10 rare euro coins that can earn you a fortune

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-14 12:54:01

Do you know that with certain coins, it is possible to make a fortune? Here are 10 euro coins that are worth much more than they advertise.

Is a euro really worth a euro?

Pieces in euro Credits: danielsbfoto

The 1 is January 2002 is the date when the use of the euro  was generalized throughout Europe. The old currencies are then abandoned for a single currency. Countries such as Italy, Belgium, Finland, Monaco, the Vatican and France are experiencing a great upheaval with the arrival of this single currency. Indeed, the change is radical and relatively difficult to take. However, you should know that the euro greatly facilitates trade in European countries. Thanks to this currency, the tedious tasks related to the conversion are avoided. No need to exchange currencies all the time. And, with the euro, calculating purchasing power is also easier. It didn't take long for the euro to become one of the most powerful currencies in the world.

Tickets and rooms are produced by the mints of each country, under the supervision of the European Union.

But, do you know that euro coins are not all the same ? Some rare coins are worth much more than what is marked on them. Some special editions have been hallmarked in honor of a particular event, or a personality who has influenced the history of a country or all of Europe. These pieces produced in limited edition see their value widely exceed 1 and 2 euros . Different, they show that the concept of money is subjective.

The ' quality of a piece of money also conditions its real value. In all European countries, parts are mass-produced. They must respect a very precise grammage, a formulation regulated to the millimeter, as well as specific patterns from one piece to another. However, this is not always the case. There are euro coins that have one or more defects. For example, it may be marked “eur” and not “euro”. As these anomalies do not exist, the part that is different from the others becomes a rare coin and sees its value change depending on its rarity. The fewer copies of the coin in question, the more its value tends to increase . You should know that in a single print, several pieces may have defects. It is therefore not uncommon to find two coins from the same mintage with the same defects, and whose quotation is the same.

It is important to specify that the quotation of a euro coin must be the subject of an expert . Only then is the value of the coin in question fixed. It can be resold at auction, posted on the Internet for immediate purchase, or jealously guarded at home.

Coin collecting is a discipline in its own right. It is important to know the date of issue of the piece, its exact weight, in short, all the defects that make it a unique edition. The quotation of certain special euro coins may exceed the 10,000 euro mark. In other words, this is the type of euro coin that no one wants to insert into a vending machine.

10 rare euro coins

Euro Currency Credits: MarianVejcik

After expertise, a two-euro coin may be estimated at 10 or 15 euros. This case is not as rare as one might think. However, there is certain euro coins whose price can rise very high , because of their scarcity . They are often sold at auction , at prices that may seem excessive. Here is 10 of these pieces so you can get an idea.

In this list, euro coins are classified in order of price , from cheapest to most expensive. You should know that these are coins intended for the collection, not to be used as classic coins.

The rare 2 euro coin Dante Alighieri, mintage 2002

An expensive Italian euro coin. Credit: Istock

Dante Alighieri is one of the most influential personalities of Renaissance Italy. He is, among other things, the author of 'The Divine Comedy', a true relic of Italian and worldwide literature. One of the original copies of this work is kept in the Vatican archives.

In 2002, a commemorative coin with his effigy is minted in Italy. The back of the 2 euro coin bears the image of Dante Alghieri, and his hair is replaced by flowers.

The rare 2-euro coin “Tree of Life”, mintage 1999

Euro coins. Credit: Istock

It is important to mention that, although the euro was put into circulation in all European countries in 2002, this currency has existed since 1999. Only its use through countries such as Italy or France does not was not immediately popularized. This means that there are euro coins dating from 1999. You should know that Ireland is one of the countries that adopted the euro in 1999. It has therefore freed itself from the pound sterling. Indeed, Ireland is completely independent of Great Britain.

This 2 euro coin Tree of Life ' is part of. The tree of life or Yggdrasil is a recurring symbol in Norse mythology (Sweden, Finland, Norway…). A large part of these coins were minted in Finland. However, there are also some that come from France.

The rare Portugal 1 euro coin, mintage 2002

Rare coins from Portugal. Credit: Istock

This 1 euro coin was hallmarked in Portugal during the year 2002. Its great particularity is undoubtedly its back. Indeed, the patterns inlaid on the back of this piece of money are special. Already, it is possible to see all the letters composing the name of the country where the part was manufactured. On the outline of the coin are 12 stars, and in the center is stamped a symbol resembling a flower. This piece is produced in a relatively moderate number of copies, and is regularly found in auctions.

The 2-euro coin commemorating 75 years of UNICEF

UNICEF Coins. Credit: Istock

L’ UNICEF  is one of the most influential institutions in all countries around the world. A 2 euro commemorative coin was therefore minted in honor of the 75 years old of this famous organization.

The 2-euro rare letter F “Federal Eagle” coin, mintage 2002

Germany's rare euro coins. Credit: Istock

The period of the Second World War has remained engraved in the annals. The same is true of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany. This event turned almost all the countries of Europe upside down, Germany is reunited.

In 2002, a coin representing the Federal Eagle was minted. This commemorative coin serves as a reminder of the entry of the German Democratic Republic into the Federal Republic of Germany. It is therefore of a historical coin , which strongly contributes to its rareness.

The rare piece of 2 euros fautée

The two euro coins with a malformation. Credit: Istock

This 2 euro coin has a malformation . Indeed, on the battery side there is a surplus of metal, at the level of the first of the 12 stars present on the pattern. The outline of the heart of the coin is also subject to a different excess of metal. It is these features that justify its high price. Its rarity allows it to benefit from a high quotation.

The rare 2 euro coin, French, mintage between 1999 - 2009

Two euro coins. Credit: Istock

The next piece is manufactured between 1999 and 2009 . Make no mistake, this piece was not intended for the general public. On the back of the coin you will find a little man represented in the simplest possible way, and next to it is the euro symbol.

The rare piece of 2 euros Simone Veil 1975

The expensive euro coins. Credit: Istock

Simone Veil  was a magistrate who owes her fame to her support for voluntary termination of pregnancy. In 2017, she dies, but leaves a trace of her passage.

In 2018, she entered the Pantheon , as after death .

A 2 euro coin bearing his likeness was minted. Its back represents Simone Veil in a very elegant way.

The piece of rare collection of 2 euros

From most valuable euro coins is this 2 euro collectible coin of exceptional value. This coin was created in 2002. Minted in Greece, it features Greek characters on its back, including the word 'euro' written in greek alphabet . A pattern is also drawn there. It is a woman with a bare bust and seated on a bull. It is one of the rarest euro coins.

The very rare 2 euro collector's coin, hybrid, mintage between 1999 - 2012

We end this list with a piece of exceptional rarity . This is a 2 euro coin that features lots of flaws . Indeed, the hallmark and the year are not consistent. The weight of this coin is also 0.3 grams higher than normal. This part does not contain nickel. It therefore does not cling to the magnet. Finally, the tree drawn on the back of the coin is rotated 70 degrees from the '2', if it needs to be aligned there.

For more information on the parts mentioned above, go to the eBay sales site.

Other rare collector euro coins

Euros Credits: Eskemar

Here is other euro coins at a lower price than those mentioned above, but which are still rare pieces:

  • Finland, 1 million copies, price: 40 euros;
  • San Marino, 110,000 copies, price: 200 euros;
  • Vatican, 100,000 copies, price: 130 euros;
  • Belgium, 6,000,000 copies, price: 20 euros;
  • San Marino (year 2005), 130,000 copies, price: 170 euros;
  • Vatican, 100,000 copies, price: 220 euros;
  • San Marino (year 2006), 120,000 copies, price: 130 euros;
  • Vatican (year 2006), 100,000 copies, price: 200 euros;
  • Monaco, 20,000 copies, price: 1,750 euros;
  • San Marino (year 2007), 130,000 copies, price: 70 euros;
  • Vatican (year 2007), 100,000 copies, price: 130 euros;
  • San Marino (year 2008), 130,000 copies, price: 100 euros;
  • Vatican (year 2008), 100,000 copies, price: 100 euros;
  • San Marino (year 2009), 130,000 copies, price: 60 euros;
  • Vatican (year 2009), 106,084 copies, price: 90 euros;
  • San Marino (year 2010), 130,000 copies, price: 50 euros;
  • Vatican (year 2010), 115,000 copies, price: 70 euros;
  • Malta, 430,000 copies, price 20 euros;
  • Monaco, 148,000 copies, price: 75 euros;
  • San Marino (year 2011), 130,000 copies, price: 55 euros;
  • Vatican (year 2011), 115,000 copies, price: 50 euros;
  • Monaco (year 2012), 100,000 copies, price: 100 euros;
  • San Marino (year 2012), 130,000 copies, price: 50 euros;
  • Vatican (year 2012), 115,000 copies, price: 50 euros;
  • Andorra, 105,000 copies, price: 25 euros;
  • Belgium, 250,000 copies, price: 25 euros;
  • San Marino (year 2014), 110,000 copies, price: 35 euros;
  • Andorra (year 2015), 85,000 copies, price: 25 euros;
  • Andorra (quotation strikes B. U), 85,000 copies, price: 25 euros;
  • Monaco (year 2015), 10,000 copies, price: 900 euros;
  • San Marino, 100,000 copies, price 60 euros;
  • Andorra (year 2016), 85,000 copies, price: 22 euros;
  • Belgium (year 2016), 375,000 copies, price: 13 euros;
  • Malta (year 2016), 30,000 copies, price: 35 euros;
  • Monaco (year 2016), 15,000 copies, price: 340 euros;
  • Andorra (year 2017), 85,000 copies, price: 20 euros;
  • Belgium (year 2017), 200,000 copies, price: 12 euros;
  • Malta (year 2017), 30,000 copies, price: 15 euros;
  • Monaco (year 2017), 15,000 copies, price: 350 euros;
  • Belgium (year 2018), 250,000 coincard + 7,500 proof boxes, new coincard, price: 35 euros in box;
  • Spain, 300,000 copies + 7,500 coincards, new coin price: 10 euros; coincard price: 29 euros;
  • Finland (year 2018), 1,000,000 copies + 11,000 PROOF boxes, quotation 25 euros in PROOF box;
  • Luxembourg, 3500 coincard B.U, coincard quote: 49 to 49 euros in B.U;
  • Monaco (year 2018), 16,000 boxes, new coin quotation: 260 euros.

Buying a collector's coin: buying online or participating in auctions?

Auction Credits: LightFieldStudios

Whether a commemorative euro coin or a rare piece , you have the choice for the purchase.

You can buy it online and schedule delivery to your home. This option can be practical insofar as, with the delivery, it is useless to move. However, choosing this type of service is not without risk insofar as you can be the victim of a scam. Indeed, the purchase of a euro coin online is immediate and it is only after payment of the amount displayed by the seller that delivery can take place. It is only once the package has arrived that it is possible to check its contents. Sniffing out the perfect offer requires a lot of experience. Each offer available online may seem more interesting than another.

Also, remember that it is necessary to add shipping costs at the price per piece. Of course, the delivery costs do not exceed 5 euros. But, having a 2 euro coin delivered to your home by paying a 5 euro delivery charge is a bit unusual. If you're lucky, you might find an offer where shipping is free. Obviously, if you live in Paris and the seller is in Belgium, delivery costs can be much higher. So, try to find an offer near you. If you live in Paris, check the location of the seller, because it is preferable that he is also located in the surroundings of Paris.

The safest way to buy a rare or collectible euro coin is to participate in an auction . In official auctions, the pieces presented are authenticated by an expert . You are therefore sure that the quotations as well as the prices applied are proportional to the quality of the product sold. It is possible to find auctions of new parts , even a box of euro coins. The sets of commemorative coins are the most popular among enthusiasts of collection . Indeed, the parts can be resold individually at a higher price. It should also be noted that commemorative coins are resold quite easily.