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Best Honeymoon Destinations in Canada – Romantic Getaways

Get list of best honeymoon destinations in Canada, we have published some of the top romantic getaways in Canada so that you can enjoy your trip. Out with the oft-frequented places, and in with Canada the country which has an abundance of natural beauty and scenic spots. Your loved ones will have the time of their lives in these idyllic romantic spots. Let’s check out some of the beautiful places in Canada. From quaint little towns to beautiful landscapes, Canada will offer more than you think.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Canada
Best Honeymoon Destinations in Canada

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Canada

Cape Breton Nova Scotia

What is so good about Cape Breton, you may ask? The answer is simple; pure unadulterated life. Far away from the din and bustle of the city, you can live a simple life. There are places in Cape Breton, where there are no cell services at all. This cosy getaway has some nice pub booths where you will get the chance to interact with the local people. Fresh seafood is its specialty, and you would not like to miss it anyway. But the charm of Cape Breton lies in the fact that this place has the highest number of fiddle players. So, in case you hear music in the air, it is not a dream, but a reality.

Quebec City

Quebec City’s urban landscape has everything for a city dweller. From romantic cafes to luxurious hotels and beautiful lounges, the city embraces you with its diversions. And probably not a single night can be spent without activity. If your loved one is crazy about food, Quebec City will surprise you with its varieties. The spread is wonderful, warm is the service, and the ambiance scores high. Stand on the Rue du Petit Champlain and you will have the sight of the most beautiful street in Canada. Quebec is all ready to pamper you and you can almost hear the beckon of the parties.

Kluane National Park, Yakon

Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada is part of this national park and you will love the landscape here. For those who love the wilderness, Kluane National Park will be a pleasant surprise. A large portion of the national park is World Heritage Site and covers almost 21, 980 square kilometers. For the daring adventurer, there are too many things to do. From canoeing to mountain biking, flight seeing tour and horse riding, this park has everything in place. Grizzly bears and bald eagles are common here. Your encounter with both will be a nice way to end the trip.

Sooke Harbour House in British Columbia

To watch a glorious sunset with your loved one in Sooke will be one of your most romantic moments. The position of the city is such that you can actually see the sun dip into the Pacific. And when you combine the view with the stay in Harbour House, the entire experience will be simply unforgettable. This property is known as one of the most environmentally conscious properties. There are 28 guestrooms and the property has an organic garden, water-reclamation system and cleaning products which are vegetable-based. Do you need any other reason not to visit this place? You will love the surroundings and the experience.

Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick

If your whole idea of a romantic getaway is to snuggle in the furthest corner of the world without any interruption, then Bay of Fundy is the place to be. Once the tide is low, take a walk along the ocean floor. The Hopewell Rocks are simply breathtaking. If the tide is high, you can come back to the shore with a kayak ride. The boat tour is the highlight of the place. So do not miss it at any cost. The rest of the day is for you and your loved one to explore the delicious seafood, take a wine tour or simply hunt for some beautiful items in the local market.

Stratford in Ontario

In the south-western part of Ontario, you will love Stratford, home to one of the largest theater festival, the Stratford Festival. Theater buffs will are absolutely crazy about the classical theater showcase which represents the work of some of the great maestros like Shakespeare. The art scene of the city is really enviable. Patrons of music will find ample reason to visit this place. If you and your partner are absolutely crazy about art and anything related to art, this city is the place to be.

Take your pick among some of the vibrant places in Canada. The hues are different and there is something for everyone. So, pack your luggage and have fun in one of the best honeymoon destinations in Canada listed above, if you know more romantic getaways in Canada, then please mention in the comments.