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Canada’s Next Top Model 2015 / 2016 (Cycle 4) Auditions

Canada’s Next Top Model is one of the popular reality TV show based on America’s Next Top Model. Canada’s Next Top Model cycle 4 may be held in year 2015 or 2016, its not confirmed still as it has been not yet announced on official website or in any news sources. The last season of Canada’s Next Top Model was way back in 2009 which was third cycle and the winner was Meaghan Waller. The first two season winners were Andrea Muizelaar and Rebecca Hardy respectively, there were ten contestants in first two seasons and eleven participants in third season. The official website model.ctv.ca is also not opening, so the update can only be read on official website of CTV and Facebook. There is no information on Judges too, Jeanne Beker and Mike Ruiz were successful Judges for all three seasons.

Canada's Next Top Model 2014
Canada’s Next Top Model 2015 /2016

Winner of Canada’s next top model receives three prizes, they are –

  1. Modeling contract from Elmer Olsen Modeling Agency
  2. $100,000 beauty contract from Procter & Gamble
  3. Editorial coverage in Fashion magazine

Canada’s Next Top Model 2015 / 2016 Auditions

As per the official sources, there is still no news of auditions this year 2015, there are two possibilities, one the show is completely stopped and will never come back, another possibility is that the show might have been delayed. Remember that the 2009 season of Canada’s Next Top Model was also delayed by two years as the TV rights holder City TV was sold to CTV. The winners and runner up’s of past three seasons are given below –

Canada’s Next Top Model 2006
Winner: Andrea Muizelaar
Second Place: Alanna Shelast

Canada’s Next Top Model 2007
Winner: Rebecca Hardy
Second Place: Sinead Brady

Canada’s Next Top Model 2009
Winner: Meaghan Waller
Second Place: Linsay Willier

*the third season of Canada’s Next Top Model had Nassau and New York City as international destinations.

Canada’s Next Top Model Judges

Tricia Helfer
Paul Venoit
Paul Alexander
Mike Ruiz
Stacey McKenzie
Jeanne Beker
Jay Manuel
Yasmin Warsame

These were the judges for the earlier contest of Canada’s next top model, so we predict that if the show restarts than the judges will be from the above list for sure.

Canada’s Next Top Model Videos

Many people search for “Canada’s next top model cycle 4 episode 1” video, but note that the cycle has not yet started and you cannot watch the cycle 4 video.


As of now, there will be no auditions for Canada’s next top model because none of the TV channels have purchased the rights or have the rights to start a show. The similar format show is running successfully in other countries such as, Australia’s next top model, America’s next top model, Britain’s next top model, etc… But in Canada it’s not happening, why we don’t know still. Until a new press note is published on the show, we cannot predict when that next cycle that is cycle 4 of Canada’s next top model will be starting.