15 activities to do as a couple

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-03 17:16:02

In order to get out of the routine and have a good time as a couple, here are 15 ideas for activities and outings to do as a couple.

The importance of activities to share as a couple

A couple having fun together Credit: simonapilolla

It is common to see friends, co-workers or family members engage in activities and go out together. But fun and relaxation for two is a whole different story. Lovers who spend moments of complicity and fun set back from the rest of the world, it is quite rare. One-on-one outings are therefore a privilege that all couples, married or not, should organize regularly. This indicates that the couple prioritizes the relationship and desires to strengthen the bond. After an argument or to forget the daily stress, there is nothing like treating yourself to a break of relaxation and entertainment as a couple.

It is not really a question here of sharing one and the same activity per week or per month, but rather of varying the pleasures. If, for example, you go to a gym together once a week, try to find other activities that will break this routine from time to time. Adventure and innovation as well as changes in habits can rekindle the flames. Whether you are a man or a woman, invite your partner or organize surprise outings to show him your involvement in the relationship. Getting together for a fun activity or a short getaway therefore offers many advantages:

  • This allows to fuel the flame outside the daily circle;
  • Both will have the opportunity to reseduce, it is important to feel wanted and desirable;
  • Outings are an opportunity to express their needs , to talk about intimate and primordial things without being disturbed;
  • These moments are also an opportunity to take a real interest in what is happening in the life of his or her partner;
  • Two-person activities show that the partners care about the relationship and continue to invest in keeping the bond strong;
  • Lovers will have the opportunity to rekindle the connection magic between them;
  • After an argument or a distance, outings and activities as a couple allow you to get closer and fill in the gaps.

15 activity ideas to share as a couple

In a couple, it is also important to share moments of complicity as a couple rather than spending moments alone. And when you decide to treat yourself to a little break of relaxation and entertainment with your darling, you don't need to look too far. Here are 15 ideas for activities to do as a couple to vary the moments of happiness.

1- Stroll through the streets of Paris or elsewhere

A couple walking on a beach in summer Credit: Harbucks

It may seem simple, but couple walks in a nice place can be very romantic. Walking hand in hand, visiting the shops and chatting about everything and nothing, with gourmet breaks in the restaurants... that's what reinforces the couple's bond. Choose for example the very lively alleys of Paris or, on the contrary, the quieter and more discreet alleys in the natural parks. You will have the opportunity to get to know each other and discover their tastes. You will not see the time pass when you are having a good time with your darling.

2- Go to the zoo

A young couple walking in a zoo Credit: macniak

If you and your significant other love animals, why not go to the zoo? This place is not just for kids. There are so many fascinating things and surprising discoveries that will amaze even adults. This entertaining and rewarding outing will provide you with moments of laughter and sharing. If you want to be quieter, avoid weekends and holidays, as zoos are packed with families. Instead, go during working days and the zoo will be all yours (you may need to take a day off, but it's worth it).

3- Go to an art exhibition

A couple visiting an art exhibition Credit: Shironosov

If art is your common passion, or not, going to exhibitions or visiting an art gallery can be very beneficial for your couple. Cultural outings to museums and workshops, which are very numerous in France, will cause wonderment. Perhaps these moments will also ignite your desire to have passions to share as a couple. You can even sign up for one-day art classes, complicity and fun guaranteed!

4- See a movie at the cinema

A couple hugging in a movie theater Credit: Blue Planet Studio

Going to a cinema in Paris to watch a movie by projection is a whole different atmosphere than watching a movie at home. In the cinema room, everything is designed to guarantee you a better immersion. Emotions are therefore more intense. Buying tickets to the cinema to get together in order to decompress after a day of work is therefore an excellent idea.

5- Do karaoke

A couple singing together Credit: DragonImages

Karaoke is always a good idea for fun and entertainment. And if you shared these moments in love? If singing is your shared passion, you'll have fun duets and complimenting each other on your vocal performance. And if the talent is not there, that's not a problem: it will rather be an opportunity to laugh together. This is an opportunity to relax with your darling. It is also possible to sing in duet in the privacy of your home with a guitar or in front of a computer if you want a one-on-one evening.

6- A romantic picnic

A couple lying on the grass during a picnic Credit: erikreis

What could be more romantic than a romantic picnic in a beautiful park or by a lake? Him with his guitar to sing a love song to his beautiful and tender while she delicately caresses his hair. Another interesting situation: the lovebirds are reading together a few passages from a book about love… Or, the couple is simply eating good things with wine, chatting and admiring the view. Surprise your darling with delicacies that you have prepared for the picnic.

7- Play board games

A couple playing chess Credit: LightFieldStudios

Go back to childhood and decompress by playing games from society to lovers. Scrabble, chess games or even card games will brighten up your Sunday afternoons for two. Leave your phones alone and challenge yourself in your favorite board games. And as you are in love, try strip poker, just to raise the temperature and motivate you even more.

8- Go to the swimming pool

A couple in a swimming pool Credit: grinvalds

Swimming is also a relaxing and fun activity to share as a couple. Choose a pleasant setting, like that of the great hotels in Paris, put on your best swimsuit and wade happily in the pool with your darling during the summer days. Then take a seat on the edges of the swimming pool to sip a refreshing drink and relax peacefully, always side by side.

9- A bike ride

An elderly couple cycling Credit: Lordn

In a park or nature reserve in France with a path for cyclists, bike rides are a pleasant activity to do as a couple. Many campsites and natural parks offer bicycles for hire, so you won't have to worry. Plan this moment and just breathe the fresh air and enjoy your moments together.

10- Relax at the spa as a couple

A couple sharing a good time in a spa Credit: DuxX

After the effort, comfort! Going to the spa is a great way to spend quality time as a couple. Many establishments offer special packages for couples looking to relax together. Massage for two, sauna, hammam and beauty treatments are often included. These privileged moments will be even more delicious if you share them with the one you love.

11- A romantic weekend

A couple taking a selfie on a boat Credit: Rawpixel

An improvised escapade in a beautiful holiday destination not far away, or on the contrary, at the end of the world. This is a great way to rekindle the flame and forget the daily grind with your partner. Don't wait too long and don't plan too much, but go on an adventure. A week-end on a whim to please or surprise your darling will only fuel your love.

12- Eat in a classy restaurant

A couple drinking a glass of wine in a restaurant Credit: Prostock-Studio

Once in a while, put on your 31 and reserve a table in the evening in a luxury restaurant in Paris or elsewhere to invite your partner. A dinner for two in an idyllic place is also a great opportunity to pamper each other while being very elegant.

13- Go bowling

A couple in a bowling alley Credit: GeorgeRudy

Think bowling is an old school activity? Certainly, but this very popular fun place in the 80s has good moments of fun and nostalgia in store for you to share with your loved one. This will also allow you to break the routine .

14- Movie nights under the duvet

A couple sitting on the couch watching a movie Credit: gorodenkoff

If you prefer to stay cozy at home, popcorn pizza evenings and rose water or thriller movies are always a safe bet. Prepare a snack or order a pizza and put on a good movie that you have chosen together on Netflix or a DVD. It is also an opportunity to watch your favorite series.

15- Visit a castle

A couple sightseeing Credit: nd3000

Place for immersion in history and cultural discoveries. Visiting castles is also an activity idea to pleasantly enhance your romantic getaways. In France, there are a large number of castles and royal palaces with sumptuous gardens that you can visit in couple .