15 best dinosaur parks to visit in France

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-25 13:04:02

Your children are fascinated by prehistoric creatures ? Visit these 15 outdoor dinosaur parks in France.

1. Le Dino-Zoo

A photo of a dinosaur Credit: AlizadaStudios

The Dino-Zoo is located in the heart of Franche-Comté, in the eastern region of France. This dinosaur park du Jura offers a fun 2.5 km walk in an exceptional area. You will find more than a hundred species represented on a real scale.

This park offers a educational path and fun for children over three and adults. It also has several unusual animations such as the 4D cinema , the Galloping Dino and the Megalodon River . Thanks to a few educational activities and activities such as the fossil river and paleontological excavations, your children have the opportunity to discover the past of the dinosaurs in a fun and entertaining way. To visit this park, plan a whole day to dive into the heart of the universe of these reptiles.

When visiting, the amusement parks offer your family nature walks as well as mini fossil digs. Plus, they plan close encounters with awesome fossils, living creatures, thrilling rides, and other kid-friendly attractions. The price varies from 7.50 euros to 13.50 euros and the visit is free for children under three years old.

2. The museum-park of dinosaurs and prehistory in Mèze

A photo of a dinosaur in the forest Credit: bogonet

The museum-park of the dinosaurs and the prehistory of Mèze is located in the Hérault department. This space retraces the historical periods of the dinosaurs, in particular their origin and their extinction. You will discover real-size reconstructions of the spinosaure , tyrannosaurus , etc.

The visit to this park usually lasts three hours. The entrance fee varies from 6.50 euros to 13 euros.

3. Dinosaur'Istres

A short walk in the forest Credit: zstockphotos

The Dinosaur'Istres park offers a walk in the forest of the Castellan hill. With the discovery of twenty species on the program, this visit is both instructive and fun for all ages thanks to a chronological route.

The visit is free and can last 1h30. It begins with the edges of the Olivier pond . You will find a space reserved for dinosaurs that lived in Provence. You can also enjoy entertainment and tours with a guide throughout the year. Free booklets are available.

4. Le Prehisto Dino Park

A photo of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the jungle Credit: FOTOKITA

The Prehisto Dino Parc is located in the Lot department. Ideal for children and older children, it offers a surprising course in the heart of the Mesozoic. You will discover the most famous species of dinosaurs there. The animated 9m long and 6m high T-Rex is sure to amaze you.

Discover the species according to their eras by following the route of the Prehisto Dino Parc. Start with the Trias , then the Jurassic and the Cretaceous , before finishing on Prehistory. Allow an hour to visit the park and the museum area. The price varies between 3 euros and 14 euros.

5. Paleopolis Park

A photo of a tyrannosaur Credit: Warpaintcobra

The Paléopolis park in Gannat, in the Allier, is one of a kind. It is ideal for tourism and family activities . Your children can carry out excavation and molding workshops, and lend themselves to various activities.

For visits, the exhibition requires two hours of time and the workshop, one hour. Entrance fee varies of €4.20 to €13.80 . It is free for children under three years old.

6. Dinopedia Park

A photo of a dinosaur in a park Credit: neklai

Dinopédia Parc is located at the foot of the Cévennes, in the Gard department. It is the largest animated dinosaur park in France. In an area of ​​more than 10 hectares, it houses 55 life-size dinosaurs, 1 restaurant, 2 shops, 1 cinema and 2 small trains. This place is really ideal to discover the world of dinosaurs .

You immerse yourself in mesozoic era and the carboniferous era by visiting Dinopédia Parc. In addition, you can stroll through these eras without getting tired thanks to a small train escorted by a guide. The walk takes an hour. The entrance price varies from 12 euros to 18 euros and is free for children under one meter.

7. Le Conquil

A meander of the Vézère Credit: non-exclusive my photos

Le Conquil is a natural troglodyte site located in the Dordogne. 10km from Lascaux, the route along the Vézère is an excellent opportunity to discover the authentic rock shelters occupied by prehistoric men. Let your children discover the story of the arrival of dinosaurs to prehistoric men and the evolution of life on earth. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to travel through 200 million years of history and dive into the heart of mysteries of the Conquil .

Dug into the cliffs of the Vézère, the authentic troglodyte dwellings of Le Conquil have retained all their value as testimony. You will discover its natural and wild setting, in particular the stone's throw from Lascaux and Les Eyzies, as well as the layout of the shelters and the defense systems.

8. Brittany Prehistory Park

A photo of a Cabazon dinosaur Credit: LizzieMaher

This site is located in the Landes de Lanvaux, in Morbihan, near Redon, 2 km from Rochefort-en-Terre. 36 life-size scenes introduce you to the dinosaur universe , mammals and human evolution. Let your family discover the prehistoric creatures that you have never seen, a park to go back in time, unique in Brittany. You will meet your favorite dinosaurs and even witness dinosaur fights and egg laying during your walk through the mesozoic .

9. The Dinosaurs Park

A photo of the dinosaur forest Credit: MR1805

This amusement site is located in the Landes forest at Azur Lac, near Soustons. Discover the forest of dinosaurs and dragons in the Landes. Open from April to September, discover more than 30 attractions and experience an extraordinary adventure with family or friends.

10. Thistle Land

Statue of a stegosaurus dinosaur Credit: Maksim Shchur

Located in Yonne, Cardo Land is the oldest park in France. With its 88 dinosaur statues , its caves and frescoes and 800 sounds of animal cries and sound effects, this place is a must for dinosaur enthusiasts.

The route is accompanied by several activities such as the prehistoric circus (training of living dinosaurs, Cro-Magnon aerobatics, fire juggling, fights, etc.) and the nursery for baby dinosaurs.

11. Tropicaland

A photo of a dinosaur in a wild forest area Credit: Maksim Shchur

Ideal for young and old, this dinosaur jungle is located in Haute-Savoie. Created in 2004, Tropicaland offers an adventure like little explorers in the jungle. Presented on a wild forest area of ​​two hectares and meadow, you unearth 33 dinosaurs and ancient creatures.

In the Savoyard jungle you will find exotic and farm animals, dinosaurs, treasure hunts and 500 species of plants, including:

  • About fifty varieties of bamboo;
  • Lemon trees and banana trees from Japan;
  • Chinese palm trees;
  • Large hibiscus;
  • Yuccas;
  • Crooked willows;
  • Des cafés du Kentucky ;
  • Many exotic or wild flowers.

12. Dino’s Park

A photo of Dinos in the forest Credit: Nora Peevy

Open from April to September, Dino's Park is located in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, in Vendée (85). Let yourself be surprised by dinosaurs by observing the way they move, roar and breathe. There, you can do several activities:

  • A dinosaur trail ;
  • The discovery of a fossil;
  • Des peintures rupestres ;
  • The excavation area;
  • The treasure hunt ;
  • Games with pedal karting, archery, mini-golf, etc.

13. The National Museum of Natural History

A photo of the triceratops Credit: para827

The dinosaur museum is located in Paris. The exposure of a large number of dinosaur skeletons and other species that lived during this period is permanent. At the entrance you will see the whale skeleton over 20m  long. Continue your adventure in the jungle among triceratops, diplodocus and other species.

Live an underwater experience with a variety of fauna and flora. Enjoy the starry sand beach. Head to the large greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes and take part in a botanical drawing class. Visit the Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy gallery (guided tours, exhibitions, activities, conferences, films, etc.). You are spoiled for choice on the activities to do in this unique treasure in the world.

14. Aven Marzal (Ardèche)

A photo of some dinosaur species Credit: kubtee145

Discovered in 1892 by E. A. Martel, Aven Marzal is a cave full of riches. The emotion site offers three discoveries:

  • Aven Marzal : you will find cave bears, the unique piece in the region.
  • The Underworld Museum : experience an adventure in the world of speleology and discover the archaeological finds found in the depths of MarzalII.
  • The Zoo des dinos : discover the life-size dinosaurs on a long course of 800m.

15. Tropical Parc

Tropical fauna and flora in France Credit: thierry64

Tropical Parc in Saint-Jacut-les-Pins, France, is a wildlife and Hobbies which allows you to enjoy the tropical flora and fauna . Leisure area located between Nantes, Rennes and Vannes, this site invites you to discover its dinosaur park, its gardens and their tropical plants, its wild and exotic species , its parrots and their amazing show…

Live as a family great extraordinary adventure and unique in a multifaceted location, spread over 4.5 ha and 1,000m² of air-conditioned galleries and greenhouses. The entrance price is 17 euros for adults and 11.50 euros for children from 4 to 10 years old.