15 baby shower decoration ideas to inspire

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-15 15:46:01

Are you expecting a happy event? Girl or boy, celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby by taking inspiration from these baby shower decoration ideas.

Baby shower decoration: 15 ideas to get inspired

The ballons, the classics of the déco baby shower. Credit: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

Being pregnant is a happy event. The announcement of the very imminent arrival of baby must be celebrated by the future mother and the future father, in family and in the presence of friends, a few weeks before the birth. Coming from the United States, baby shower party  is a prenatal party that should be well prepared. It is becoming more and more popular, in the same way as birthdays or baptisms.

  • Those decoration adopt for such a big event as the arrival of a baby?
  • Which decor theme is best for a boy or girl baby shower?
  • Would you like to prolong the suspense to know the gender, 'gender', of your toddler?

Balloons, dragees, plates, garland, table accessories, glass, cake decoration, what are the essential accessories for a baby shower reception and a successful decoration? So many questions you can get answers to. Discover this selection of 15 decoration ideas for baby shower  party for inspiration. The products that are offered to you through these decoration tips are available in stock in stores specializing in baby shower, baptism and birthday decorations. child and marriage.

1 – Decoration for gender reveal baby shower: girl or boy announcement

A decorative baby shower box filled with pink and blue balloons to announce the baby's gender. Credit: Mccallk69

The baby shower party is the perfect opportunity to announce the gender of your baby: 'boy or girl'? To organize a party in this sense, it is customary to adopt a decoration focused on the gender reveal theme. Highlight the suspense until the last moment through a festive atmosphere, with elements that extend the questions 'will the baby be a boy or a girl? '. For example, you can opt for a “gender reveal” kit including a “boy or girl” garland, 20 blue and pink colored balloons, handwritten “boy or girl” writing, 1 packet of 16 grams of blue confetti and another of confetti pink, but also dragees and sweets depending on the brand. All in stock and at the price of 19.94 eur.

2 – Mixed baby shower decoration to change color codes

Pastel blue and green baby shower decor theme. Credit: Irena Destani

In addition to organizing a baby shower surprise announcement type 'gender reveal, boy or girl', why not opt ​​for a unisex baby shower decoration ? Change from classic blue and rose gold colors without breaking with tradition, by adopting more neutral shades such as beige, pastel green or pastel blue, for example.

Opt for a decoration that favors the party rather than the genre. From cups to plates, balloons, sparklers and napkins, the mixed baby shower theme will win you over.

Once again, specific kits simplify your choice. Sweets and sugared almonds always bring a plus to the atmosphere, even if you opt for a mixed baby shower theme. In addition, the exercise of the choice of the theme will help you to also find the ideal atmosphere for the baby room or the nursery. Various items in stock are to be discovered in your dedicated shop.

3 – Baby shower party table decoration inspiration

Cake-pops with ribbons and favors on a table with baby shower decor. Credit: Dariia Havriusieva

To organize a baby shower party, the decoration and presentation of the table must also be part of your objectives, as is the case for a wedding, a birthday, a baptism.

If you already know the sex of your baby, girl, boy, then you will be able to choose the theme that suits you. With this in mind, you have everything you need to create your favorite decorative atmosphere and dress your table as you wish. Choose your cutlery, place cards, napkins, colored or pastel or white table runners, but also table confetti and other centerpieces for a presentation in the rules of the art. Add all the matching accessories, such as cups, plates, napkins. prefer disposable cups and an paper tablecloth for simplicity and savings. Also remember to have dragees and treats here and there. The disposable cup is lighter and has less risk of breaking compared to a glass cup.

These items are in stock at your online baby shower specialist and generally available for home delivery. A set of 8 cups is available for less than 4 eur at most specialist merchants who have many items in stock. A much more affordable price than a glass model.

Once again, you have the choice between different colors: white, gold, polka dots, etc.

The set of 16 towels is sold at a price of 5 eur to 6 eur. These are special baby shower neutral colored napkins that lend themselves to each theme. The centerpieces could be, for example, glass jars (3.5 eur per piece), decorated boxes (about 5 eur), or LED tealight candles (13 eur).

4 – Balloons, essentials for a baby shower decoration

Blue and pink balloons for a girl or boy baby shower announcement. Credit: cerro_photography

As in most festive events, birthdays, weddings, baptisms, balloons have their place in the decor of a baby shower. In this regard, you are spoiled for choice, whether you prefer a kit in the form of a balloon arch, or several sets of balloons to hang as you wish.

You can also create your own balloon arch by choosing a specific kit. This is made up of a garland to attach each balloon that you have previously inflated. Depending on the colors you choose, you can then match the rest of your baby shower decoration (table, accessories, etc.).

If you have a preference for a balloon with a specific theme (finish, color), you will also find what you are looking for. Also consider the giant “girl or boy” balloon, usually priced at 6 eur.

Feel free to use the services of a balloon designer , decorative balloon specialist who can make the balloon arch or create the clouds of balloons you need. Various balloon colors are available, white, blue, pink, gold, with quality latex balloons in stock and sold from 3.5 eur for a set of 10. You will find them in certain specialized shops which have a large stock.

5 – Decorating the baby shower cake

A decorated baby shower cake. Credit: lizardeye

As for a baptism, a wedding or a birthday, the cake is a essential piece of a baby shower party, and also contributes to the decor. It must be both beautiful and well presented. Various decorative accessories are available to you, such as the cake topper which, in addition to giving volume, allows you to decorate the pastry in a simple and original way. Depending on the model, a cake topper is offered at a price ranging from 5 eur to 13 eur.

You can choose a theme such as 'make a wish' for example. Don't forget also the display to display the treat (12 eur to 35 eur), as well as the cookie cutters (about 2.5 eur per piece) and the candles that you will find in a wide choice and in stock in your favorite baby shower boutique, always at low prices. A set of 3 candles is offered around 3 eur while a kit of 'baby' magic candles is sold around 10 eur. The cake picks are also available from stock, priced around 4 eur for the set of 6.

Complete the decor of your baby shower cake with an assortment of dragees and candies in stock. To order your dragees, know that they are available in all colors, blue, pink, red, white, etc. Count around 10 eur and 15 eur for the silver or gold finishes. Those in classic colors such as white or pink are less expensive. In addition to dragees, you can also add small cupcake-type cakes.

6 – Baby shower gifts for guests

Mini 'thank you' bottles as baby shower gifts. Credit: Freddy Napoleoni

You are the future mother and the question arises of how to thank your guests during a baby shower? By offering them symbolic gifts , such as a pouch, a small paper box, or a bag inside which you can slip some treats, dragees. Decorate with a guest book with gold writing , or with crowns that each of your guests can wear. Sweets and sugared almonds also remain great classics to match with gifts.

7 – Baby shower decorative plates

Baby shower cupcakes presented on a plate. Credit: Liudmila Chernetska

Baby shower party boy or girl, the dishes is essential for a well-presented table decoration. Do not hesitate to complete the decoration of your table with several plates. You can use them to place sweets, dragees, small cakes or other treats. Match them with the other accessories such as cups and napkins. For a boy's baby shower, for example, you can choose from blue or silver themes. Different shades of pink tableware are available for a girl baby shower. But you can also opt for a mixed theme, focused on animals for example. A set of 8 plates generally costs from 4.50 eur to 6 eur. All sizes, large and small, are available and many models with various designs are available from stock.

8 – Baby shower confetti cannons

Baby shower confetti cannon in the hands of a little girl. Credit: jacoblund

The confetti enhance any festive atmosphere, whether at a wedding, a birthday, a baptism or a baby shower. Your decoration baby shower must also include this type of accessory. All kinds of confetti cannons are available for you to choose the theme that suits you. Silver star confetti, rose gold, iridescent silver, gold or blue stars, you have a wide range of colors. Don't forget the smoke bombs for boy or girl announcements to complete your accessories. A box of 100 special baby shower table confetti costs around 6 eur. All you have to do is pour them into a disposable glass and toss them at the right time.

9 – Baby shower games to keep the guests busy

Baby shower boxes. Credit: brizmaker

The games are very popular at a party and even at a baby shower. As a mother-to-be, keep your guests busy with games. They could, for example, focus on the baby's gender prognosis as part of a “gender reveal” announcement. Everyone will be able to make their own prognosis. The card game, for example, consists of guests writing various prognostic information on them, such as the baby's date of birth, gender, first name , etc. Enhance the moments with sweets or sugared almonds that you will present on a plate or in a decorated glass.

10 – Baby shower guest books

Baby shower gifts and guestbook. Credit: Rawpixel

What better than the baby shower guest book for welcome your baby who is coming soon? In fact, the guest book is even used for other occasions like a wedding, baptism, etc. Your guests will be able to write their wishes and wishes on different types of media depending on the guest book you choose. Baby shower guest book in the form of a table with clothes (to write a few words on it), puzzle guest book, kraft guest book, small blue or pink striped guest book, the choice is vast in this area and expanded stock. Prices range from 15 eur to 33 eur approximately depending on the finish.

11 – Other types of decoration for a successful baby shower party

The guests with a backdrop of babyshower room decoration elements. Credit: monkeybusinessimages

The decor of the salle baby shower  does not rely solely on the balloon arch, other types of decoration are also to be expected. Think about paper lanterns to hang and pompoms that you can arrange on supports. A baby shower themed garland will also have its effect, and you can create a name, words or a sequence of words using a kit. With sequins, with pennants, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the finish of the garland, whether it is paper, wood or another material. A garland costs between 4 eur and 9 eur approximately. Some models made of natural leaves cost a little more than 20 eur.

Other types of decorative accessories in kits and baby shower decor await you, such as light garlands, eucalyptus branches, etc.

12 – Baby shower for the pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy announcement for a future mother during a baby shower. Credit: syahrir maulana

Your baby shower aims to announce your pregnancy ? Once again, you have a wide assortment of decorations and accessories available to mark the event according to the theme you like. From balloons to candles, to baby shower scratch cards, you have a wide range of products in stock to prepare for a pregnancy announcement.

13 – Gifts to give at a baby shower

Wooden baby shower gift box with some items inside. Credit: Rawpixel

Are you attending a baby shower and want to find the perfect gift for your friend-to-be? Once again, gifts remain unavoidable, such as for a birthday, a baptism, a wedding. To this end, shops specializing in baby shower parties have also thought of you. Discover a wide choice of gifts that you can offer as guests: changing mat, maternity bag, toiletry bag, placemat, small blue, white, pink or brown comforter, and many other items in stock are waiting for you.

14 – Invitation cards to a baby shower party

Invitation card for baby shower party. Credit: Nilawon Tongsith

The organization of a baby shower party goes through the invitations. As a future mother, you will discover a wide assortment of invitation cards specially designed for the occasion , in the theme and colors of your choice. For other occasions, such as your child's baptism or birthday, thematic cards are available, always with a good stock available. A batch of 8 baby shower invitations is sold at the price of approximately 3 eur.

15 – Baby shower girl, boy, or special atmosphere?

Baby shower girl decorated cookies. Credit: Melissa Kopka

If you are not good at choosing the decoration , colors or themes to choose from for your special girl or boy baby shower, make your life easier by browsing directly through the different atmospheres that you will find in your favorite store.

Each theme covers a selection of matching decorative accessories. In addition to your baby shower party or pregnancy announcement, you can also find original baby and child decoration themes, for girls or boys, but also wedding , baptism, birth, always with an expanded stock of items. When you become a mother for the first time, or not, it is necessary to think of everything! In order to avoid any waste of time and to prepare your baby shower party in the best conditions, the items offered in your specialized online stores are often available for home delivery. You also avoid any shortage of stock thanks to a regularly expanded catalog.