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How to Rent a Car Online in Canada Without a Credit Card

Earlier the car companies were not providing a car on rental unless you have a credit card. But now from year 2014 things have changed, you can rent a car (even luxury) without a credit card. Yes, we will show how to approach car companies and hire your favorite car using other alternative methods of payment.

Rent a Car Online in Canada
Rent a Car Online in Canada

How to Rent a Car Without a Credit Card

Debit Cards:

Many car rental companies allow you to use your international debit card to rent a car. You can search such companies online or you can also ask people around your house or around your office about that, once you come to know that a company will give you a car on debit card, make sure that your debit card works there, because some of the automobile companies allow only debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logo on it. Also make sure that the terms and conditions to hire a car on debit card are different from credit card, so please go through them once to clear all your doubts. The debit card options are more available in large cities like Toronto (Ontario), Montreal (Quebec) Vancouver (British Columbia), Calgary (Alberta), Edmonton (Alberta) and Ottawa–Gatineau (Ontario/Quebec), but if you are living in small cities there may not have any options other than credit card.


Some of the rare car companies allow you to pay cash as their payment options, but this kind of service will have many policies to follow. You must complete the necessary paperwork, show at least two ID proofs (one for photo and other for address verification), pay full insurance coverage in advance and some deposit money which will be returned back when you finish your travel and come back. Also if you have a credit or debit card and want to pay cash then this facility is also available in some rental companies, you can give your credit or debit card initially to hold a vehicle and you can pay cash when you return and take your card.

How to Rent a Car Online in Canada

You can rent a car online in Canada country if you have a credit card or debit card (only some cards work) with you. Now log on to popular online car rental websites like rental cars dot com, car rentals dot com, Expedia dot ca, etc… First search the company location in your city, if available then head on to choose your car and dates and proceed, after confirming the dates and car make, book the car rental online and make payment through your credit card or debit card. Take a printout of the receipt and show it to the car company on the travel date. Finish off some of the paper work and ID verifying processes and you can start your travel.