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Canadian Idol 2015 / 2016 Audition Dates, Judges, Location

The people of Canada have only one question – when does Canadian idol start? In 2015 or 2016. There is no answer to it because there is no confirmation about that, also the Canadian Idol does not have official website to check (the earlier site http://www.idol.ctv.ca/ is not working, If you want to participate in next Canadian Idol, please keep checking this official website from time to time, but there is no confirmation that this will work in future). The last two series were season 5 and season 6, since then there is no competition held. Canadian Idol season 7 may start in 2015 and if it continues then there will be season 8 in year 2016. The Jake Gold, Farley Flex, Sass Jordan and Zack Werner may return as Judges to the popular singing reality show of Canada. Canadian Idol is based on American Idol from USA, now the show has been extended in many countries such as India Idol, etc…

Canadian Idol 2014 Audition to be held soon
Canadian Idol 2015 Audition to be held soon

Canadian Idol 2015 / 2016 Audition Cities

If there will be a Canadian Idol 2015, then these will be the probable cities.

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Winnipeg
  • Halifax
  • St. John’s
  • Hamilton
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Winnipeg

If you’re city is not in the above list, then you can join to the nearest city for the Canadian Idol auditions. Note that this is still a prediction post on Canadian Idol and we have predicted these cities according to the previous auditions and popularity, the exact cities where the auditions will be held will be published in this blog once we get them from the official team.

Winners and Runner ups of Canadian Idol Earlier Seasons

*this is list of winners and second place holders

2003 (season 1)
Winner: Ryan Malcolm
Runner up: Gary Beals

2004 (season 2)
Winner: Kalan Porter
Runner up: Theresa Sokyrka

2005 (season 3)
Winner: Melissa O’Neil
Runner up: Rex Goudie

2006 (season 4)
Winner: Eva Avila
Craig Sharpe

2007 (season 5)
Winner: Brian Melo
Runner up: Jaydee Bixby

2008 (season 6)
Winner: Theo Tams
Runner up: Mitch MacDonald

You can watch all the earlier episodes online on YouTube till the next auditions announcement

Canadian Idol Season 6 Videos

Canadian Idol Judges List

  • Sass Jordan
  • Jake Gold
  • Farley Flex
  • Zack Werner

How to sign up to the next Canadian Idol 2015 / 2016 auditions?

You cannot sign up to the Canadian Idol auditions until there is a official confirmation from the makers, after the production house takes the decision to restart the reality show again, then they will notify the press about the return of the show. Till then stay tuned, we will update the audition locations and dates once the official confirmation has been published. Also keep an eye on CTV, as the audition ad will first telecast on this TV channel.


There will be Canadian Idol 2015 as per the online sources, so we hope to see the seventh season at least in 2016. Many people in Canada about singing talent which they wanted to the world via this singing contest in Canada, but due to many reasons Canadian Idol is not going to take place in 2015, we will update on this in detail soon.