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The Bachelor Canada 2015 (Season 3) Contestants, Premiere

Get all the details of The bachelor Canada 2015 season 3 contestants list and premiere date in this post . The bachelor Canada is a popular Canadian reality television series which is based on USA television series in the same name, the first season started in 2012 and the second season did not start next year due to some reasons. The second season of the bachelor Canada started in 2014 and now the third season is to be revealed.

The Bachelor Canada TV Show logo
The Bachelor Canada TV Show logo

The bachelor Canada is also known as Le Canada Bachelier in French. Tyler Harcott was the host for both the seasons which was produced by good human productions INC, Claire Freeland was the executive producer and the running time of the TV show was 90 minutes of each episode. The first season of the bachelor Canada had nine episodes in the second season consisted of 10 episodes, so total 19 episodes have been aired till now. They show was premiered on city television networks and the same channel is expected to produce and run the third season of the reality show.

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The first season had Brad Smith as bachelor who is a former Canadian football league player and the winner of the first season Bianka Kamber and the proposal was yes, but the sad thing is that both couldn’t stay together for more than two years. The season 2 is the same story, the bachelor of season two Tim Warmels who was entrepreneur got the winner April Brockman, at both got split in March 2015. Now as per the sources the third season is getting ready, but we don’t have any information on when this season will start producing the episodes.

The Bachelor Canada 2015 Contestants

The contestants list for the bachelor Canada 2015 has still not been announced, we don’t know when the season is going to start, it may be in 2015 or it may be in 2016, but stay tuned, we will publish the list of participants when the official team announces.

The Bachelor Canada Season 3 Premiere

The bachelor Canada season one premiered on October 3, 2012 and the second season was premiered on September 18, 2014. But there is no news sources about the premiere date of the bachelor Canada third season, so keep checking this post because once we get the information we will update this blog post.

The Bachelor Canada Episode Videos

The Bachelor Canada Earlier Seasons Information

One Brad Smith (Former Canadian Football League)Bianka KamberOctober 3, 2012YES
Two Tim Warmels (Entrepreneur)April BrockmanSeptember 18, 2014YES

Application for the bachelor Canada 2015 registration

  • The applications for bachelor Canada 2015 have not been invited still, but keep checking the official website of the bachelor Canada for more information on the registration process and audition dates if any.

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