10 Rare 2 Euro Coins That Are Worth Expensive

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 12:14:02

Incredible to some, but totally true, there are 2 euro coins that cost more than their face value. Discover 10 of them.

Representative image of a 2 euro coin Photo credit: coonlight

You may have heard that certain coins and rare tickets cost more than their real value. This is indeed a reality and not an invented story or a myth. You may even have one or have had one without knowing it, because some of them are circulating in the street. It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to its silver from now on, even the smallest parts. To get an idea of ​​their value, discover the most expensive 2 euro coins listed:

The rarest 2 euro coins according to the number of coins

A couple carefully guarding a 2 euro coin Photo credit: Ridofranz

Rarity is the first criterion of choice for a collector when he wishes to buy a rare coin. This is why some of them are more sought after than others, even if they are all famous at the base. In this category, the 2-euro coin holder of this prize list is still Monegasque.

Among the officially listed parts, the Monaco commemorative coin manufactured in 2016 is the rarest, with only 10,000 examples. As a reminder, this piece was made to celebrate the 800 th anniversary of the construction of the first castle on the Rock of Monaco.

It is followed by two other Monegasque coins produced up to 25,000 copies.

Then you have the models produced in Germany with an estimated run of 30,000.

If it is necessary to continue the classification, the German coins are followed by those of San Marino produced between 70,000 and 85,000 copies.

Coins from Andorra exist in 85,000 copies. As you can see, the number of copies produced also influences the rarity of a 2 euro coin.

The most famous 2 euro coin in France and among collectors

A coin about to be wrapped Photo credit: Tomjac80

Many people mistakenly think that the rarest coin is the most expensive. Indeed, these places are held by the Grace Kelly of Monaco commemorative coin . It is the most sought-after 2 euro coin on the market. It is popular with amateur and professional numismatists. They watch for the slightest announcements in order to be the first to formulate an offer.

Moreover, they treasure them as soon as they get them, which means that less and less of this currency circulates in the market. This craze, which increases its value, is almost surprising since it is not the rarest coin.

Indeed, it exists in 20 001 copies , just behind the piece of the first castle on the Rock of Monaco which has a rating of around €2,000. For a commemorative coin bearing the image of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, the price can go up to €2,500 as a reminder.

Why are these coins worth more than their face value?

A pile of coins, including a 2 euro coin Photo credit: graffoto8

When looking for the most expensive 2 euro coins, many people ask questions about the reasons for their increase in value. As for all collectibles , the cost of these parts is related to their rarity. They are produced in less than 100,000 copies most of the time. This amount is too little for everyone in Europe to have. This aspect is one of the reasons that attract collectors. It is about collecting an object that few people can have. The rarer the coin, the more collectors are willing to make an enticing offer. The Monaco coin with the image of the first castle on a rock is the most relevant proof of this.

The cost of one piece of money collection is also favored by the history or the reason for the production. The most expensive piece is the perfect example. That of Monaco in commemoration of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco can be sold for 2500 € while it is not the rarest.

Another example is the famous 2 euro coins from Finland. They were produced in a million copies. Yet they are among the currencies costing more than their own value. The price is influenced by the fact that they were made to celebrate the enlargement of the European Union which welcomed ten new members at the time.

Another reason for the increased cost of a change is the presence of fault. The pieces concerned were not made to be known or to become collector's items. Among other things, an error occurred during the production of the 2 euro coins in Germany. The latter were published without the borders of the countries of the European Union, an error which made them objects of desire. Production had to be stopped, which allowed these coins to become rare.

How to recognize a rare 2 euro coin?

Don't get me wrong, because just because a coin is old doesn't mean it's more valuable. It must meet a number of criteria to be considered collectible:

  • She is produced in small quantities ;
  • It has not circulated in their country or elsewhere, and therefore, almost new;
  • Its origin must be particular like Monaco and Paris in France , San Marino, Austria, Greece, Vatican or Andorra;
  • The best coins are the commemorative type.

With this information, you can have clues as to the nature of your coin. You can check them on the Internet while taking into account the material of manufacture, the distinctive signs and the dimensions.

If you are unsure of the result, the most effective way to find out its value is to go to a numismatic store . A numismatist, a collector or a professional seller of coins or medallions, receives you for a quick and fair estimate according to the quotation struck.

How to sell a rare 2 euro coin minted B.U.?

A person putting away their money after selling a coin Photo credit: dragana991

While some seek recipes for less than two euros , others try to make a fortune with this coin. For this, it is possible to contact a numismatist who does not only estimate the value of a coin. As a professional and collector, he can make you an offer proportional to the quotation to add the piece to his collection. If the conditions do not suit you, the numismatist can also sell it for you to his contacts. However, you should expect a levy of a commission of around 20 to 30%, depending on the case.

You do not want to pay commissions or the offer does not suit you? You can try to resell your coin to an individual via specialized sites. However, using the services of a professional is much safer. Selling to a private individual involves risks. In addition, a numismatist has a network that allows him to quickly receive an offer.

The top 10 expensive euro coins

1. Monegasque currencies

Princess Grace Kelly birthday commemorative coin Credit: https://www.ebay.fr/ _ 3 980 €

In terms of value, Monegasque 2 euro coins have the best odds on the market. There are several models, but the most expensive would be the part of 2 euro Monacocommemorative from 25 th anniversary of the disappearance of Princess Grace. For this piece, the purchase offer can go up to 3,980 euros, depending on its condition.

2. Piece of 2 euros rare italienne

2 euros worth €3,000 Credit: DR

A commemorative coin or “moneta 2 euroErrore Di conio” can be sold for 3000 euros. Please note that the coins must be authentic and in good condition, even if they are commemorative coins.

3. A rare Austrian 2 euro coin

Austrian currency with rare error Credit: DR Acbon

Austria contains a few coins with a higher value than expected. Coins with a rating strikes B.U or Brillant Universel can cost more than a hundred euros, while a very rare piece is offered at more than 2000 euros. A coin stamped with B.U. rating still has an original shine, so like new.

4. Cyprus 2 euro coins

2 euro coin from Cyprus at €1,500 Credit: DR

The country of Cyprus has its little treasure with a 2 euro commemorative coin minted in 2008. This is difficult to assess, because the odds are volatile on specialized sites. Nevertheless, it is possible to say that some sellers can sell this little gem for almost 1,500 euros if it is in very good condition.

5. German 2 euro coins

In Germany, there are also rare 2 euro coins that cost more than their initial value. Such is the case of 2 euro coins with default for which it is difficult to make an exact estimate unless you are a professional. Some sellers manage to sell them for more than 1000 euros.

6. Coins from Andorra

Some coins of Andorra are worth more than their face value . For example, the Andorra 2019 2 euro coin can be marketed for up to €950.

7. 2 euro coins made in Spain

The most sought-after 2 euro coin in Spain can go up to several hundred euros. The price, very variable, is set by the seller. A very rare piece can cost on average around 500 euros.

8. The 2 Euro Pieces of the Vatican

The Vatican introduced the use of the euro in 2002. It even has a few rare and expensive coins like those with the inscription 1506-2006. The part in question costs 300 euros and more, depending on its condition.

9. 2 euro coins minted in San Marino

The 2 euro coins of San Marino , a small state in Italy, are also highly sought after by amateur numismatists, driving up their cost. The value of his pieces is estimated between 100 and 300 euros on average. There are San Marino coins displayed at a higher cost at the time of sale.

10. The 2 euros from Finland

Finland is not only known as the happiest country in the world . It is also in the sights of collectors of rare coins. The country has several, including a 2 euro coin estimated at around 175 euros.