A pink wooden lantern surrounded by candlesCredit: Maya23K

A few wine boxes can form a lantern decorative light that you can put in your house on Christmas Day. If you like DIY, small modifications allow you to turn boxes into a DIY decorative object. Like recycling, the idea is to convert a useless thing, a cardboard box for example, into an original accessory that will serve as an ornament in the house. You need a painting, a light source (lamp, etc.), pine cones, etc. to complete the DIY. There are no rules, follow your instincts to make an authentic object.

Table decoration candlesticks in raw wood

A wooden plank and four Christmas candles Credit: STRINGERimage

If you like cozy decoration, make a bunch of candles with wooden branches is an interesting idea. The pieces of wood must be hollowed out to accommodate the candles. Once done, you can put them on the table to bring warmth as well as friendliness to your home during Advent and Christmas Day. By varying the size of the branches, you will make the decoration even more authentic. Note that the branches and candles must be placed on a wooden, melamine or metal table (not plastic).

Gift idea: DIY Christmas coaster

A custom patterned coaster Credit: Roman_Volkov

For make DIY christmas coasters , you need coasters designed with wood, a snowflake seal, a Mod Podge, paint and a brush. Here is the tutorial to follow:

  • Use the brush to apply the paint to the seal.
  • Print the seal design on the coaster.
  • Apply Mod Podge when the paint dries.

Note that you can make many models of custom Christmas coasters to decorate your table. A lot of DIY wooden Christmas coasters also constitutes an original gift.

Light star in wooden branch

A Christmas star in a wooden branch Credit: undefined undefined

With five branches of wood, string, secateurs and a light garland, you can make a starry DIY object to decorate your Christmas tree or a room in your house.

Follow this tutorial to make a bright star with wooden branches:

  • Arrange the branches to form a star;
  • Tie the branches together using the string;
  • Cut out the overflowing parts to improve the design of the decoration;
  • Wrap your garland around the star. With your children, you can add other ornaments to flesh out the decoration.

Signpost for the Christmas holidays

Empty wooden sign with Santa hat Credit: inxti

To mark the Christmas holidays, you can create a signboard which will enrich the decoration of your fir . Before making it, determine the corner in which you will put it. Note that you need planks, felt, and nails to craft this prop. You also need a box of wood glue.

Wooden Christmas wreath

Paper holiday garland Credit: Prostock-Studio

To achieve this DIY decor , use pine washers, eye hooks, sequins, glue, string, a marker and flat pliers. Here are the steps of the tutorial:

  • Put the glitter in a container.
  • Apply glue to a pine washer and dip it into the glitter tray. Repeat this operation for all the washers.
  • Attach a hook to each washer.
  • Pass the string inside the hooks.
  • Make a loop on each hook and tie the two ends of the string.
  • To finish this Christmas decoration, draw pictures or write letters on the pine rings.

Note that you can make your garlands with paper, as in the photo.

Wooden branch light suspension

Dry branches in a vase on a table Credit: Borislav

With collected tree branches, you can make a personalized DIY decoration with a look boho chic . Do not hesitate to put garlands, balls, etc. It is also possible to put them in a vase on the living room table to expand the decoration already present. Also add a string of pearls.

wood bark vase

To bring a warm atmosphere to your living room, create a vase in bark is practical. Just cut a log to the height you want. Then drill a hole in the center. To finish your vase, sand the upper part. You can slip a second glass vase inside to make it more modern. It is also possible to polish the exterior to obtain a contemporary model.

Support for greeting cards

The voux arts are numerous during Christmas time and end of year. To make a support that will accommodate them, make a small wooden tree with boards and glue. Attach your cards to it using clothespins.