15 advent calendars for men

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-23 16:41:01

Are you looking for an original way to wait or make your other half wait until Christmas? Discover our selection of 15 Advent calendars for men.

Advent calendars for men: the top 15

Preparing the Advent calendar for Christmas. Credit: dikushin

The calendar Advent is a tradition that continues. Thanks to it, each member of the family can count down and have fun every day until Christmas, according to their desires. If for the little ones, the idea is to discover a new treat every day, times have changed a lot. Instead, games, accessories or even toys are now hidden in the small boxes or boxes of the Advent calendar. For adults, expectations relate to a whole panoply of products, but the classics gourmet calendars always have success.

An Advent calendar comes in the form of a cardboard or wooden box , and its contents are divided into several small cartons or boxes. It can be given as a gift or bought for yourself. Since men are also entitled to the countdown and the little surprises until Christmas, Advent calendars specifically designed for them are available. You have, for example, special beauty item calendars, chocolate-themed Advent calendars, beer Advent calendars, special jewelry Advent calendars, or delicacies Advent calendars and other alcohol-based products. Thus, you are spoiled for choice to find a gift (s) to offer before the arrival of Santa Claus.

Discover our selection of the 15 best Advent calendars for man to wait until Christmas in joy:

  • Kinder Mini Mix Advent Calendar, 24 mini chocolates;
  • Nocibé Beauty Advent Calendar, 24 beauty treatments;
  • Wine Advent Calendar La Boîte du Fromager, 24 bottles of wine;
  • Advent calendar to complete yourself, wooden frame;
  • Le Chocolat des Français Advent Calendar, 24 local chocolates;
  • Une Petite Mousse Beer Advent Calendar, 24 beers;
  • English Tea Shop Organic Tea and Herbal Tea Advent Calendar, 24 teas and herbal teas;
  • Rum Advent Calendar 24 Days of Rum, 24 bottles of rums;
  • Cheese Advent Calendar La Boîte du Fromager, 24 wooden cheeses;
  • Calendrier de l'Avent honey, 24 pots of honey;
  • Advent calendar of Nature and Discovery teas, 24 teas and infusions;
  • Harry PotterChristmas Advent Calendar, 24 Deluxe Gifts;
  • Advent calendar for men to share as a couple, 24 sexy products;
  • Advent calendar beauty treatments for men, 24 men's treatments;
  • Advent calendar for coffee lovers around the world, 24 organic Nespresso capsules.

These advent calendars for men come from the selections of professionals of boxes or gift boxes, and those of specialized shops. They are characterized by their originality and the quality of the items they contain. Treat yourself even more by benefiting from free delivery for some of them. Their prices vary according to the nature of the products.

1 – For gourmets and chocolate lovers: Kinder Mini Mix Christmas Advent Calendar

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In this 152-gram Advent calendar box, discover a Ferrero Kinder specialty every day to enjoy at home while waiting for Christmas. Its content consists of an assortment of “specialty” chocolates from the famous Ferrero brand in mini format. This chocolate Advent calendar is free to ship to most online merchants. Price: €19.99.

2 – For those who like to take care of themselves: the beauty Advent calendar

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The content of this Men Nocibé Advent calendar includes the best products from its Men ranges , Home Spa, Nocibé Collection, as well as accessories. Take advantage of a complete beauty routine, with a variety of 'made in France' products, to be discovered and used every day until Christmas: facial care (matifying gel, etc.), body care (mini shower flower, body soap, shaving care, etc.) or even a mini perfume spray. Price: €39.95.

3 – Wine Advent calendar for pleasure tastings before Christmas

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The content of this box consists of 12 surprise bottles of 75 cl, to be discovered every 2 days until Christmas, moderation being required with regard to alcohol consumption. An ideal Advent calendar, with quality homemade products to have fun or as a gift to offer to his half, to his father.

The wines come from different wine regions of the country. They have been carefully selected by French wine professionals and on the opinions of customers themselves. Price: €129.99. Delivery in less than 48 hours for Advent calendars and all other items.

4 – Advent calendar to complete yourself

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This self-filling Advent calendar allows you to please your loved ones by inserting little surprises in the boxes, such as chocolates, small gifts, jewelry, etc. But it has something special that makes it new this year: everyone can write their Christmas gift wishes on it ! A quality Advent calendar for a man who sees himself as Santa Claus! It comes in the form of a square-shaped wooden frame. Price: €24.90. Free delivery according to the amount of your Advent calendar purchases.

5 – Chocolate Advent calendar to delight the taste buds before Christmas

Organic French chocolate Advent calendar Christmas box. Credit: Lechocolatdesfrancais. fr _ 34, 90 €

Since Christmas rhymes with chocolate , fine gourmets and connoisseurs can opt for this gourmet and musical Advent calendar signed Le Chocolat des Français. New this year, its “crazy music” theme highlights different musical styles, but above all, its content consists of an assortment of organic chocolates with recipes from the best master chocolatiers in France. Price: €34.90. High product quality, free delivery according to the amount of your Advent calendar purchases.

6 – Beer Advent Calendar

Box of small beers A small foam for an original Advent calendar. Credit: Unepetitemousse. fr _ 69, 95 €

Whether you are a beer lover or want to find an authentic Advent calendar to offer, this box concocted by the Une Petite Mousse brand is made for you. Its content is consisting of 24 craft beers to drink every day at home. They are unearthed from French and foreign breweries, with a selection of beers in preview to be the first to taste them! Another advantage is that you can compose your own special beer Advent calendar. Price: €69.95. Possibility to pay in installments for your Advent calendar but no free delivery.

7 – Advent calendar for organic teas and infusions

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Make the difference among the many Advent calendars for teas and infusions, by discovering the one from English Tea Shop whose content combines authentic flavors and diversity . Treat yourself to moments of relaxation and comfort through the discovery of different flavors, stay warm at home by tasting an organic tea or infusion every day until Christmas. Make new discoveries and enjoy the most famous teas through different aromas. The contents of the tea and infusion Advent calendar include the following varieties: Darjeeling tea, blueberry and elderflower white tea, Earl Gray tea, coconut and passion fruit white tea, etc. Price: €27.90. Express delivery possible but no free delivery for Advent calendars and other Christmas items from this shop.

8 – Advent calendar 24 days of rum for alcohol lovers

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Are you a fan of rum rather than beer? Several rum Advent calendars exist, but the one called 24 Days of Rum offers you a different experience. This 24 Days of Rhum Advent calendar, new for 2022, makes you travel around the world with its 24 rums from several regions of the world. From Mauritius to the West Indies, via Peru, let yourself be tempted by its content based on a multitude of flavors that you will discover every day. The content of the Rum Advent calendar includes 2 tasting glasses for shared moments of pleasure, as well as 2 notebooks to give your impressions of rum tasting. Price: €83.50. You benefit from a quantity discount, but delivery is not free, neither for Advent calendars nor for any other product. Alcohol abuse is bad for your health!

9 – Cheese Advent Calendar

Wooden Advent calendar containing a selection of cheeses. Credit: Laboitedufromager. com _ €94.99

The special cheese Advent calendars appeal to young and old, men and women. La Boîte du Fromager offers you this cheese advent calendar and invites you to discover a selection of cheeses from the regions signed François Bourgon, best worker in France 'fromager-affineur 2011'. These homemade products can accompany the bottles of wine from the ' wine advent calendar from the same shop, also made up of bottles stamped with French origin. The first batch of cheeses, shipped November 28 for delivery between November 29 and November 1 is December, comes in a round wooden box, complete with a turntable. The second batch, which you will also put in the container during your tastings, will be shipped on December 12 for delivery between December 13 and 14. Price: €94.99. The delivery of this cheese Advent calendar is done in less than 48 hours.

10 – Honey Advent Calendar

Honey Advent calendar with 24 jars. Credit: Eat Well. com _ 49, 95 €

Taste different quality honeys typical of the regions of France and other countries through this honey Advent calendar. Its content is made up of 24 jars of 40 g honey directly from beekeepers, to accompany your sandwiches every day and make your preparations based on this sweetness. From Mokarana honey from Madagascar to lavender honey from Provence, including all-flower honey from Berry, enjoy exceptional moments of pleasure every day until Christmas. Price: €49.95. Note that the shop offers delivery for the purchase of two honey Advent calendars.

11 – Tea Advent Calendar

The box containing the individual sachets of the Nature and Discovery Advent calendar. Credit: Natureetdecouvertes. com _ €24.95

With winter setting in, herbal teas are always a pleasure, they warm up the atmosphere while being beneficial to health. In order to offer you the choice, this selection of Advent calendars for men includes another special calendar for organic teas and infusions. Its content: 24 individual sachets to discover every day until Christmas, among different flavors of black tea, green tea , fruity herbal tea, rooibos, honeybush and other maté, all from organic farming. Price: €24.95. Free in-store shipping for Advent calendars and all other items.

12 – Harry Potter Advent Calendar for Men

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Are you a fan of Harry Potter or would you like to offer an Advent calendar on the theme of this hero to one of your loved ones? This Harry Potter Deluxe Calendar is the box for you. Discover a luxurious gift every day through the different categories of items that make up the content, such as jewelry, accessories, socks and many more. Harry Potter Advent Calendar Price: $54.95 at Amazon. Available for free delivery.

13 – Advent calendar for men to share as a couple

DorcelStore sexy Advent calendar for couples. Credit: Dorcelstore. com _ 249 €

Sexy Advent calendars are becoming increasingly popular with the public, as evidenced by the multitude of offers in this area. Check out this Advent Calendar pleasures to share with your significant other . The content of the box is composed of an assortment of sexy products for the couple, ranging from jewelry plugs to the intimate elixir, through the rabbit, the whip or the cock ring for your intimate moments. These items come in a neatly finished mirrored box, and include a discount coupon for added enjoyment. Price: €249. Delivery possible in store for Advent calendars and other categories.

14 – Advent calendar beauty treatments for men

Nivea Men beauty treatment set in Advent calendar format. Credit: nivea. co. uk _ 69 €

Men, too, like to take care of their bodies. Brands specializing in beauty products have thought of them and offer them dedicated Advent calendars. The content of this Nivea Men Advent calendar for the year 2022 includes quality hygiene and beauty care products , such as after-shave care, lip balms, mini shower gels, face scrubs, or even mini creams. The Nivea Men Advent Calendar is available for €69, with free delivery.

15 – Advent calendar for coffee lovers around the world

Special Nespresso coffee Advent calendar. Credit: eatwell. com _ €19.95

Tasting a different coffee every day until Christmas is what this Advent calendar offers you with its content of 24 organic coffee capsules for Nespresso machines. Enjoy the incomparable taste of coffees from different horizons of the world for a unique experience: Barista, Ethiopia H3 bio, lungo, Caribbean, Inès, etc. Each coffee is carefully selected for the authenticity of its taste and its origin. Price of this coffee Advent calendar: €19.95.